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Default Re: November/December 2016 Set 2

trumaestro finished the primary judge task for November/December 2016 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the November/December 2016 post.

[6.5/10] Akaki Yakata no Chika ni iru kyouki {Xe} (Buta-san)
-2.063/6.863 - jump for melody, arguably
-18.863/... - I really like this thing you did with the 24ths here, and throughout the file.
-**19.350/19.425 - ghost note
-**20.363 - 32nds continue to 20.513
-**38.363/39.563/40.763/41.363 - ghost notes
-**47.963/... - ghost notes. This section to 66.113 is very similar to above, and the same kind of ghost notes are repeated. Listen closely on a lower rate.
-**75.713-85.313 - This is the hardest part of the entire file, in stark contrast to the music. Recommend changing this section to just stream to fit the music better. Potentially have a jump when the piano plays a chord every two measures.
-**96.113 - 12ths change to 16ths here
-98.066/102.866 - ghost note, arguably
-**106.091/106.166 - missing note for background
-**106.841 - ghost note
-**130.466 - ghost note
-**135.416 - see 20.363, Even though the part after the 8th is more accurate as 64ths, nobody wants that at 200 bpm.
-152.016/152.216 - missing notes for piano

This is a great chart, but needs a lot of cleaning up before going in game. Focus on **starred** things for acceptance.

[5/10][<] Re End of a Dream (DarkZtar) {uma vs. Morimori Atsushi} (DarkZtar)
-Offset early (changed to -0.055 in this review)
-19.265 - these 32nds continue to 19.548, but it makes sense to have the jack stand out.
-23.723 - missing note to melody
-36.246 - 64ths continue to 36.388
-44.454 - yikes
-46.152/66.529/82.413 - YIKES!!
-77.709 - these are 24ths not 32nds
-85.209 - The dicksyncing works, just not overly friendly to play
-114.360 - see 19.265
-118.817 - see 23.723

Chart sacrifices playability for outright difficulty, yet isn’t overall hard enough to consider something like the 212 bpm 48th rolls reasonable. Pales in comparison to the other chart.

[8.5/10][>] Re: End of a Dream (gameboy42690) {uma vs. Morimori Atsushi} (gameboy42690)
#It seems like you both stepped different versions of the same song. This one sounds a lot cleaner.
-9.111 - the minijacks throughout are frustrating, being at 212 bpm, but they do work well for the song
-27.224/30.620 - grace notes for the piano could be a nice touch
-35.148 - could make 64ths for drum
-42.931 - missing 32nd roll for drum
-64.158/69.818/103.356/103.922 - 24ths should be 32nds

Most of what I'm listing as errors appear to be conscious decisions, sacrificing pure technicality in favour of playability. Overall the chart plays very well, significantly more so than the other.

[5.5/10] Tozaseshi Kumo no Kayoiji -Stormy Extended- {Kanpyohgo} (Buta-san)
-16.266 - this note would be a bit more accurate at 16.361, but it doesn't make a huge difference either way
-28.995 - missing note for hi-hat
-33.706 - kind of disappointed this sound wasn't stepped, especially given the name of the song...
-35.713/35.887 - ghost notes, just 8ths here
-42.604/45.396/... - interesting choice to not step the 32nd hi-hat here, but it works well
-45.396/49.147 - missing note to melody
-59.528 - these 12ths should be 16ths. Jacks would be ugly at 172 bpm though.
-66.419/67.815 - jump, for snare, given the current structure
-71.392-75.579 - this section is extremely sloppy:
-71.740/73.834/74.183/74.532/75.230 - 16th triplet here
-72.002/73.223/73.398/74.096/74.794 - ghost note
-73.049/73.311 - missing note to melody
-78.196/79.592/... - don't be afraid to bring back the hi-hat here in this 12th section
-106.285/106.373 - ghost note
-121.726 - missing note to melody
-123.732/124.430/... - you had this sound as white notes earlier, bring that back for consistency
-134.113 - see 33.706
-135.596-139.783 - this whole section is just 8ths
-139.900 - ghost note
-140.191 - missing note for drum fill
-141.877 - I would start layering in the vocals here for consistency

Overall the file is rather sloppy, but is a very good start. With some work, this has potential to be a fantastic chart.
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