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Default Re: Batch Search Engine Updates

Updated the BSE with results from July/August 2015 Set 3 and the Official Tournament Batch with the addition of Undici (and noted as an internal file in the review). I also covered the outdated information hi19hi19 mentioned unrelated to the fixes sent for the other files.

July/August 2015:
[7.5/10] Eternal Excavation --> [Released]
[7/10] Time to Sleep --> [Conditional Queue]
[7/10] i wanna fuck the moon --> [Conditional Queue]
[3/10] Appleshake --> [Rejected]

Round 5:
Fall Memories --> [Released]
Turn Around --> [Released]
Meteor Lights --> [Released]
Ringo’s Tea Party --> [Released]
Amber Shores --> [Released]
Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong --> [Released]
OWA Raged at Kurorak for Making OWA Raged at Skeletor --> [Released]

Round 6:
All is fair in Rage --> [Released]
False White --> [Released]
Suicide Pact --> [Released]
Amphisbaena --> [Released]
Ripcord --> [Released]
Wizdomiot --> [Released]
Powerflux --> [Released]

Round 7:
Azure Emotion --> [Released]
Renatus --> [Released]
0x69 --> [Released]
The Devil Plays Dance Games --> [Released]
Dysnomia --> [Released]
Epileptic Crisis --> [Released]
You Universe --> [Released]

Round 8:
Artificial Intelligence Bomb --> [Released]
Stage 1 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) --> [Released]
SpaceLand*TOYBOX --> [Released]
Aragami --> [Released]
OWA Raged In Vegas (Fuck Bees) --> [Released]
Odd22 --> [Released]
Undici --> [Released]
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