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Default Re: 2016 January/February Set 4

TC_Halogen finished the primary judge task for January/February 2016 Set 4. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the January/February 2016 thread.

[4/10] Carbon {Blaze} (Ghersaw)
• Offset changed from -1.856 to -1.849; not a huge shift but slightly noticeable
• Chart lacks clarity in how it wants to handle accenting of elements, for example:
• Repeated notes at 21.777 implies there’s something worthy of repetition, when nothing exists
• Introduction of jumps at 36.134 is nice, but the jump placement is occasionally ambiguous (36.134 and 39.563 having jumps makes perfect sense, but others do not)
• 41.920: the placement of a mini-jack here is incorrect; yes, the kick does come in abruptly, but it only comes in on the 16th at 42.027.
• 42.991: I will give some credit where it’s due, the repetition of notes for Fluttershy’s “yay” is structurally consistent throughout your chart, and I think it’s an interesting execution that allows you to keep the 8th note pacing of your chart; however, some instances are four notes, and others are five -- also, with the percussion disappearing at 53.277, it’s strange to have the two repeated 4th notes because there’s literally no sound that the steps follow
• 55.849: it’s alright to use 16ths here as opposed to earlier, but ending them on a [14] jump creates a mini-jack on [4] that could easily be avoided
• Pay attention to your jump usage: the first part of the drop at 57.563/57.777 has jumps for instances where the bass drum and the synth play together (and for subsequent instances a bit further on), but loses those jumps at 60.991 and 61.206 for a similar situation. Do your best to keep consistent throughout.
• 66.563: Why did you opt into using mini-jacks here, when you didn’t use them at 59.706/62.706?
• Fix this out throughout the file; at the least, you have proper rhythms to work with - just try to better clarify your structure.

[8/10] Inspector Gadget {Powerglove} (gameboy42690)
• Chart offset is a bit early, seems like ~10ms or so; notes below are times pre-offset change
• 21.527 to 43.127 (etc): I really like the progression here; it’s also nice to see that you very much tried to have explicit pitch relevance, as I can see that 434/323/212 consistently in the same parts of the melody
• 43.127: this single note seems a bit strange only because there’s a cymbal crash
• 47.177: hmmm, I understand your reasoning for doing this, but the pitch of the tom is barely discernible in its descension in the first place, so having this 6-note 200 BPM 16th trill is a little steep, despite being short. Not a dealbreaker, just a little point.
• 70.727: I’m normally alright with approximating rhythms, but 32nds feel noticeably fast here.
• 84.077: because the phrase isn’t over yet, focusing the jumps away from the melody seems a bit abrupt and makes the layering feel strange, if not for a moment
• 104.327: haha, this is a bit rude, don’t ya think?
• 120.527: I absolutely love this transition, the huge BPM cut is so appropriate here and it comes to smack you right back in the face at the end of this section just like the percussion does upon its return, really smart making the change drastic
• 146.927/156.527: see 84.077
• 191.402: AHAHAHAHA RIP EVERYONE (not saying to change because it fits perfectly fine but oh man that is so mean to do RIGHT at the end, so much raging incoming)
• Good chart overall; make the offset shift and you’ll be good to go - not gonna conditional for it because it’s something that can easily be done on our end if you don’t.

[7.5/10] Mix a Little Foolishness {Renard} (YoshL)
• 13.055: ooof, that’s rough.
• 14.781: jump into 16th trill that uses the same notes as the jump feels arbitrarily uncomfortable.
• 15.577: I’m fine with this being here, but the split-handed pattern is rather abrasive for something that’s somewhat subtle (also, why didn’t you use it at 15.312?)
• 27.919: this sequence of [13][14] jumps is a bit strange because the vocal sample actually splits up and repeats afterward (xoxxxo), so both the alternating patterns on [3][4] and the repeated patterns on [1] feel somewhat strange
• 66.340/74.834: definitely missing notes here
• jump usage feels a bit heavy, but it’s not strange to play overall - the song is pretty chaotic in terms of sampling
• Plays nicely aside from that nasty burst at 13.055, but even that’s pretty doable with some practice

[4/10] What It Looks Like {ArtAttack} (Ghersaw)
• Jump usage carries no consistency throughout the chart
• Chart basically utilizes 8th note stream with little relevance
• A few sections show some promise: 82.642 to 89.673 is actually a nicely done build up
• Rhythms are correct for the most part, at least.
• The problem here is that the chart itself does not do much more than follow rhythm of the song and that’s it; the melodies have repeated notes, the vocal samples have some 16th notes in them if you listen, the build-up has some 16th notes in it as well (heck, if you’re willing to push the difficulty, there’s even 32nds in there).
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