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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Overdue assigned pending fixes:

The Basement Community

Glitchcraft *Only needs the .sm offset shift

Cleaned up the uncomfortable trill + additional note sections in the last third of the file. Fixed errors mentioned in the notes.
-The file now somehow has an incorrect offset? -0.054 should be used instead of -0.020
-The major glitch sections in last third of file are still difficult to hit, but it's cleaned up a lot better with this fix. Pretty sure this is good to go as soon as the .sm offset is shifted



fixed the misrhythms in the intro, touched up on several of the other minor suggestions such as changing the fast jacks to mini trills. Changed bpm in intro fixed the misrhythms and both specified sections with minijacks that were changed to minitrills play much smoother. Good to go


The Basement Community

I forgot that I had to document each of my changes so I unfortunately do not have specifics with some edits, but I agreed with and have made all of the fixes listed specifically in Gradiant's post. I've made some fixes to the layering, primarily ensuring hands go to each cymbal crash, and also making jump usage more consistent. (There was also a random missing note to a drum, for whatever reason--that's fixed as well)
-Guitar bend issue at 49.750s is still there
-Only other thing is the outro when I mentioned the jumps you had for the guitar weren't warranted, you removed all of them. However, jumps still could've been used for snare hits, so singles for all guitar notes and then jumps when snare hits. It plays fine currently though, just a little suggestion

-The major issue I had with original judge was the jump/hand layering which is fine now. Good to go
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