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Default Re: November/December 2016 Set 4

trumaestro finished the primary judge task for November/December 2016 Set 4. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the November/December 2016 post.

[10/10] Area A {Shnabubula} (MarioNintendo)
-The polyrhythms at 8.293 and similar are kind of gross to hit, but it works given the difficulty of the rest of the chart.
-162.893 - This white jump stands out a lot and doesn't seem to be needed for sync or anything special other than the start of the outro which is kinda weird.
-Can I rate it 11/10?
-This one goes to 11

Utterly fantastic.

[7/10] Black Rain {S.S.H.} (MarioNintendo)
-This song is just over 5 minutes long, and most of it is spent just hitting 8ths over and over again. There isn't much here to break up the monotony of those sections.
-Nothing technically wrong with the chart, but it desperately needs a cut. I think you could probably start the song at 127.498 or 136.753 or even later.
-If you want to be more creative with the cut, I would try to remove as many of the parts that are just 8ths as possible.

File is executed well, but drags on and on. Acceptance conditional on a good cut.

[6/10] Cursed Destiny {Toshiharu Yamanishi, Arr. Stone McKnuckle} (MarioNintendo)
-4.699/5.140/9.640 - ghost note
-5.846-29.843 - would like to see more variation as to which arrow has the jack here, and frankly for the whole chart
-6.199/7.611/9.022 - what is this jump for? If it's the open hi-hat, make 11.845/17.492/23.138/28.784/30.196/31.607 jumps too
-11.493 - eek!! Fill itself is fine, but change the jump to [12] to avoid that 340 bpm 16th minitrill!
-13.169/14.580/... - The synth plays on the 32nd here, but you didn't include it. It does that a few times in the opening section before the 12ths come in.
-28.431 - You lighten up the layering here, seemingly to accent the synth. That feels kind of weird. I might suggest keeping with your layering scheme and have the synth on colour notes.
-35.542/35.895/36.248 - could put notes here to the hi-hat
-45.483/45.542/51.130/51.189/... - could put notes here to the hi-hat
-77.719 - should be a tap
-81.425 - missing 24th drum roll
-84.895 - feel like with the current structure of the file, this should be a hand and the taps after it to the drums should be jumps
-87.013-98.660 - This is probably my favourite section. Mostly because the jacks aren't always on the same arrow. That makes it a little nicer to play. You're also layering in the snare here, but you're missing a number of them like 90.189 where there's a little fill.
-113.248/... - see 45.483, this sound repeats a lot
-156.894 - missing 24ths to guitar
-161.130 - this is almost the same pattern as 127.248. I'd love the jacks somewhere else
-178.424 - jump, and then keep stepping the background
-192.188 - see 84.895

Chart shows potential. A solid structure is present, but this needs a good deal of cleaning up and more variation among the jacks.

[7/10] GABBARIFIC {PXLMNSTR & Azuritereaction} (Xtreme2252)
-**Offset early (changed to -0.354 in this review)
-**Feel like the minijacks throughout raise the difficulty unnecessarily. File is densely layered and reasonably fast as is. You probably won't be able to remove all of them, but as is it's a bit too much. I do like what you're trying to do with them though. Accenting the “speed up” is cool. Maybe there's a more creative solution. Colours perhaps?
-16.590-27.884 - Slower sections mean PR stands out more. Would shuffle around 19.766/20.119 to something like [12]/[23] 24.707/24.884/25.060 to [12]/[34]/[34] 25.413 to [12] 25.766 to [23]. The steps here are for the vocals which are drowned out more by the synth, so follow the synth more instead.
-Brownie points if you can work PR synth into 27.884-end.

There's a good structure here. Jacks feel like a bit too much. PR could use a bit of brushing up. Focus on **starred** things for acceptance.

[4/10] Loping Sting {Kevin MacCleod} (Xtreme2252)
-At 3 seconds long there’s not a lot to look at
-Could have layered in the bass 0.325/0.813/1.301/1.789/2.276

Don’t generally feel comfortable accepting this being that it’s so ridiculously short.
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