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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

Early Release May 2018

Set 1
Lead Judge: DarkZtar

Results for Early Release May 2018 Set 1:

[5/10] Thrill Me (Kaitou Swinger's Theme) {YMCK} (Ghost_Medley)
[5/10] EBONY & IVORY [Heavy] {OSTER Project} (Ghost_Medley)
[2/10] Personal Discourse {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
[1/10] Cobra Commander {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
[1/10] Chainsaw Fellatio {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)

Notes for Early Release May 2018 Set 1:

[1/10] Chainsaw Fellatio {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
-note- I had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate so my timings my differ from yours slightly. (offset for me is -0.065)
-5.690 using hands in places of bursts that would be too fast or uncomfortable to hit normally is alright, but not after a 32nd roll where the hand forces a jack unnecessarily. You really could just represent these bursts as is.
-5.878 it’s also odd that this hand is different when the bursts are the same repeated noise, and the other hands are the same.
-This chart is suuuper underwhelming after you open up with a 32nd roll into hands. You really could have gone with a more active chart representing the sporadic synth.
-9.065 the 4th here should be shifted a 64th earlier, the 32nd and the 16th after should be shifted a 32nd earlier. This rhythm is incorrect every single time you have it so it needs to be fixed every time it appears.
-9.815 missing 4th
-10.096 missing 16th
-10.940 to 12.440 these entire 2 measures are completely inaccurate.
-15.206 same as 9.065 (i’m not going to mention this again, just fix it every other time it appears in the chart)
-17.695 this measure follows the same rhythm that 9.065 does. What you have now is incorrect.
-22.940 c/p section with same errors as before
-28.940 again inaccurate rhythms to the synth wobbles.
-33.815 missing 4th
-34.002 missing 16th
-34.900 alright this is the 3rd c/p section with the same errors. I’m done, review ends here.
*sigh* I’ll be frank here and say that you need to completely overhaul this. A lot of what you have rhythm wise simply… isn’t correct. Slow the song down if you need to to get a better idea of the rhythms. Also don’t resort to using c/p for short repeating sections, that makes the file get boring really fast.

[1/10] Cobra Commander {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
-note- I had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate so my timings my differ from yours slightly. (offset for me is -0.111)
-bpm should be double than what it actually is
-0.814 avoid patterning like this since it forces a 32nd mini jack where there really shouldn’t be one.
-0.915 burst representation should continue up until the 8th here.
-0.982 missing 32nd
-1.383 missing 32nd
-1.651 missing 32nd
-1.785 missing 32nd
-2.790 missing 4th
-2.857 missing 32nd
-2.924 snare hits begin on this 4th (these snares are what im basing your overall structure on so I’m assuming all the similar percussion sounds earlier are missed unintentionally, hence all the missing notes prior)
-3.258 alright nvm, there’s so many missing notes at this point I won’t bother pointing them all out, just know there’s a ton of percussion you’ve missed throughout the file.
-4.497 same thing as 0.814
-7.544 alternating percussion hits continue through to the 4th
-8.147 again burst should continue to the 4th (there’s even a rim hit on the 4th)
-8.415 more missing notes
-10.022 I’m really not sure what you were going for with some of your note selection, you’ve omitted all of the louder bass kicks in favor of doing bursts (that are not even complete)
-11.629 the fact that you actually acknowledge all of the percussion here makes all of the missing notes prior even more confusing
-13.169 same thing as 0.814
-13.437 32nd note here sounds like it should be on the 24th before it
-14.307 you’ve gotta stop shorting bursts, especially when the burst ends with a louder percussion hit. This happens many many times throughout the file.
-16.182 more missing notes
-17.589 the bursts were like the one thing you were representing consistently, but you’ve ignored this one
-18.794 same thing as 0.814
-19.665 missing notes
-20.736 trill into a jack/quad that all resolves on the same hand. Don’t do that. (why is that even a quad anyway)
-21.272 lmao why is this a hand??? this is literally just a high pitch sustained synth.
-21.718 more missing notes
-22.276 stop with this patterning. Please
-23.448 examples of bursts that are ok with being left as 4 notes since they have no loud percussion hit at their conclusion, these bursts are fine.
-24.687 more missing notes
-27.968 same patterning issue. Did you c/p all of these?
Ending the review here, this is not close to being ready. Double the bpm, slow the song down so that you have a better idea of where all the percussion notes you’ve missed are, clean up the patterning to avoid the unnecessary jacks, and make sure your burst representation is clear and complete when the bursts end on harder percussion hits.

[5/10] EBONY & IVORY [Heavy] {OSTER Project} (Ghost_Medley)
-0.557, 1.263, 1.968, 2.674 change these to jumps to differentiate them from the hands at 3.380 which go to the incoming synth.
-5.036 missing 16th. If you omitted this intentionally to avoid strain leading into the 48th roll then the 8th out here alone feels off.
-5.154 speaking of that 48th roll, you might have to do some weird white note stuff but there’s no way this is straight 48ths.
-5.674 not sure why the jump is on this 8th instead of the 4th after it.
-7.438 change this jump to [14] to get rid of the jack and keep the jacks focused on the short synth rather than the bass kicks like you have later.
-10.085 alright, the early jack you could have argued is going to the kicks, but this jack goes to literally nothing. Change plz.
-11.408 missing jump. You’ll have to change the next few jumps to avoid multiple jacks. That setup actually works pretty well, consider removing the 16ths at 10.673, etc.
-14.300 change the jump placement to [34] if you want to make this a lot more playable. Adding in a jump that forces the same hand to hit 3 notes in a row makes this pretty uncomfortable. But you could be mean and leave this as is.
-16.065 kicks+synth come together on the 4ths/8th not on 16ths. I get that you put the jumps on the 16ths to accent the higher pitch bends in the synth, and it does kind of work here, but it doesn’t later so change this to make it consistent.
-17.653 should be a single, and the 16th after should be a jack to be consistent with the later parts of the file
-18.271 I don’t really like nitpicking with pr, but this should be changed to 2, would make the section feel more accurate since the syncopated synth here is pretty easy to distinguish.
-22.771 alright you’ve got to stop putting in jacks in places they shouldn’t be when your layering scheme isn’t heavy enough to force them.
-22.859 should be a single
-24.359, 26.830, 27.182 what are these jumps going to?
-25.594 same comment as the previous trill
-27.359 and this is where the putting jumps on 16ths to accent synth pitch bends just doesn’t work, they aren’t prominent/loud enough to offset proper layering.
-28.594 missing jump
-30.006 shift focus and follow the xylophone sounding synth (or whatever it is) to its conclusion if you start with the 24ths. Don’t just start putting notes to it and then abruptly change to the main synth.
-33.094 there aren’t any repeated synth pitches here to warrant jacks
-33.712 earlier on in the chart you were ok with 48th rolls over subdivided rhythms with layering, pick one of those 2 schemes and stick with it.
-34.065 just change the hand to a jump, vocal thing isn’t loud enough to warrant a hand and the forced jack is unnecessarily uncomfortable here.
-34.418 Considering that there’s nothing in the music to warrant deliberate anchor usage, you have an 8 note anchor followed by another 8 note anchor followed by a 7 note anchor followed by another 7 note anchor…………………… Y I K E S
-Just looking through the rest of your js yeahhhhhhhh the long anchors need to go.
-39.271 ironically in one of the better places you could have a jack (to highlight the pitch of the incoming synth), you don’t have one.
-39.624 man you’ve got inconsistency everywhere in this chart, earlier in this same section you have the bass kicks as jumps, now you have it as a single jack with a jump on the 4th.
-39.977 missing 16th
-43.771, 43.947, 44.124 should all be singles if you are doing a deliberate layering drop to focus on the single synth.
-51.359 It’s a new record! (you have a 9 note anchor here)
-played through the rest just to see if similar errors and inconsistencies repeat and they do. Basic chart structure is there, good ideas with some creative layering shifts and focus, but the execution is lacking. Get rid of the long anchors and fix some of the glaring inconsistencies within sections.

[2/10] Personal Discourse {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
-note- I had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate so my timings my differ from yours slightly. (offset for me is -0.173)
-2.565-3.681 patterning should be on 2 columns since there are 2 different percussion sounds.
-7.508 again as mentioned in your other files, avoid patterning that forces jacks when avoidable.
-8.704 these 16ths almost sound like they should be offset 64ths.
-15.083 representation for this synth should be consistent, remove this 16th.
-15.243 there’s background percussion that you could work with here that runs 16ths, but I presumed you left them out on purpose
-16.000 I don’t even hear the beginning of this synth sweep until 16.120, and the last 4 notes are incorrect rhythm anyway. Just take this out and focus on the percussion.
-18.671 incorrect rhythms for this measure, drumroll sounds like it runs straight 32nds.
-18.990 this should follow similar structure setup to 8.784. Fill in the offset 64th notes here (these percussion hits should definitely be offset 64ths)
-20.286 alright, we both know this is c/p’d and not even close to what the actual rhythm is, please fix.
-20.771 same thing
-23.654 is this 32nd going to that weird metallic echoing noise? Cause if so it should be on the 8th before it. If not then I have no clue what this goes to.
-24.532 missing 32nd
-25.648 missing 32nd
-26.007 several missing notes in this measure
-29.834 Nope. Subdivide this into 32nds.
-31.110 several missing notes in this measure
-34.618 missing notes in this measure
-35.894 you have a bad habit of doing the exact same patterns over and over. I dunno if its actual c/p sections or what, but please change up some of your patterning throughout your files.
-36.850 again, subdivide this into 32nds to avoid the ungodly massive difficulty spike.
-38.445 missing note on the 4th
-39.482 this 16th should be on the 12th after it
-41.634 same thing with this missing notes in this measure. Is this entire file just c/p’d sections?
-42.910 yup, this whole file is c/p isn’t it
-44.505 change patterning so that the roll doesn’t resolve into a trill, this puts a ton of strain on one hand unnecessarily.
-45.780 missing percussion notes in this measure
-46.153 these sound more like offset 64ths.
-47.269, 47.588 these should be 16ths
-47.694 one 24th note really doesn’t work for representing this percussion sweep.
-50.246 missing notes
-50.744 ??? this is straight 16th rhythm
-51.063 same comment as before when you had this same offset rhythm
Rest of the file has the same repeated errors so I’m ending the review here. For the love of god stop using c/p’d sections so frequently, seeing the same pattern happen over and over and over is not fun. There are some good ideas and interesting representation for some of the varying percussion elements, but this is riddled with errors as is. Subdivide all of your 64th rolls into 32nds, and slow the song down so that you can pick up on all of the percussion elements that you’ve missed. This chart has the potential to be quite good if you put the effort required into it.

[5/10] Thrill Me (Kaitou Swinger's Theme) {YMCK} (Ghost_Medley)
-0.809 lmao what are you smoking, this is like straight 32nds.
-the fact that all the stuff after is spot on makes that intro even weirder.
Ok im not totally sold on using offset 32nds instead of 12ths for normal swing cause some of these notes sound early, but the difference is minimal i guess.
-15.338 alright i kind of here this 32nd going to like a vocal pitch blip at like .5x but at 1x this just sounds like a blatant ghost note, remove it.
-16.669 this is definitely straight 12ths though
-17.768 you are reaaaalllllyyy overthinking the rhythms. This is straight 24ths.
-19.158 ok you went from layering the punchy kicks to some weird blend of additive layering (I’m assuming) to the vocals + synth overlaps? But then go back to layering the kicks at
-19.782 same deal as 15.338
-28.671 k just remove all of these 32nd flams at this point. They all feel like ghost notes and drag the quality of the file down a lot.
-29.817 same thing as earlier, make this straight 12ths
-at this point i’m really skeptical that this file really shouldn’t be just normal 12th swing instead of weird 32nd offset swing.
-30.268 places like this make me really just think the layering is almost haphazardly guessed at to be honest, 2 consecutive prominent swing hits where both the kick and synth play but you have a single on the first and a jump on the next.
-playing through that earlier section at 18.428 I guess you were trying to go with jumps to the lead synth? It’s still really inconsistent throughout this section, this section needs to be re-layered.
-32.039 layering for this sections seems solid though, with your focus solely on the kicks
-well, mostly solid. missing jump at 33.706
-missing jump at 38.150
-48.983 missing note
-49.435 same thing as earlier, make this straight 12ths
-49.817 a lot of missing notes to the cymbal ride hits throughout this section. I almost thought you were intentionally leaving them out to focus on the vocals, but then you had notes going to them at 52.768 and 53.879.
-58.011 don’t drop the vocal layering entirely to focus on the synth here, you’ve had the vocals as focus for a good portion of the file leading up to this. If anything you can drop them to the back and have synth layering over them, but don’t just drop representing them entirely.
-64.435 missing jump
-layering in general appears to get inconsistent when you try to blend more than one layering element together, there are several instances in this section and prior sections where 2 of the 3 elements between back synth, lead synth, and kick play on the same note (or even in some cases all 3 play on the same note) where you have singles.
-85.094 lmao, alright I think i’ve seen enough, ending the review here. (this is straight 24ths fwiw)
-You’ve got a great foundation for a cool swing file here, but the amount of ghost notes, missing notes, and inconsistent layering unfortunatly mean the file isn’t acceptable in its current state. The ideas for layering combinations are there, and a lot of the patterning is clean, but overall this chart needs work. Clean up everything I mentioned and rework some of the layering in the sections mentioned and this will get accepted easily.

Set 2
Lead Judge: James May

Results for Early Release May 2018 Set 2:

[9/10] Chik Habit v2 {The Flashbulb} (Shxfted)
[8/10] Tightwad {Nvoise} (Deamerai)
[8/10] The April Sunshine Shed {The Flashbulb} (Deamerai)

Conditional Queue
[7/10] No Time For Sleep {Terminal 11} (Pizza69)

[6/10] Alien Lair {Shnabubula} (MarioNintendo)

Notes for Early Release May 2018 Set 2:

[6/10] Alien Lair {Shnabubula} (MarioNintendo)
NOTE: I was using Halogen's notes as a reference since this file got judged already in the Official Tournament batch
-Offset should be 0.047
-With that said, you may need to fix the skeleton of the file completely once you do adjust that offset since it is off by 0.02
-1.894, 2.361, 2.828 - Jumps here since you're still showing emphasis on the piano
-4.805 - Jump here due to piano accentuation
-1:03.260 - Shift this down a bit, probably due to the incorrect offset which has the notes on 1:03.726 and 1:04.193 be off by a 24th.
-1:05.087 - Not sure if the 24th is suppose to be on where the 4th is on 1:05.126 or you're missing a 64th on 1:05.170...
-1:13.585 - Missing 16th for piano accentuation on 4
-1:19.243 - This is one of those cases where I feel the improper offset caused this to be off by a 32nd and fixing said offset and the skeleton of the file should fix this.
-At this point, I'm probably going to regurgitate what Halogen is saying on his notes. I'll stop here and say this: The skeleton will need to be reworked most likely once you fixed the skeleton and then apply the fixes that are on both mine and Halogen's notes. I really want to see this file in game, I really do because I love playing this file on VGMP4. The problem I guess is that its one of those files that seem fine at first playthrough, but the more you play, the more mistakes you'll see throughout the file. It's not a bad thing, but its something that I noticed with this file. I hope you get this fixed up and see it get accepted <3

[9/10] Chik Habit v2 {The Flashbulb} (Shxfted)
-This is the Chik Habit that we deserve. Definitely prefer this over the one that's currently on the game.
-Sync is fine
-This is probably the best Chik Habit chart that I've ever laid my hands on. Not noting any real errors in here.
-My only real complaint is that in 1:26.648, you do have strong sounds for drums here that can be accentuated for a [23][14] jump trill here. It's nothing too major to note on but that's the most visible error that I saw; aside from a personal nitpick that I think the 16ths should be filled at the start of the break on 1:10.934, but as I said, personal nitpicking at this point
-Good job, definitely better than the current one on FFR to be honest.

[7/10] No Time For Sleep {Terminal 11} (Pizza69)
-The patterns feels like how I would step this...not sure how I feel about this lmao.
-Offset is good
-So many BPM changes wow. It's like I'm in the tunnel scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with all those colorful arrows.
-12.492, 14.092, 18.892, 20.492 - remove the 32nd here, the sound accentuation ends with the 16th
-15.558, 21.958 - Shift this 192nd up to the 16th (or just do some BPM changing juju to make it sit on where the 16th should be :B)
-25.742 - jfc that transition is memey as heck
-27.342 - Should be single note
-28.541 - Remove the 4th note here
-44.250 & 44.300 - Should have 2 192nds here to denote start of the burst on 44.342, preferably 4 and then 3 respectively.
-46.642 - No. That transition is bad. Malo. Sucio. Fix it please.
-It's not a bad file, the BPM changes are interesting. But...some of these patterns are just memey as fuck lmao. When I said that the file feels like how I would step, I really do mean it lmao. And in this case, this sort of patterning doesn't work well with this file. Now, I do say that since this is a shorter file, this can sort of go through with a fine comb more thoroughly. Just that in some BPMs, the patterns you have work 300 and 600 and even parts where you had it at 1200 BPM...not so much lmao. Not a bad job, but fix through some of the transitions and patterns and I hope to play this file again :>

[8/10] The April Sunshine Shed {The Flashbulb} (Deamerai)
-Offset is fine
-24.604, 29.403, 34.202, 39.000 - Missing a 12th here
-43.699 - Shift this down to a 16th on 43.749
-1:43.586 & 1:43.886 - Interesting on how you choose to ignore those sounds on those two and not on the other stuff surrounding it...
-Very minor errors, I will say to check the BPM though because it looked like the sync was drifting a bit on the second half of the file by a little a bit before snapping back on sync towards the end. Otherwise, great job.

[8/10] Tightwad {Nvoise} (Deamerai)
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking:
-Offset seems to be good
-9.388 - That 8th should be on 2
-15.388 - Shift the 8 up by a 64th
-56.804 - Make that 12th be a single since the sound is fading there
-1:13.513 - remove the 16th here. Even though it may be right, it makes an uncomfortable transition to that 24th [14] jump anchor
-1:41.888 - This 8th should be a jump
-Overall, not a bad file, I am questioning on some of the hands though. Reason being is that the sounds that the hands go to gives off the same emphasis as the jumps do. Just need a tiny bit of clarification on those hands and we're good to go. And I was also worried that this file would not be able to hold up because there's already two great files for Tightwad in the Stepmania community (DTM's and Moches'), but, the file holds up against those two in that its unique and proper in its own way. Give the file a fine comb and good job n having the file in!
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