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Default Re: 2017 July/August Set 2 (Complete)

DarkZtar resolved the passed file in this set.

[2/10] Solar Overdrive {Dan Johansen} (M0nkeyz)
changed offset to -0.059
-0.059 why is this a quad. This should be a jump at most.
-2.241 if anything you could put a quad here to the crash if you reaaaaallly wanted a quad somewhere in the file, but this should also probably a hand at most.
Right off the bat, the layering in this is an absolute mess. You've got jumps to the guitar melody that kind of come and go randomly, with percussion layering to fill in the drops in the guitar layering?
-5.059 there's a missing 16th/12th in here to the guitar. Has a weird rhythm so you might have to do some janky stuff to make it work.
-5.377 putting ALL of the layering inconsistencies aside (cause honestly I'm confused to the point where I'll just say redo all of your layering), the guitar rhythm here does not snap to 16ths. It's offset by like a 32nd.
-5.650 also the guitar rhythm doesn¡¯t have a gap here
-6.604 alright im convinced you¡¯re focusing on percussion layering, so just redo this section with percussion layering in mind and take out all the jumps to just the guitar melody.
-8.104 guitar rhythm doesn¡¯t snap to 8ths here.
-9.332 alright straight 16th¡¯s is not even close to what the guitar is playing here
-9.741 the jumps here almost sound like they should be on the 16ths before them. (the last jump can stay since there¡¯s a crash there)
-10.968 I¡¯ve never really like usage of jumps to highlight pitch peaks outside of really dense sections with a lot of stuff going on, and this scheme makes even less sense when you¡¯re already focusing on percussion in the first place.
-18.877 another place where the guitar rhythm is generalized to 16ths and it¡¯s completely wrong.
-27.332 same thing with the guitar rhythm being super off
-29.514 missing jump
-30.604 missing jump
-30.741 missing jump
-31.695 missing jump
-32.241 missing jump
-32.377 missing jump
-32.650 missing jump
-32.786 missing jump (could also put a hand to crashes like this throughout the file)
-33.877 same concept of missing jumps to the guitar throughout this repeating section
-40.014 should be a single
-41.104 should be a jump
-42.195 background guitar runs straight 8ths, no reason to have any gaps in the 8ths here.
-43.423 guitar rhythm runs through to the next 4th
-45.059 should really step the pitch bends in the guitar here
-47.854 guitar rhythm here isn't the same as 43.423. In general you might have to dicksync a lot of the guitar riffs since this sounds like a live guitar recorded over a bg track which means a lot of the rhythms are not going to be precise.
-59.968 ^ basically what is happening through this entire section. The guitar is playing inconsistent rhythms here and you've attempted to generalize it to either 8ths or 16ths.
Playing through the rest of the file gives me the impression that a lot of the errors mentioned already repeat or show up in some other shape or form. Ending the review here since I think you've got a good basis for reworking the file.
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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