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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

Early Release June 2018

Set 1
Lead Judge: DarkZtar

Results for Early Release June 2018 Set 1:

[8/10] Stress {xKore} (Skullbac)

Conditional Queue
[7.5*/10] Dark Chancellor's Invisible Secret Robot Castle {Kil} (kommisar)

[5/10] Guitar 24 {Nvoise} (Deamerai)
[5/10] Chronos {Danimal Cannon and Zef} (kommisar)
[3/10] Deadman DJ {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)

Notes for Early Release June 2018 Set 1:

[5/10] Chronos {Danimal Cannon and Zef} (kommisar)
-8.466 the percussion that you’re layering (up to 14.974) here is so quiet you might as well make everything singles.
-15.423 I don’t really get why you intentionally left out like half of the 16ths here. The 16th jacks account for the scratchy hits, but then you have the 16ths at 16.882, 18.677, and 20.473 that I can only assume go to the background synth lead in, but the rest of the synth isn’t stepped.
-31.581 jack pr isn’t correct (error is present multiple times when this motif repeats)
-32.984 missing 32nd (error is present multiple times)
-33.376 should be a single note
-35.172 shouldn’t be a jack
-37.546 12th should be moved up to the 16th before it
-37.789 missing 32nd
-38.125 missing 32nd
-38.238 missing 32nd
-38.742 repeated jack pr error, etc
-39.584 missing 32nd
Not gonna list more repeating errors, but know they’re there.
-50.861 should be a jump
-51.310 this is super neat,
-66.121 earlier on in the file you prioritized the synth melody over putting jacks to the scratches. I feel like that’d work better here.
-75.266 missing 32nds, the synth here is the same as the one you acknowledge with 32nds at 75.603
-78.913 missing 8th (should be a jack with the prev note)
-91.854, 99.036 would be neat if you included the 12ths to the accompanying synth here.
-102.813 missing 16th
-124.245 change jumpjack placement to better distinguish between musical element representation since this immediately follows a 4 note jack on the 4 column.
-131.426 ^ same thing
-Pretty cool chart but there are some problems. A lot of stuff left out seems pretty deliberate, but some parts of the file just feel lacking or inaccurate due to the missing 32nds that you’ve used to generalize the faster synth runs. Lots of errors that repeat since you’ve utilized similar pattern structure to complement the music structure. I really love the song though so I hope you fix and resubmit this.

[7.5*/10] Dark Chancellor's Invisible Secret Robot Castle {Kil} (kommisar)
-0.986 first 2 jumps feel like they’re just there as density filler, take them out since the pulsing background synth doesn’t start until 1.302.
-2.565 this hand should be different from the previous one
-13.144 missing jump
-13.618 some of the backwards pr in this section is really off putting but that’s probably just a me thing.
-16.460 I don’t hear anything additional going on in the music that warrants a hand, change to a jump.
-18.197 missing jump
-21.512 same thing as 16.460
-23.249 missing jump
-26.565 same thing as 16.460
-28.302 missing jump
-I know the music repeats but you could at least vary some stuff up in the patterns between sections.
-45.512 anchor should change column here to reflect pitch change.
-49.407 missing 16th
-56.328 missing 16th
-60.433 missing 16ths in this beat
-70.144 change the hand to [123] to alleviate the fast mini-jack.
-86.881 hand should be different from the one before it
-95.723 cp/d mirrored section so the same comments as before apply here.
-104.960 I’d highly recommend for all the 16ths from here to 105.670 be taken out, the filtered percussion is so quiet there and I feel like emphasizing the louder percussion at 105.670 makes more sense
-114.775, 114.881, 115.197 should all be jumps
-Decent amount of changes being asked but I really like this file. Fix the stuff noted and this is good to go.

[3/10] Deadman DJ {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
-had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate so my timings might vary slightly from yours
-double the bpm
-4.952, yellow note syndrome right off the bat, not a good start
-11.410 missing 32nd
-12.174 surprised you didn’t fill in any of the weird synth noises here.
-14.535 missing 4th
-16.110 this 12th is a ghost note
-16.272 trill should be straight 32nds
-17.174 and 17.591 are the same sounds as 17.383 and 17.799 but these are singles?
-^ also odd that you purposefully left out any background percussion acknowledgement here when you had done so previously
-18.390 a lot of the generalizations you’ve done so far do work, but this does not. Having the beginning and end of the buzz shown with a note and having a random one in the middle that doesn’t really coincide with any increase in volume just feels completely off.
-24.674 missing note
-25.091 several missed notes in this measure
-28.216 this is also straight 32nds
-28.841 syncing to the vocals drifts off here
-29.397 should be straight 32nds to the 4th
-It really looks like you’ve over-thought several of the rhythms in the chart so far, a lot of what this chart has to offer is straight 32nds.
-29.744 vocal syncing is off
-there seems to be a lot of the same errors popping up so I’ll give general tips: make sure you’re paying attention to what musical elements you’ve been representing before and keep it consistent when possible. Dropping the background percussion is ok if it is a conscious choice, but when you have sections like 30.369 where you focus only on the vocals even where there is percussion going on and you had been utilizing the percussion up to that point, the shift in chart focus is very jarring.
-overall syncing also feels sort of suspect, several of the rhythms that almost look dicksync’d are actually straight rhythms, while the vocal syncing at times seems to drift.
-33.841 I’m also pretty sure this is straight 32nds (like they should be on the 32nds)
-36.341 burst should start on the 16th
-49.119 change pattern to something that isn’t a trill, this is a huge difficulty spike compared to everything else
-51.063 another section where I can’t figure out what you’re doing with layering for the life of me
-63.424 vocal stutters continue past the 4th
-77.452 what does this jack go to?
-there’s so much percussion you’ve ignored, is it all intentional?
-at this point I feel like you can extrapolate most of the comments I’ve given to the rest of the file since looking over the rest of the file the same kind of problems keep popping up.
-When you’re working on this remember to double the bpm and get rid of the yns first.
-there’s so much stuff that is so unnecessarily colorful. Some of these percussion runs I feel you’ve offset by some weird 3/192nd or something because in some parts you put the note at the beginning of the sound and other times you put the note and the end of the sound.
-This is a solid start for a good chart though, but you’ve got to have some method/consistency for your musical variable representation, this file just feels all over the place.
-There is a lot of neat stuff you have going on and a lot of good base structure you can build off of, but this needs a good overhaul before it’s ready.

[5/10] Guitar 24 {Nvoise} (Deamerai)
-nice easy song
-there’s a lot of missed guitar notes throughout the file, eg. 11.079, 15.746.
-pr needs to be better for a file as easy as this
-82.579 keep stepping the relevant guitar 16ths during the fade out

[8/10] Stress {xKore} (Skullbac)
-wtf is this song
-this must have been a pain to step
-65.962 some of these dick-sync’d bursts feel super off when playing this at 1x
-86.534 45 secs of pretty much hitting one arrow over and over? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
-and then you get past that 45 secs of filler and get to… more of the same stuff you had earlier. This song is simultaneously one of the most interesting and least interesting song choices for a file, lol. Rhythmically the song offers a ton of awkward timing patterns that you’ve capitalized on well, but like… man this song has little to offer variation or interest-holding wise.
-I’m honestly not sure what to say, you’ve stepped the song well but this song is overall really really boring. But stepwise there’s not much wrong at all so guess it’s getting a thumbs up *shrug*

Set 2
Lead Judge: DarkZtar

Results for Early Release June 2018 Set 2:

[9/10] Tunnelling {Kurorak} (PrawnSkunk & bmah)

Conditional Queue
[8*/10] Wanderflux {Aquellex} (kommisar)
[7.5*/10] rainy beauty [Heavy] {Rabbit Bat} (bmah)
[7*/10] WOW WOW 220 {paraoka} (bmah)

[6/10] lightfoot {Cosmovibe} (bmah)

Notes for Early Release June 2018 Set 2:

[6/10] lightfoot {Cosmovibe} (bmah)
-changed offset to 0.010 (this is just for my notes, your sync is probably fine)
-kind of disappointing that you didn’t want to utilize the constant background piano playing 8ths to tie everything together, but not a big deal. (well you do later, but it could have been done from the start)
-33.872 should be a jump
-42.343 I hear the piano + flute playing together on the 4th, not on the 64th swing. (could have jumps on both like you do at 53.637)
-67.755 I’m really not too sure about beefing up the layering to include the percussion here tbh. Music wise the song is exactly the same intensity as before but now you have a bunch of hands. Feels like a really odd shift.
-77.284 should be a jump
-overall I’m really just not feeling that layering bump at the midway point. The number of hands that the denser layering creates really feel like they don’t fit the music well. File other than that is really well made though. Consider changing it so the layering is the same throughout, with the hands being acceptable for the cymbal crashes. I think it’d fit the music much better.
-I’ll go ahead and give this a 6 so you can appeal the rating if you want this reviewed by another judge, but I’m really not feeling comfortable giving this a thumbs up when the entire latter half feels super overdone considering what the song warrants imo.

[7.5*/10] rainy beauty [Heavy] {Rabbit Bat} (bmah)
-had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate, changed offset to -1.865 so everything would be onsync for me.
-17.600 I really feel like you should just go ahead and step the clicking sounds you ignored in favor of the woodwind focus here. Feels kinda weird when you only step them when the woodwind melody only plays 8ths and when you had stepped them prior to this.
-45.104 imo should just have the roll going the same way.
-57.320 missing 4th
-63.570 should be a single (unless i’m completely misreading your layering scheme rn)
-74.138 man not stepping anything that goes on in this bar feel super lazy.
-74.592 just start the 16ths here to acknowledge the synth since you do later.
-75.729 - 87.320 I’d recommend redoing the layering here. I’m guessing you were going for a mix of general layering to show the piano density and the later 16th layering to show the progression of the percussion but I don’t feel like it works well.
-93.683 missing 4th
-100.956 missing 4th
-111.183 why shift your layering scheme from the... uh tropical beach sounding synth (idk what to call it)?
-OH, does this layering go to the bass, if the layering at 75.729 also does that then I missed it there to. I’d really recommend sticking with beach synth layering till the file concludes in this section. Idk if you have like a massive subwoofer at home that makes the bass super prominent but I’d still recommend reworking some of the layering mentioned. The layering reworking for the section at 75.729 is entirely up to you, but I’d really like to see the layering at 111.183 changed to match the section that precedes it. Cq’d for the other specific errors mentioned.

[9/10] Tunnelling {Kurorak} (PrawnSkunk & bmah)
-Man this file has like, everything I like to see in files in general.
-section beginning at 58.037: would really recommend filling in all the 8ths you intentionally left out here, this section feels like it lacks the same energy the previous and later sections have.
-87.520 16th here feels like a ghost note
-97.451 and 102.416 really feel like the hard percussion hits on these 32nds should be jumptrills. Edit: yeah I’m not gonna shove this into cq just for this but pleeeeaassee do this.
-117.261 missing 32nd
-117.520 missing 16th
-this is probably the file I’ve personally enjoyed the most from all of my batch judgements to date. Nice job.

[8*/10] Wanderflux {Aquellex} (kommisar)
-why is there a bright bg wtfaslkdjfgadf
-0.180, 0.533 kind of surprised that these (as well as other similar sounds) aren’t hands when stuff like 10.538 is, these sounds seem louder/more abrasive.
-4.298 interesting that you didn’t go for any of the 16ths in here, this structure looks surprisingly tame compared to what I was expecting after seeing the song.
-10.538 these hands should probably be different since the percussion sounds vary. Changing the hands will also help eliminate the 3 note chain at 10.773 that doesn’t really go to anything. If anything the 8ths should attempt to follow the pr and fall on 3 2 1 rather than the 3 4 3 you have right now.
-18.067 ^ same comment here
-25.420 fill in the rest of the synth that you ignored here, having nothing filled in here when the synth picks up rhythm feels super weird.
-28.655 break up the 4 note chain by moving the hand at 29.008 to [234] or something. I get being forced to have 3 note jacks when your layering scheme forces you to in conjunction with maintaining pr to the synth, but 4 note jacks are avoidable.
-56.871 I hear these 32nds, but don’t really hear the ones at 57.224. Nvm I kind of hear them at .5x rate, still might want to remove these 32nds because of how difficult it is to really discern what they’re going to.
-61.459 change to single note (currently having this as a jump would mean you are intentionally leaving out a ton of jumps when the 16ths at 61.812 kick in, much easier to just change this to a single)
-75.224 having 1 consistent anchor is fine for the punchy percussion, but the jumps should still change to show the synth pitch changes.
-76.635 alright Im not sold on this section. I get what’s going on, but stepping the background synth over the more prominent high pitched clicks makes it feel like I’m playing broken stream that almost goes almost contrary to what I’m hearing. I’d highly suggest redoing this section with the 16ths focused on the more prominent clicks (eg. the sounds at 77.635), with perhaps beefed up layering to prevent the section from feeling like it lacks energy.
-91.459 break up the anchors longer than 5 notes in this section. (other ex. 92.400, 94.753, etc) The long jumptrill at 102.242 is fine ofc.
-109.047 could beef up the layering here by making the 16ths here and at 109.400 jumps to emphasize the percussion. Imo would be better since the percussion at synth kind of feel thrown together to make broken 16th stream.
-112.812 ^ same comment about the percussion layering idea
-152.635 same thing as 91.459, break up the long anchors when possible.
-general note: you might want to just bump up layering in general (there’s a lot of percussion you purposely kept as singles that you could bump up to jumps) for everything other than the sections at 91.459 and 152.635, because as this stands rn those 2 sections are pretty big difficulty spikes.
-cq’d mostly cause of the long anchors that can be avoided, but I’d reaaalllyyy like to see the section at 76.625 changed to what I mentioned, would be so much better imo. Consider changing the rest of the stuff I mentioned too tho.

[7*/10] WOW WOW 220 {paraoka} (bmah)
-not exactly 220 bpm, 0/10 literally unplayable.
-23.604 change the 16th jump placement to avoid forcing the 3 note jack. (you’ll have to tweak the roll placement and maybe the ending jumps as well)
-34.237 change jump to [24], I don’t hear the same repeated percussion warranting a 3 note jack like 35.464, etc.
-39.144 imo get rid of the 4 note jack and stick to the 3 note jack motif you had with the repeated percussion. (the 3 note jack would start at 39.553)
-shift of the 3 note jack to the lighter percussion offset on the 8th is pretty cool though later on in this section
-42.961 fill in the 8th, this is weird being the only gap in the section.
-48.413 the 8ths here should also be filled in since technically they are part of your layering scheme (part of the components of the jumps on the 4ths)
-66.134 this 3 note 8th jack sticks out like a sore thumb in this section since you’ve patterned everything else neatly to limit the 8th jacks to 2 notes here.
-73.904 no 24ths to the synth gliss? Happens again at 78.266, etc
-76.903 should be a hand
-77.312 should be a hand
-77.585 I don’t really hear the cymbal crash on this 8th but you might want to make it a hand anyway for consistency since I do kind of hear the crash on all three 8th hits later on.
-81.265, 81.674, 81.947 should be hands
-85.627 same comments about the addition of hands
-89.989 should be a hand
-90.262 alright I think additive single element layering has failed you here, just have the main synth as jumps in this section. It transitions nicely from the long jump chain you had at 88.899 and makes a ton more sense to play since the synth melody is very easy to follow here. Layering past 98.713 feels fine since the synth melody is more disjointed.
-112.481 ?? this sounds the same as the prior 2 iterations, why are these suddenly hands and a quad? Edit: listening to it over and over I guess it’s a bit louder than the other repetitions but still, just do the same jumps into the hand like you had before.
-113.981 same comment about missing hands and 24ths to the synth glissandos in this section.
-a lot of great stuff in here, but I feel like there’s several missed opportunities and sections that could be cleaned up a bit. Cq fixes would be adding in the missing hands and 24ths and changing up the layering in the section beginning at 89.989. Consider tidying up the rest of the things mentioned though.

Set 3
Lead Judge: Goldstinger

Results for Early Release June 2018 Set 3:

Conditional Queue
[9.0*/10] Miserable Bastard {Terminal 11} (Shxfted)
[8.0*/10] Laughing Puppet {Nvoise} (Deamerai)

[5/10] Chain Lightning {DanJohansen} (M0nkeyz)
[0/10] Waterlily Junction {Kfaraday} (kommisar)
[0/10] Marill (Gender is not a Binary) {Kfaraday} (kommisar)

Notes for Early Release June 2018 Set 3:

All songs pass their respectable permissions check.

[5/10] Chain Lightning {DanJohansen} (M0nkeyz)
>No issues found within simfile properties.
>Sync is good (No changes necessary).
-[00:02.970, 00:06.399] No jump love for the guitar? Did it at 00:02.113,
-[00:07.791 -> 00:08.220] Steps away from the jacks in the 3rd set even though it’s the same as the previous section that does it from 00:03.506 -> 00:04.791. Does it correctly at 00:14.649 -> 00:15.077 following after, so this really sticks out.
-[00:19.301] Missing jump (4th), or single if you want to translate it into something more manageable with the surrounding patterns, but 00:19.622 (16th) would also need to be changed. Happens again at 00:22.729 (4th). (Note Marker 1)
-[00:24.443] Same missing (4th) jump as the previous note, but also the following (8th) 12 jump at 00:24.658 shouldn’t be there, at the very minimal, a single note if you are aiming to be technically accurate, but would stick out from the patterns before-hand. (Note Marker 1)
-[00:26.158] Missing (4th) jump again, same pattern. (Note Marker 1)
-[00:44.586 -> 00:45.015] This (24th) 23 trill is a little early. Should be a 16th start from the 4th note at the beginning, and then pick up to the 24th speed when the melody arrives at the 8th note. This is the same for the next 2 sections with the same patterns, located at [00:47.158 -> 00:47.586] and [00:48.015 -> 00:48.443] respectively. This melody is done correctly at [00:49.729 -> 00:50.158] later on in the song.
-[00:54.015 -> 00:54.443] Same thing as the previous note. [00:54.872 -> 00:55.301] right after gets a free pass because it’s following the guitar instead of the drums, but otherwise, it’s the same pattern.
-[01:04.086 -> 01:04.301] Missing guitar 16ths leading into the jump. Exists later in the song at [01:05.801 -> 01:06.015].
-[01:09.872] Either this 4th shouldn’t be here, or it should be there in every previous iteration of this pattern in the melody.
-[01:10.622] You’re hurting my soul by not putting a minijack there.
-[01:10.836] 16th shouldn’t be here.
-[1:04.515, 1:06.229, 01:07.943, 01:11.372, 01:13.086, 01:14.801, 01:16.515] This is a weird set of 8ths, because they technically, should be 32nds, just nudged a little bit backwards. All notes in this same pattern should be 32nds as well for consistency (if missed in notes).
-[01:14.051] Missed minijack again. Same as 01:10.622.
-[01:14.372] Just flat out, a missing 16th.
-[01:15.765] Example of if you don’t want to use a minijack, from 01:10.622, and 01:14.051.
-[01:17.051] Missing 16th.
-[01:44.586 -> 01:45.443] Sad that this is super broken/weirdstream, and it gets the 16ths treatment. Would be imo, a lot better of an intro to the solo section, if it used weirdstream (starts with 24ths until 01:44.801 (8th), moves to 32nds until 01:44.908 (16th), then moves to 48th cyan & 16th yellows until 01:45.193 (48th), and then 48th gallop (01:45.229, 01:45.301, 01:45.443) finishing on the 32nd from guitar is the general breakdown I got from this section, but most likely any mix would work better than 16ths, because the section is much faster than that.
-[01:46.301 -> 01:47.158] Similar to the note before this one. Much faster than 16ths, feels awkward to play knowing that.
-[01:51.443 -> 01:55.515] This entire section, switch it up when the pitch relevance kicks in. It’s done at [02:05.158 -> 02:09.229], which makes this section look somewhat bland.
-[02:13.729 -> 02:41.158] Going to say, right out of the gate, probably would have been better to just have stepped the guitar instead of the drums here. Feels like a fair amount of empty nearing the end of the file, that can be fixed with the guitar, but the guitar is just not layered at all.
Fairly fun song to play. I found the intro the most fun to play, but is suffering from some consistency in its patterns, missing notes, and some patterns are shadows of what they could possibly be in this song. I will admit, this one was a very tough one to judge. Please PLEASE, submit this again if you plan to undertake the volume of notes this song garnished. I think it would make a great addition if tinkered with, but there are too many suggestions & things needing changing for this to slide into conditional queue.

[8.0*/10] Laughing Puppet {Nvoise} (Deamerai)
>No issues found within simfile properties.
>Sync is good (No changes necessary).
(**)-[00:38.061] Probably shouldn’t be a jump, but a single to signal its similarity to the intro. It’s the same as [00:46.061] a little further on.
(**)-[00:45.061] Again, probably shouldn’t be a jump. Should be a single to share similarity to the intro. Same with [01:01.061].
(**)-[01:36.061 -> 01:38.061] Oof. This part hurt to watch. Swap the left arrows to the right side and vice-versa for pitch relevance and you should be good. Just like [01:52.061 -> 01:54.061].
(**)-[02:08.061] Swap up (4th) to down arrow.
A few things here and there to be tweaked, but overall, a very nice easy file. Main issues with the file is some pitch relevance in certain areas that are disregarded in other areas, and some mixing of jumps & singles where they probably shouldn’t be. Fix those, and you’re good.

[0/10] Marill (Gender is not a Binary) {Kfaraday} (kommisar)
>cdtitle properties found in simfile. No bn, or bg properties found in simfile. Cdtitle, background, banner, and .old files present within folder w/ file.
>Username found in simfile under ‘Credit’ properties.
>Sync for start of file is good. (No changes necessary.)
- File contains Holds, Mines, and Rolls. Also, at 00:56.316, completely falls off-sync, and stays off-sync and incoherent for the rest of the file.

[9.0*/10] Miserable Bastard {Terminal 11} (Shxfted)
>No issues found within simfile properties.
>Sync is good (No changes necessary). Appears to be a little forward than it should be based on the beginning, but double-checked and it’s fine.
Terminal Eleven.
(**)-[00:10.105, 00:16.505, 00:22.905, 00:24.105, 00:29.305, 00:30.505, 00:35.705, 00:42.105] Keeping in tradition with making the bell chimes white notes, these should all be white notes, or there should be no white notes. If only some white notes, then consistency with it should be cleaned up.
(**)-[00:22.905, 00:29.305] Should be a jump to reflect the bell chimes.
(**)-[00:39.309] Shouldn’t be white, just a regular color.
-[00:43.042] 64th? Make the 8th slightly behind this a jump? The jack works, just tossing what I hear on 50%.
-[00:53.105] Maybe jump? Not going to argue it, but feels like a jump based on the previous section.
Fantastic file. Does a really good job setting the atmosphere, and hammering home the vital patterns through repeat repetition in the song. Makes it feel like a connected piece. Not much really to complain about in terms of the structure. It’s going to get a conditional queue flag, but it’s mostly to clean up the consistency of the white notes that give strength to the bell chimes in the song. Whether you want to keep white notes, get rid of them, or only convert the timestamps that I listed, is up to you. It’s fine no matter which way you go on it. Outside of that, fix the 2 singles that should be jumps at [00:22.905] and [00:29.305].

[0/10] Waterlily Junction {Kfaraday} (kommisar)
>cdtitle, bn, and bg properties found in simfile. Cdtitle, background, banner, and .old files present within folder w/ file.
>Subtitle of ‘Battle of the Bits Winter Chip IX (2014)’ found in simfile properties.
>Sync for start of file is good. (No changes necessary.)
-File contains Holds, Mines, Rolls, and Stops. Unsure if our policy is still up to date on Stops or not because DDream has become increasingly obsolete due to ArrowVortex, but it remains for Holds, Mines, and Rolls.

Set 4
Lead Judge: Goldstinger

Results for Early Release June 2018 Set 4:

[9/10] L {Ice} (DarkZtar)
[8/10] Fly of Beelzebub {DM DOKURO} (AutotelicBrown)

Conditional Queue
[8.5*/10] Longinus {Xi} (DarkZtar)
[7.5*/10] endleSSStation {Yuuyu} (DarkZtar)
[6.5*/10] hyper weaboo vodka shots (formerly Yamada Stream) {kommisar} (DarkZtar)

[3/10] Force of Light v2 {FFMusicDJ & SGX} (DarkZtar)

Notes for Early Release June 2018 Set 4:

All files pass for Permissions check.

[7.5*/10] endleSSStation {Yuuyu} (DarkZtar)
>bg, banner, and cdtitle properties found in simfile. No bg, banner, or cdtitle present in folder w/ file.
>sync at start of file is off by approximately 0.648 -> 0.650 (-0.022 (-0.650 overall) in ArrowVortex Music Offset). Consider adjusting. (All timestamps for this judgment are based off this Music Offset.)
-[00:03.982] right [4] 4th note has no audible sound, and is placed to accent the cutoff of sound rather than a beat. For flow-sake, might be dismissed in a more stream-heavy file but going into this file, can already tell that it’s very technical heavy. Probably does more for it to be empty and put more focus on the jump 8ths around it.
(**)-[00:07.232, 00:07.565](Note Marker 1) Missing 16ths considering the 16th is not missing at 00:07.899.
(**)-[00:09.899] Same as above ^ (Note Marker 1)
-[00:12.232](Note Marker 2) Subtle 16th, can be there, or not there, just noting.
(**)-[00:21.899] Missing 16th (Note Marker 1)
-[00:22.232] (Note Marker 2)
-[00:23.649 -> 00:30.649] Large amount of patterns missing. Seems Aesthetically placed for buildup into next section.
-[00:37.315 -> 00:38.315] First JS section starting at 00:37.315 seems like it should be starting with a 32nd roll going into a mini jumptrill rather than just basic JS. Maybe a 3412[34][12][34], or 3142[13][24][13] if you wanted it more difficult (Note Marker 3). The minijack pattern following right after is quite inaudible even at 50% speed. Would suggest removing the minijacks, keep the jumps.
(**)-[00:38.315 -> 00:38.649] missing 16th notes.
-[00:53.315 -> 00:53.649] (Note Marker 3). Identical pattern.
(**)-[01:03.232, 01:03.565, 01:04.565, 01:05.232, 01:05.565, 01:05.899] (Note Marker 1)
(**)-[01:06.253] Example of a note being placed from (Note Marker 1) but only because it shows up a little later than its brethren.
(**)-[01:07.565, 01:08.565, 01:09.232, 01:09.565, 01:09.899, 01:11.232, 01:11.565, 01:12.565] (Note Marker 1)
-[01:08.899, 01:12.899](Note Marker 2)
(**)-[01:13.781 -> 01:14.518] Weird set of notes, so let’s break this down: Overall, everything should be nudged forward just a bit, so that the first note in front of 01:13.781 matches the wavelength, right at 01:13.816. The first 4 notes are fine. The next 4 notes should be 5 notes instead of 4. The following 6 64th notes are not in-sync properly. The sync for these 6 notes are just as weird as the previous 2 parts of this. Shouldn’t be a problem even if it’s done on 128ths.
(**)-[01:17.372] Move one 96th placement ahead, to 01:17.386.
(**)-[01:17.462] Move this note, and the following three notes ( 4141 pattern ) about 00:00.014 forward (one 96th placement), so that the pattern starts on 01:17.483.
(**)-[01:19.150 -> 01:19.233, 01:19.483 -> 01:19.566, 01:20.566, 01:21.150 -> 01:21.233, 01:21.483 -> 01:21.566, 01:21.900, 01:22.233, 01:22.566, 01:23.150 -> 01:23.233, 01:23.483 -> 01:23.566, 01:24.566, 01:25.233, 01:25.483 -> 01:25.566, 01:25.900, 01:26.233, 01:26.566, 01:27.150 -> 01:27.233, 01:27.483 -> 01:27.566, 01:29.150 -> 01:29.233, 01:29.483 -> 01:29.566, 01:29.900, 01:30.233, 01:30.566 etc.etc. should get the pattern by now if you go through these](Note Marker 1)
-[01:20.900, 01:22.900, 01:24.900, 01:26.900, 01:28.566, 01:28.900, 01:30.900 etc.etc. should get the pattern by now if you go through these](Note Marker 2)
-[01:26.566, 01:30.483, 01:34.483] I’ve seen you do a really cool drum roll for this type of pattern earlier in the file, can also be used here.
(**)-[01:38.650 -> 02:02.650] Tons of (Note Marker 1) and (Note Marker 2). Most likely culprit for why the stream and the jumpstream bursts in this part feel like brokenstream.
-[02:05.400] Possibility for a 16th accent here from drum SFX.
-[02:06.316 -> 02:06.483] Possibility for 32nds instead of 16ths.
(**)-[02:24.566](Note Marker 1). Making a note of it here because it shows up differently due to how the SFX in the song work.
-[02:38.316 -> 02:38.650](Note Marker 3)
-[02:40.483 -> 02:40.566] missed a hot opportunity for colorized notes on these two.
(**)-[02:56.566] This isn’t (Note Marker 1). Just making note of it.
-[03:12.483 -> 03:12.566] same hot opportunity as 02:40.483 & 02:40.566.
Beautiful song, can’t unhear the triplet pattern though, and knowing that triplet pattern is pervasive throughout the entire song when it’s not doing a drum solo or something similar, puts a huge hindrance on what the patterns could be, especially from 01:38.650 -> 02:02.650 (90bpm, 32nds section). Drum solos are exceptional, jumpgluts nearing the end take a ramp up in difficulty from patterning compared to earlier patterns which is a nice touch. No real complaints outside of the chorus/bridges of the song, drum solos are tight, experimental, and fun to hit. I think at the minimum, if the song is tweaked in the section at 01:13.781 -> 01:14.518 with the notes provided, and worked to include a less broken version of stream regarding the 1st & 2nd note markers in notes, it can become a very fun jumpglut-based file. Adding notes from Marker 1 & 2 shouldn’t have any influence on the difficulty of the file. The jumpgluts nearing the end have a tricky 3[34]4 pattern multiple times at 180bpm 16th stream speed, are hard enough. Most likely in 92-93 range in terms of AAA difficulty.

[8.0/10] Fly of Beelzebub {DM DOKURO} (AutotelicBrown)
>Note that Subtitle in SM file is currently set to: Terraria Calamity Mod OST (2017)
>Sync is Good (No changes necessary).
-[00:28.698 -> 00:29.698] Most of my notes feel like they are going to be coming from the 8th sections, mostly because it feels like a lot of the hands in the 8th section are unjustified. If the hands are really really necessary, then the first bit is that the [134] into 3 is the same as the [14] into [23] here. Suggest changing the [23] to just the up arrow, and then do hands to jumps. (Maybe [124][23][234] - - [123]?) This sort of setup going from singles to hand with jumps in between happens in a few more spots in the 8th section here.
-[00:30.031] Another hand that feels out of place. The [34] 8th jump about 2 8th notes ahead has more emphasis than this hand, and comparatively to the rest of the song, that jump probably shouldn’t be a hand either.
-[00:30.865, 00:31.198] Missing 8ths. (Note Marker 1)
-[00:34.198, 00:34.531] (Note Marker 1). Same pattern.
-[00:36.531 -> 00:36.698] Do anything here. 16th burst would be neat for an 8th section. Just an 8th? Sure.
-[00:39.031 -> 00:39.365] This also is tending to happen in the 8th section primarily. The hands here need to be different from one another. The 8th minijack is justified if it means that pitch relevance is preserved.
-[00:44.365] I see where you are going with these jumps, it’s probably best suited to also maintain the lower melody alongside the primary melody with the jumps. A.K.A, this here should also be a jump.
-[00:47.198, 00:47.698] Same with these, makes it flow a bit better with everything else.
-[00:52.031 -> 00:52.198] Downgrade the 4th note jump to single. Upgrade the 8th to a jump, or just upgrade the 8th to a jump. Both work.
-[00:53.031 -> 00:53.198] Same thing above ^
-[01:01.948] Missing 16th.
-Rest of the song is beautiful. No missing notes, or glaring errors in pitch, sync, or difficulty spike.
Pretty Jumpstreamy song. Reminds me heavily of Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival, but a great deal shorter, with some added bursts. I feel like this would be a good edition for FMO area players that want that sort of feel, without the credit requirement. The file is very difficult-consistent. I suggest retouching the 8th section with notes provided, but definitely a good addition.

[3/10] Force of Light v2 {FFMusicDJ & SGX} (DarkZtar)
>No issue with SM properties or Folder contents.
>sync at start of file is off by approximately 0.032 -> 0.034 (-0.032 (-0.732 overall) in ArrowVortex Music Offset). Consider adjusting. (All timestamps for this judgment are based off this Music Offset.)
-The difficulty curve for this file is ridiculous. There’s 2 minutes, and 14 seconds of what feels like 25-30 difficulty range patterns, that just drop kicks you with 145bpm 16th anchor jacks, 32nd transitions, and 64th jumptrillable rolls, that are I would argue, equivalent to an 85 difficulty or higher. Feels like an easy song was planned, and then when it got to the dense part, it’s a completely different song. There’s tons of room to beef up patterns in the first half of the song that’s easy, so I’m unsure why the change in pace so far in.
-[00:21.835] Right here, is when the song should have started ramping up pace to match the 2nd half of the song, rather than 2 minutes in. Tons of opportunities for broken 16th stream.
-[00:53.697] Tons of missed 16ths onwards, like, almost accounting for 1/3rd of notes in this section missed. I would understand if the notes were chopped out for difficulty sake, but obviously that’s not the case with the 2nd half.
-[02:15.111] Missed 16th Jump.
-[02:15.525] Also Missed 16th Jump, as well as the following 16th.
-[02:18.421] Missed 16th Jump.
-[02:18.628 onwards] Alright, there’s a ton of missed 16th jumps in this beefed up jack anchor section. And I’m not just saying that because none of them have been placed in that specific melody, I’m saying that most 16th jumps in this entire section are extremely inconsistent. The jump at 02:15.111 can be found at 02:16.766. The jump at 02:15.525 can be found at 02:17.180, and it does this all over the place. This needs to be majorly cleaned up, and a decision has to be made on what jumps are going where.
-[02:29.542] Don’t think that 32nd is supposed to be there, but alright.
-[02:35.904 -> 02:36.214] Only the first 32nd note in this transition is audible. I think a mini jumpjack transition (like [23][13]) from a 16th JS burst would be more suited given the music here.
-[03:11.438] 32nd here, and also at [03:12.576]
-[03:18.059] ^ does this again
-[03:22.507] Missing 32nd
-[03:27.732] Missing 16th, is present at 03:29.387.
-[03:33.163] Missing 32nd
Realistically feels like a file was stepped up until 2 minutes and 14 seconds that was cut down a fair bit to be easy, but was picked back up after a while and just steamrolled to be an FGO/80-90 file. File needs a complete overhaul in decision on whether or not it wants to be an easy file, or a hard file. And if it wants to be a hard file, it needs to get a ton more consistent with how it handles its jump jacks on the second half, because that primary pattern goes on for a full minute.

[9.0/10] L {Ice} (DarkZtar)
>No issue with SM properties or Folder contents.
>sync at start of file is off by approximately 0.332 -> 0.336 (-0.033 (-0.333 overall) in ArrowVortex Music Offset). Consider adjusting. (All timestamps for this judgment are based off this Music Offset.)
-[00:14.846] A suggestion since this song is very pitch relevant heavy for a piano solo. Might work better as a 21[34] instead of a 12[34].
-[00:27.623 -> 00:27.816] should be 24ths, instead 16ths are present.
-[00:48.333 -> [00:49.107] should be all 16ths, is instead 24ths.
-[00:49.171] Misplaced 24th. This note is actually, surprisingly silent. The piano begins a 12th gallop with the 8th included starting at the time marker, which then translates into 24th stream.
-[01:08.655 -> 01:08.849] I’ll let this one slide. It’s barely audible, and I would suggest otherwise, but it’s also a great build-up to the type of patterns to come.
-[01:13.881 -> 01:14.655] what are these 32nd rolls going to? Edit: I get it now. It’s fine.
-[01:16.203 -> 01:16.397, 01:16.591 -> 01:16.784] Both of these parts here sound like they should be going to 24ths instead of 16ths.
-[01:22.397 -> 01:22.784] 24ths, instead of 16ths. Arguable since it’s coming out of some wacky polyrhythm patterning.
-[01:23.945 -> 01:24.333] This section is wacky polyrhythm as well, but was left out.
-[01:32.171] Missing 16th.
-[01:43.494, 01:45.816, 01:49.687, 01:52.010] Not sure if I can get behind the placement of these 8th notes. I understand they were placed there because they were the dominant sound going into the final piano solo, but there also isn’t enough time to really give it the attention that it needs when the dominant instrument becomes the piano. I am ok with the 8ths going into it, but it’s hard for it to find a place within the solo. I say, let the piano work its magic.
Definitely one of the more streamlined, fun files I’ve enjoyed playing. I can see tons of people playing this file, all the time. It gives me twister vibes. Of course, I still think it can be touched up here and there by following the proper pace of the piano in some sections, and some arrows can disappear from other sections, as it is right now, is definitely a contender for file of the year.

[8.5*/10] Longinus {Xi} (DarkZtar)
>No issue with SM properties or Folder contents.
>sync at start of file is off by approximately 0.128 -> 0.131 (-0.037 (-0.597 overall) in ArrowVortex Music Offset). Consider adjusting. (All timestamps for this judgment are based off this Music Offset.)
(**)-[00:17.719 -> 00:18.002] No, you can’t have this 32nd trill at 212bpm. Easily the hardest pattern in the file, but the difficulty curve around this trill is so vast compared to the rest of the file, that it just spoils it to be quite honest. Sounds like 24th slowing down to 16th or less. Pace it out, do what you do with grace notes, and I’m sure any pattern, even a trill if you want it to be, would be better than the 32nds here, just not this fast, please.
(**)-[00:18.851] 16ths start here, not at 00:18.993 (the 4th note coming up).
-[00:21.115] ^ quoting from above, like this.
-[00:24.653 -> 00:25.219] Cool grace notes, I see what you did there.
-[00:39.299] Missing 16th. Arguable because it eases into the following triplet section.
(**)-[00:48.002] What makes this 8th jump so special? Doesn’t seem like it’s any different from any of the 8ths before it or after it, other than the transition into the complete measure. (Note Marker 1)
(**)-[01:06.115] (Note Marker 1)
-[01:14.323] My 2 cents, 16ths starting here, going 2-3 into the existing 16th stream. Copies the previous 2-3 going into the hand, which puts emphasis on the drums which haven’t changed while maintaining the flow of the section. Fine as it is, just my 2 cents.
-[02:19.842] Opportunity for grace burst. Think it would fit the atmosphere of the piano.
Few missing parts here, no real major issue with anything else besides the 32nd trill. Please, Please change it to something a bit more bearable and a bit more in-tune with the difficulty height elsewhere in the file (highest is dense JS @ 212 & dense polyJS transition @212). Other than that, fix the 8th note jumps (the hands do enough justice in those sections, I do not believe you need jumps there) and missing 16ths and this will be fine.

[6.5*/10] hyper weaboo vodka shots (formerly Yamada Stream) {kommisar} (DarkZtar)
>No issue with SM properties or Folder contents.
>sync at start of file is off by approximately 0.054 -> 0.056 (-0.036 (-0.056 overall) in ArrowVortex Music Offset). Consider adjusting. (All timestamps for this judgment are based off this Music Offset.)
(**)- something odd with the BPM in this song. I think somewhere, the song does a catchup when it goes into the main section, because when using the correct music offset in the start, the entire song gets thrown off sync right between 00:14.994 and 00:15.112 (Measures 15.88 -> 16.00). This also happens again between 01:22.370 and 1:22.605. This note is based off the current music offset for these notes, For the judgment of this file, the timestamps will use the suggested ‘start of file’ sync, and no further adjustments in sync.
-[00:09.407] This 16th is technically accurate, but some of these transitions into 32nd rolls can be particularly brutal.
(**)-[00:14.171 -> 00:15.112] This entire pattern happening on the right hand at this speed gives me mindblock nightmares, especially considering the pattern on the right hand immediately following after the hand into the stream.
-[00:37.226 -> 00:37.697] Opted out of the 16ths here, huh? I think they would work fine. Small burst going into another section, sits in line with previous trill transitions into the stream sections.
-[00:45.637] There’s a few missing 16ths in layering like this one in similar sections, merely making note of it though because it looks like you’re trying to stay away from using them as short bursts and congregating them to proper bursts, and the stream.
-[00:51.342 -> [00:51.812] Does not match the previous one earlier in the file at 00:13.701 -> 00:14.171. My suggestion: drop the jump at 00:13.936 (the [14] squished between 8th jumps), add a jump to 00:14.171 (the first 4th arrow after the 8th [12] jump), and then try to get something similar going between the two 16th trills. I would say that the trill for 00:52.283 -> 00:52.754 is much better than the one at the beginning of the file, purely because the right hand doesn’t have to go through madness.
(**)-[01:21.926 -> 01:22.867] Oh god left hand. I am convinced these are the hardest patterns in the file. Please at the very least, tone them down as to not be a mindblock wall? Perhaps, drop the 4th [12] jump at 01:22.161, and keep only the 4th [12] jump at the beginning of the trill?
-[01:44.981 -> 01:45.452] I approve of this pattern on right hand.
*PERSONAL NOTES* (**) Check Notes for BPM Fix.
This file is predominantly, a speed file. At this speed, it becomes harder than current 95’s with some of the patterns that get shoved onto one hand. The overlying issue with the file by far, is the sync. To Fix Sync (Timeframes are going to change step by step. Measures are included. Sync at the beginning of the file is changed first):
Set 4th note at 00:14.994 (Measure 15.88) to 280.000 bpm
Set following [134] hand at 00:15.102 (Measure 16.00) to 266.500 bpm
Set [24] Jump at 00:15.551 (Measure 16.50) to 255.038 bpm (default file bpm)
Set 2 single 8th at 00:52.605 (Measure 55.88) to 248.000 bpm
Set [124] Hand at 00:52.706 (Measure 56.00) to 255.038 bpm (default file bpm)
Set 2 single 8th at 01:22.722 (Measure 87.88) to 242.000 bpm
Set [124] Hand at 01:22.846 (Measure 88.00) to 255.038 bpm (default file bpm)
No doubt these sync changes are going to more or less cause some weird framers within FFR when converted, but it’s more a product of the song than it is a product of the stepartist.
Nonetheless, this file needs significant changes both to BPM, and addressing or fixing of 1h patterns for trills and same-suit patterns (as mentioned with the transition to the trill build-ups) before getting in.
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