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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch

For those of you that have had your files judged, go to the tournament batch area, find your file, update it, and then let us know in the thread here that you made a change to it if it's necessary to do so.

EDIT (8:13 PM server time): I've just heard that it might not be possible to change your files until your chart is changed to a certain status by a GM; give me a moment to set the status on the files accordingly.

EDIT (8:24 PM server time): Alright, I think that I have things set up for everyone to properly edit their submissions. Again, once you do so, please post in the thread letting us know that you did; it's likely that the submission edits won't get looked at right away as there are still many unjudged submissions, but bear with us — we haven't forgotten. It's been on our mind to get judgments done for a while.

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