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Default Re: March/April 2017 Set 4

TC_Halogen finished the primary judge task for March/April Set 4. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets.

[4/10] See You In London {Flexe} (GotSkittles)
- 27.759: missing jump
- 36.045: cute attempt at an effect here, but the first note needs to come a bit earlier for it to be accurate; moving it up two 64th notes (35.947) would be a bit better for it.
- 36.330: this 4th note needs to go to 36.616 to be accurate (make sure to apply the proper 64th placement as well).
- 43.187: missing jump for lower note
- 45.473: usage of a triplet for finality - clever. That being said, if you’re willing to use a triple in your structure, you should definitely utilize them; more about this point a bit later
- 50.330: no need for the 64th here
- 54.616: if you are willing to do this, rethink your structure for the whole chart; you could get much more relevance; more about this later
- 91.759: this is a really cute concept, and it’s neat that you’ve got this creativity in mind; however, it’s brutally difficult to play because the 4ths and the 48ths are separated, and FFR will separate these in all really hard to hit flams, a nightmare for playability. A color association trick might be handy here (ask about this in detail if you’re not certain about how it’s done!)
- patterning needs a lot of work. Structure is composed of mostly staircases/zigzags (lots of 1234321 oriented patterning).
- About the points at 45.473/54.616: because of the way you structured this file, you didn’t leave yourself a whole lot of room to make a good, varying chart. The thing that you are representing as jumps comes very infrequently in the music, and because your patterning outside of the jumps was very repetitive, it made the chart drag horribly. You did take the initiative to add some jumps for kicks at the end of some sections, and also even opted into a couple of triples as well. This song is difficult enough to make an enjoyable chart as it is because it’s quite calm and doesn’t bring much to the table — a cut could be useful.
- Structural overview: In general, chart needs a bit of polishing. Rhythms are hit or miss, with numerous random missing notes for hi-hats through the chart. Usage of 48ths sound correct in actuality, so that’s good. Layering is not incorrect, but is generally empty and not well-conceived. The song is very repetitive and doesn’t leave a lot of room to chart fully from start to finish.

[4.5/10] Back of the Yards {The Flashbulb} (happyhardcor3)
- 2.926: 12th note is a bit early for this sound, sounds like an 8th (at 2.988)
- 7.301: 12ths are too slow for this deep synth; 16ths are closer and a more easily discernible rhythm
- 8.519: move down to the next 8th (at 8.613)
- 10.676/10.863: go to literally nothing; the sweep at 10.301 would feel better if the 24ths ran all the way to the 4th note, since having the gap between the last two notes makes it feel like there’s something that should be stopping it short
- 12.176: somewhat similar to the note above; the sound fades all the way through the kick, so four 24ths would work here
- 13.301: 12ths don’t really go to anything here
- 19.394: move to the next 8th (19.488)
- 20.144/20.332: missing notes
- 20.801: this is what 12.176 would look like if you applied the note, in terms of rhythm - no gap, just runs straight into the jump
- 22.676: missing note
- 26.613/28.113/29.613/etc: missing 24th notes, according to the structure of the rest of this chart; try to catch all of these sounds to make your structure more consistent and sound
- 28.488/29.988/31.488/33.082/etc: ^, slow the song down and catch all of these missing notes, as there are plenty of them for thing that you are trying to follow and this runs for a fair amount of time
- 30.457: ghost note
- 32.801: pretty key sound here that’s missing, definitely add at least a single note here
- 36.082: move this 16th up to the 12th at 36.051 for proper rhythm
- 38.238: this sequence is generally inaccurate; the “wubs”/bass actually oscillates at a pretty funky rhythm, the correct rhythm for that is 38.238 (8th), 38.363 (two 24ths later), and 38.488 (two 24ths later); you might want to break the concept of using 24ths for the sweep at 38.613 to separate the bass and that other sound - choice is yours there.
- 39.082: similar misrhythm as 36.082
- 44.051: very jarring pattern that doesn’t really have much relevance with the song
- 54.551: don’t overcomplicate this rhythm: it’s simply five notes that are three 16ths apart. Don’t forget the kick at 56.051.
- 56.176: the first four notes of this speed-up in the bass are not timed properly; listen a bit more carefully
- 58.926: you create a 16th mini-jack on the up arrow here, might want to move the 48th to the right arrow for better fluency
- 62.051/63.551/(etc): the rhythm noticeably switches up in the third and fourth instance of these basses, so you’re gonna want to catch that rhythm switch accordingly.
- 64.629: remove this 32nd, it’s before the actual bass that has you using the 32nds in the first place
- 65.051: i’d advise you to use a different pattern here; the buzz is a pretty common and smooth sound, but your accent is jarring being a staircase (you have a three note 12th anchor on the down arrow there)
- similar mistakes keep happening from the first section in addition to other things that I’ve mentioned in the second one, so I’m gonna pick out the more glaring things - do your best to clean up the structure!
- 82.894: this colored burst is just offset 16th notes, which is quite slow for the sound given that all other bursts like this are at least 24ths, so speed it up a little bit.
- 91.113: really rough burst out of nowhere for a sound that’s not really special or notable in the song, just more of the same
- 93.176: because of how short this blip is, I’d say that the 32nd note just before the [23] jump should go to give you that nice separation between the buzz and the actual percussion
- 120.551: the strength of the bass changes after three notes here, so it would be better to use two sets of three note jacks here as opposed to three separate pairs
- 123.551: again, watch out for these rhythm changes
- 127.113/138.269: like 91.113, really rough burst for something not particularly notable in the song
- 148.551: incorrect rhythm on a very difficult to time bass here, first note is on a 32nd at 148.629, second note is three 32nds later at 148.769
- 155.238: misrhythm here; another sequence of awkwardly timed bass, try to figure this one out yourself!
- 156.738: not quite the same rhythm as above, but 16ths are incorrect in this case as well
- 159.926: buzzy bass here as 24ths, but you’ve used 32nds in the past; again, try to pick one to keep yourself consistent.
Structural Overview: Chart attempts to have an abstract structure with variance, but doesn’t entirely deliver due to rhythmic inconsistencies. Jump placement is generally unclear aside from a few very clear accents (particularly the end of the song). While not solid in its current state, the structure certainly has a ton of potential, and with a lot of tweaking, could end up being a really enjoyable chart. Keep at it!

[5.5/10] Moonbase 101 {DanJohansen} (M0nkeyz)
- opening would really benefit from pitch relevance, since the melody does have enough deviation to give attention to it without being completely repetitive
- second half of the opening is strange: chart opens up with streams, but added elements in the music on top of the synth that caused streams earlier on results in a chart structure that is reduced quite a bit, definitely not fond of that
- 18.079/18.559: 434, 323, 212 (or something like that); the blips of melody there alternate between two notes, not three
- from 30.799 to 61.519, the chart is… hard to discern; jumps don’t appear consistent (example: jumps appear to be for snares, but there are missing jumps for snares at 34.399, 34.519, 42.079, 45.919, etc). Jumps appear to be placed on subtle things, which make me think that the melody could potentially be layered in with percussion, but then the structure doesn’t make much sense that way.
- Structural overview: Very simplistic song; chart is coherent with the music, though the structure leaves something to be desired against the music, as it’s quite heavy and doesn’t really give much attention to the actual melodies and lines of the song - additionally, for a song this simple, pitch relevance really should be applied to get a better representation of the music.

[8/10] Beep Beep I'm a Sheep {LilDeuceDeuce} (MarioNintendo)
1.006/etc: these notes seem to go for the hi-hat, but that instrument is pretty heavily masked behind the main accent on the 4th notes, so it might be better for these to be removed.
2.672: for maximum relevance, you could remove the right arrow from this jump and place it somewhere else so that all of the notes on R are words that end in “eep”, hahahaha
A few extended repeated 8ths can be mitigated, I think.
74.577: this pattern isn’t special, but it’s just really cute in this particular part of the song.
Structural overview: Solid overall, no complaints. Layering is explicit, patterning is fluent, and rhythms are correct. Chart is a bit anchor heavy in a few spots, but this doesn’t detract too much from the overall appearance and playability.

[1/10] Shooter {Clipping.} (PetePippers)
- I’m not certain we have permission to use this song…
- In any case, this chart is far from acceptable for use. Please take the time to read up on charting guides for instructions on how to sync your chart and time your steps appropriately.
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