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Default Re: 2016 January/February Set 2

gameboy42690 finished the primary judge task for January/February 2016 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the January/February 2016 thread.

[7/10] Pear {DanPaladin} (M0nkeyz)
**2.141: These first two 8ths are actually a higher pitch than the 8ths at 4.210. Rather than step both parts identically, these first two 8ths would work better as a 4-3 pattern instead of 3-2.
**6.299: Again, the notes being played here are not identical to 4.210. A 2-3 pattern instead of a 3-2 pattern would fit better.
**11.509: Just a second ago, these metallic sounds were being stepped with white notes rather than jumps. Remember to stay consistent, pick one or the other. Personally I’d stick to white notes since it helps to make a clearer distinction between this sound and the snare, as opposed than stepping both sounds with jumps.
**12.031: Change this to a jump; The synth and snare are playing at the same time.
**20.893: Change this pattern to 1-3-2 to match 18.816.
**22.458 & 22.719: Change these two notes to jumps; same idea as 12.031.
26.107: Stepping this guitar with a hand is a little odd, only because it’s only ever done one other time in the entire file. Pretty nitpicky.
**27.154: If these 16ths are going to anything, it’s completely drowned out by everything else going on in the song. I can’t figure out what it’s going to at all, all I see is ghost notes.
30.542: I would make this 8th a jump too. I get what you’re layering was supposed to be here, but later on you step pretty much all of the guitar with jumps regardless of whether or not there’s a drum beat there.
• **I’d also suggest using [13] jumps as opposed to [34] jumps since these guitar notes are pretty low. It would also add a nice contrast to the 4-3-4-3-4-3 pattern that follows.
**32.884: Change to a jump to follow the guitar.
**37.581: PR on the jumps can be improved. Throughout most of this segment, the guitar notes go something like “Mid, Low, Mid, High, High-Mid-High-Mid-High” and your jump placement rarely reflects that. It’s especially problematic at 44.355 and 45.399 where two different notes are stepped identically.
52.177: Since the guitar is still very prominent here, I would stick to stepping the guitar with jumps as opposed to stepping the drum with jumps.
• **Even your current layering is a bit iffy, since not every drum is stepped with a jump.
56.084: Rather than step the mini-jack on the left arrow, why not step it on the down arrow? Since the jump just before is a [23] jump and that jump is being stepped to the same drum, it just makes sense to continue stepping the drum on the down arrow instead of changing it.
• The rest of the file repeats mostly the same thing, same notes apply. Although I will mention that I think the hand at 76.161 should be stepped identically to the first hand for consistency.
• Notes marked with ** indicate notes that must be addressed before acceptance.

[6/10] Shotgun Senorita {Blue Stahli} (XelNya)
12.419: Pitch relevancy kind of just disappears once the 16ths and 32nds show up. It still plays fine but personally I’d like to see you pay attention to the guitar too.
16.824: These one-handed 32nds are kind of rude. Change that last arrow to either up or right. (It should go without saying but if you go with up, the next pattern needs to be tweaked.)
19.730 & 21.230: There’s actually just 16ths here, not 32nds.
21.148: This jump should be anchored to the long 8th jack since the guitar is playing the same chord.
37.260, 38.104, etc.: All of these 32nds are ghost notes. I hear 16th triplets but that’s it.
42.697 etc.: I understand what these 16ths are going to, but you haven’t been stepping that sound at all the past few measures. Most of it is pretty hard to hear anyway. I would suggest removing all of these 16ths up to (and including) 47.572.
48.416: Your layering gets a little confusing here. Most of the jumps go to the bass kick or are just arbitrarily placed on each 4th note, which I’m fine with. But then how come there’s no jump at 50.666 or 53.853?
60.603: This 8th should be a jump.
71.852: If this jump is intended for the guitar, then 72.039 and 72.227 need to be jumps too.
72.321: Missing 16th.
74.758: Missing 16th.
75.133: Missing 16th.
75.227: Missing 32nd burst.
75.414: Change to a jump; this is the same exact sound as 75.602, so it shouldn’t be stepped differently. Plus the fact that you probably don’t want a 32nd burst leading directly into a hand.
76.726: Missing 32nd burst.
77.664: Why isn’t this a jump too?
78.695 etc.: If these 16ths are intended for the synth, you missed a ton of 16ths.
84.413: The music repeats itself here, so ideally it should be structured the same as 48.416. Instead the layering seems to be slightly different; jumps only for the bass kick. And even that ends up not being consistent throughout this entire section of the song - 92.663 shouldn’t be a jump, 92.850 should be a jump.
96.225: Missing 8th for the drum.
127.160: Uh… I don’t hear any 32nds at all, just 16ths. Even if there were any 32nds, that 4-2-3-2-1 pattern is incredibly rude and should have been stepped differently.
• The roll at 129.973 should actually have just been the 8th jump, a 16th triplet, followed by the 4th jump. I don’t know where any of these 32nds are coming from.
133.816: The one-handed 32nds here are even more rude than 16.824 due to fact that this burst leads directly into a hand.
135.222: There’s just 16ths here, no 32nds.
135.410: I guess the long 8th jumpjack works in a sort of climactic way, but on the other hand this is just a repeat of 45.416 so there’s not much reason to be stepped differently.
There are some fun things about this file, but right now there’s too many layering issues and ghost notes to be accepted.

[7/10] Sis Puella Magica {Sebastien Skaf} (XelNya)
13.739: Ehh… I mean, it’s kind of cool that you have this hand just before a long break in the music, but otherwise I don’t hear anything in the music that really warrants a hand here.
**22.986: Change this jump to a single note. Having jumps when both the lower and higher piano notes are played is fine, but at most other times (there’s a couple of exceptions) you should only have a single note. Think of it as “one note for each hand the pianist is currently using”.
**29.930: Change to single note.
**30.208: This chord isn’t the same chord that’s played later ar 31.319, so rather than step both with a [12] jump you should change this to a [13] jump. I think what would work best is (starting from 29.097) [13] [23]-4-[13].
• In theory you could also just change 31.319, but I’d prefer having that chord remain a [12] jump. Since a pianist would only play that chord with their left hand, it’s cool that the player does the same.
32.986: Repeat of 19.652. I don’t really think the pattern variation is needed here. From the looks of it, trying to diversify the patterns actually broke some of the pitch relevancy in the process.
• **39.103, for example, is a higher note than 38.547 and yet 39.103 is stepped with a [12] jump which would indicate a fairly low note.
**43.269: Change to single note.
49.103: Tricky situation… I do hear what you’re stepping this hand to, but it also feels a little out of place. I’m leaning more towards leaving it in but I do think it’s a little iffy.
**59.380: Pitch relevancy issue. Change this 8th note to a left arrow, change the following [12] jump into a [23] jump.
**76.047: Same note being played as 75.492, this 8th should also be a right arrow. Given the chord at 76.325 is given extra emphasis, the resulting 8th mini-jack would actually mirror that extra emphasis quite nicely.
**82.158: I get you wanted a climax, but all of these hands feel very excessive. It’s a pretty big difficulty spike. I’d much prefer a simpler approach; Melody gets stepped with jumps, everything else is a single note. It’s simple but it still works as a climax since it’s harder than anything the player has done up to this point.
• **Going based on what you have now, I don’t understand what the difference between single notes and jumps is supposed to be. There’s also issues with different chords being stepped identically (92.440 and 92.996, for example).
**121.334: Well, it’s all technically accurate, but again it’s a huge spike in difficulty. For the sake of difficulty I’d remove all of the jumps (especially the jumpgluts near the end of the stream) and make this just a straightforward, jump-free, minijack-free 16th stream instead.
**140.784: Due to the jump chaining, these jacks are technically inaccurate. There’s supposed to be four minijacks, instead there’s only two minijacks and two 3-note jacks chained together.
**142.720: Pitch relevancy is backwards. This 8th note goes to a lower note than the 16th at 142.858.
**145.114 & 146.035: Change these single notes to jumps.
• Most of the issues I pointed out are easy fixes and are fairly minor, it’s just that one huge difficulty spike that’s bothering me more than anything. If you can justify 82.158 from a technical standpoint I’ll reconsider, right now I don’t see any reason for it other than matching the heavy layering at 121.334.
Notes marked with ** indicate notes that must be addressed before acceptance.

[6.5/10] We won't be alone {Feint} (M0nkeyz)
• Correct title is “We Won’t Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm)”. Please bear in mind that going forward, in accordance with the most recent update to the Rules/Submissions guidelines, an improper song title/song artist may potentially result in automatic rejection.
**1.621: Pitch relevancy could use some work. Change the first two notes to right, and the second two notes to up.
**9.507: The only thing that’s really different here compared to 4.021 is that the song gets slightly louder. In other words, these notes should be identical to 4.021.
**12.592: Starting here, 1.621 repeats itself twice, so ideally the notes should mostly be identical. Copying & pasting from 1.621 shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll be adding in those extra 8th notes for the guitar.
**23.564: This jump seems very arbitrarily placed. Please remove.
23.907, 24.592, 26.650, 27.335, 28.021, 28.878: I think it would be cool if there were jumps to coincide with the synth.
29.392: Contrary to what I suggested at 12.592, I’m not such a fan of the near copy & paste job you did for the drums. I think this has a lot to do with how repetitive the pattern is in the first place. A little more variation would be nice.
**35.221: I’m not sure what’s going on here. I mean, if you want to follow the vocals that’s fine, but you should have started doing that 4 measures ago. Even right now the notes only ever vaguely follow the vocals (assuming stepping the vocals was your intention). You’re also neglecting to step the drums which you’ve otherwise been consistent with.
45.507: Possible jump for the cymbals?
**46.878: If you want better pitch relevancy here, try changing this pattern to 1-2, 2-1-4-3-2-1.
56.478: Doubling the BPM would be a good idea just for aesthetic purposes.
**61.964: Change this jump to a [34] jump. The other repetitions of “we won’t” are stepped with [34][12], so this should be the same.
67.450: This hand feels pretty arbitrary. I would have just left it as a jump.
**83.221: Change this jump to a [34] jump. Joining two 16th jumps together with a mini-jack is fine when the bass kick hits two consecutive times. Here it’s a bass kick followed by the snare drum, so there shouldn’t be a mini-jack.
90.078: Same as 56.478.
**110.735: Ghost 32nd note.
**111.335: Pitch relevancy in the outro needs work. It’s pretty much the same thing as 12.592.
**122.307: The correct pitch relevancy for these 5 notes is 2-3-4-3-3
**127.107: Pitch relevancy should be 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-4-3 here.
**136.021: The singer’s pitch drops a bit here on the word “cold”, so you can put a 4th note here to indicate that.
**140.135: Pitch relevancy should be 1-2-3-2-2.
• Lots of pitch relevancy issues here. Otherwise this file generally has a decent structure, but it’s also very repetitive due to the nature of this song.
• Notes marked with ** indicate notes that must be addressed before acceptance.
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