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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

November/December 2014


Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, lapis, Crystallized Silver, gorechestra

Lead Judge: DarkZtar
Color: Dark Gray for notes, Light Gray for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8/10] Hatsune Miku no Gekishou {cosMo} (hi19hi19)
Had to reprocess the song to get a stable bitrate mp3 so my timings might be slightly different from yours.
-22.312 Recommend changing the bpm here to reflect the 6/8 time signature change.
I don’t feel this is a particularly big deal. I’m okay with this part being left at 200 BPM.
27.092: Numerous drums left out from here to 28.292. The file feels a little empty here with the drums not stepped.
37.892: I feel like the BPM should double back to 200 BPM here.
The background energy of the song stays pretty similar despite the addition of 32nd hi-hats so I think keeping this the same bpm is fine.
-54.037 missing 16th. The missing 16th in question would go to a sound you hadn’t been stepping before during the 1/3 speed section. If you do step it, there’s a bunch of other notes you’d have to step too. I personally like the approach you took so I’d leave out the 16th.
-60.562 missing 8th
-63.863 this measure being blank feels weird (Considering the drumroll/gliss).
I agree. This is the same problem I had with 27.092 earlier.
-89.962 recommend making the 8th a jump since the running 8ths are easy to see as the dominant backdrop rhythm and there’s nothing else to distinguish the vocals (which you’ve been emphasizing for the great majority of the file) This happens in other places (91.762, 92.062, etc) and my recommendation is the same, but it’s up to you.
-100.112 I hear 16ths here, not 12ths.
-101.312 ^same here
-101.812 I get what you’ve put these 16th streams to, but they do feel pretty ambiguous
-Cool use of 2x bpm.

-107.492: Missing jump.
-112.762 instance where playing the chart at 1.0x speed feels weird (the vocal stutters make it sound like the 4ths should be filled in) up to you whether you wanna leave this like it is though. I would leave it as is.
-117.092: Missing jump again. Both this jump and the one at 107 im assuming you mean go to the bells, but when I reviewed it I assumed only the strings were targeted for jumps. Either way I agree these should be added since the bells are pretty clear.
-127.425 recommend dropping the 32nds here. the sound i’m assuming you’re putting them to is so ambiguous/quiet. Additionally I feel that they just don’t play that nicely.
- 148.592: A [23] jump would feel just a bit better here but this is a major nitpick.
Very well made file, not a whole lot to comment on outside of subtle recommendations.

[2.5/10] lapis {Shiki} (rparty89)
Don't put your username in the subtitle; not only does is it not required but judges are discouraged from looking up who stepped what to prevent any bias.
Intro jumps shouldn’t change as much as you have them change. The intro follows a pretty simple pattern of three repeated notes with the same hi hat, so there’s no reason to change the 3rd jump with each set of repeated notes like you did.
-2.711 layering error here, you have a jump here where the kick is by itself, but then the following 2 single notes have the kick + hi hat + synth melody happening on both of them (same could be said for the 16th before this jump)
^errors repeat with each similar phrase in the intro

2.897: You've been stepping the bass kick as jumps for most of the intro, except for whenever you have these two consecutive 8ths. It's technically incorrect, but it also feels good so I'm not too worried about it.
You could also take a different approach to the layering by stepping a jump only when both the synth and the bass play at the same time (basically what DarkZtar suggested). In other words, change the 2.711 jump to a single note, then turn the two consecutive single 8th notes into jumps.
pretty much this, gameboy clarified it better.
4.232: The synth plays a lower pitch here, so the 8th jump at 4.335 would work better as a [23] jump (after you change the jump at 3.924 into a [24] jump).
9.472: Break up the anchor. Based on the patterns you have now, the two notes between the two jumps should both be moved to column 4. Any changes to patterns you make later on should also avoid creating an anchor here.

-14.835 Ghost 16th stream. This shouldn’t be straight 16ths. What makes this weirder is that you allude to the correct rhythm at 18.533.
A lot of times what happens in these streams is that the step artist is stepping the bass kick and hi-hat while at the same time stepping the synth. Much of this first stream technically can be justified since everything goes to something, it’s just not very expressive of the song and feels wrong when you’re actually playing it. The switch to stepping only the synth at 18.533 feels much better, and stepping the song more along the lines of what was done at 18.533 would make for a much better file. In hindsight ghost 16ths was a poor way of describing the section, gameboy summarizes what i meant very well though.
True ghost 16ths do exist later on in the file though, such as 22.109, 22.315, 23.547, 23.753 and 23.958 and many many other places.
Pr here (and honestly in the file in general) needs improvement. There are many instances where you have clear stepwise ascending or descending patterns in the music and you don’t acknowledge them in the steps at all. Eg. 19.250 the 16th after this 8th is lower in pitch but you have the pattern going 34.
-21.410 more ghost 16th stream
-22.434 this shouldn’t be a trill since the 24ths have a 3 note pattern.
-23.054 more ghost 16th stream
-24.698 more ghost 16th stream. At this point im not gonna note any more instances of ghost 16th streams, just know there are more, and they should be pretty obvious at this point.
-26.341 misrhythm here, the 16th following this 4th is a ghost note and the 2 notes following it fall on the 8th at 26.547 and the 16th after it.
-27.061 ghost 16th
-27.369 same issue as 22.434
Alright the same issues keep happening, lots of ghost 16th stream, 24ths as trills when they really should be 3 or 4 note patterns. Layering is also off in places since you have arbitrary jumps in many of the 16th streams that don’t really go to anything.
Almost all of the jumps go to the piano, there’s only a small handful that don’t, and in the instances when you have jumps to the piano you have extra jumps in places like 34.355 and 47.506. PR with the strings in the following section is often backwards, etc.
31.253: Compared to the rest of the file, a pattern like this is relatively hard to hit. A pattern like [34]-1-2-4-3 would work better since the player can easily jumptrill the 32nds. You actually did exactly this pattern at 110.568, I'd recommend doing it again here. PR for this roll is backwards too as it is now.
39.369: Missing 16th note going to the piano.
39.472: Of all the 16th notes from here to 41.116, only one of them actually exists in the song. Where did all the rest come from?
40.499: Should be a 24th burst.
52.623: Again, most of these upcoming 16ths are ghost notes. It's recommended you break up that anchor on column 1, too.
60.020: Missing note going to the lower strings. It would also be worth stepping jumps whenever the violin and the other strings play on the same note (57.143 and 57.554, for example).
67.075: The piano only scales from low to high; This change in direction in the roll makes no sense. The roll should strictly be a 1-2-3-4 pattern all the way through, and the jump at the end should be a [12] jump.
67.417: Long anchors weren't very fun.
69.678: Violin plays on this 8th note, not the 4th note at 69.883.
74.815: Doesn't hurt to have a jump here to start the 12ths.
75.499: 12th minijack doesn't fit the song. There also happen to be some 16ths playing here, but stepping them as well as the 12ths would result in an polyrhythm. Given the nature of the rest of the file, I'd be reluctant to let a polyrhythm slip in, so I prefer how you only stepped the 12ths here.
76.253: Same as 69.678.
80.054: The minijack is technically correct but it doesn't really fit how the rest of the file is stepped.
80.568: If hands had been used other times in this file, I wouldn't have such a problem with this one. But because this is quite literally the only hand in the file, I would change this to a jump. The cymbals aren't really so loud that it warrants a hand, and this one hand just comes across as being random.
93.102: This part is awfully dense compared to the rest of the file. While the 16ths technically are there (93.616 shouldn't be a jump though), I would remove the 16ths to avoid having such a random spike in difficulty.
94.130: The next 7 measures of the song feel relatively calm without the bass kick playing, but the steps are still stepped just as densely. Toning down the difficulty from here to 105.636 would fit with the lower intensity of the song.
113.034: These are 32nds, not 24ths.

A lot of these are general errors that repeat frequently, gameboy did an excellent job pointing them all specifically out.
This needs a major overhaul, I’d be happy to help you work on this if you’d like. Just PM me.

[5/10] Crystallized Silver {S.S.H.} (FFR Pro 21)
-7.186 Layering transition here resulting in the jump-trill feels weird because the transition is pretty abrupt (you only follow the first layering scheme emphasizing the synth for a few bars). Recommend sticking to one layering scheme (following the synth, or power chords) or the other because the quick shift feels inconsistent, and the transition where they meet doesn't really make sense. My recommendation would be to change the jumps at 7.371 and 7.577 into single notes, then turn the single note at 7.474 into a jump.
-8.830 Leaving the 8ths as hands to give yourself wiggle room top follow pr without forcing jacks is ok, but it does feel kinda weird not having the 8ths and 4ths with the same weight in layering since they all fall on the same emphasis with the crashes and guitar notes. Changing the 8th jumps into single notes would allow more PR flexibility as well as let you break up the hidden 2-3 trill. I’d be ok with the jumps staying, there are crashes on the 8ths too so I feel having only single notes on the 8ths would feel even weirder.
-11.481: Missing jump.
-13.556 missing jump
-15.653 missing jump
-15.961 There's a sync issue here somewhere here, intro seems to be a tad late, but when I adjust the sync so that the intro is synced, everything past here is early.

There’s no syncing problems in this file at all. I believe the problem you were experiencing was due to the .mp3 itself and the SM5 editor experiencing technical issues with it; I had this same issue in the editor, but while playtesting the file there was nothing wrong at all. There definitely isn’t an incorrect BPM. Almost all of S.S.H.’s songs are set to a fixed BPM and Crystallized Silver is no exception. SM5 is garbage for judging zzzz.
-18.222 missing jump
-19.763 jump should be on the 16th here and not on the 8th after based on what the layering you're going for
-21.098 background guitar would be best stepped as a trill here (suggestion)
-21.663 and 22.485 I don't hear anything going to these 32nds, the high pitched synth im assuming you were going for runs as 16ths.
-21.715 several of single notes in the stream in this beat feel like ghost notes, the power chords are essentially all that the song has going on here.
-22.845 missing 16th
-23.256 missing 16th
-22.982 grace note should come before the 4th, not after
-24.078 missing 16th
-25.003 missing jump
-25.208 missing jump.
The sound you’re referring to is pretty soft and isn’t easy to hear, so I can understand leaving out this jump. Would still advocate for adding the jump here since it is still the main synth (albeit less prominent)
^ these errors (from 22.845) repeat several times when similar music structure repeats in the music, im assuming you're going for the background guitar as the backbone of the section but the layering is so inconsistent that it's pretty hard to tell.
-27.777 missing 16th

-28.330, 28.638, 28.947, 29.152: Missing jumps.
-33.530 missing jump
-33.838 missing jump
-34.763 missing 16th
-35.071 should be 24ths here, not 16ths.
I don’t hear any 24ths here. It’s fine the way it is.
40.453: Should be 24ths here, not a 32nd burst.
-42.263 missing jump
following stream section feels ok, but the song keeps getting more and more offsync
also at this point the chart is so offsync to the point where I'm gonna have to adjust the offset continually to judge the rest of the file so there are gonna be timing variations from this point on
-60.861 check the jumps here, many of them are off.
The only two I noticed that were off were 61.227 and 61.432. Both of these jumps should be single notes and the 16th in between these two notes is where the jump should be.
-61.889 you have straight 16ths when the guitar has a clear rhythm. The intent seems to be to follow the drum, but the heavy guitar is so much more noticeable that following that instead would likely be more enjoyable.
there are many many instances of inaccurate rhythms in the guitar solos, I'd suggest reworking the entire solo section on a slow rate.
and then there's copy/paste repeats to the music with im assuming the same errors as the previous sections.

65.337: There’s no 24ths here. Most of the guitar work here is 16ths, with one 32nd thrown in at 65.491. 24ths sound correct to me.
66.980: These jacks just seem to come out of nowhere. Switch these to normal streams. Could go with trills with one of the anchors changing each time to show pitch change. Yes, trills, why did I not think of trills? Go with trills.
68.419: This 8th jump seems to be meant to go with the guitar. Not a bad idea in theory but it breaks your current layering scheme.
69.652: Same with this 8th jump.
70.268: Change this to a single note too. Layering in some of the guitar as jumps seems a little random and inconsistently used.
74.378: Much of this 24th stream isn’t straight 24ths. It’s very arbitrarily stepped instead of closely following the guitar. As DarkZtar said earlier, you should consider going back and reworking much of the guitar solo.
90.919: The first couple of 24ths aren’t actually 24ths. The transition out of the 8th jump is kind of awkward.
91.638: Random switch from stepping the 8th snares with jumps to stepping the guitar with jumps. It’s an unusual and inconsistent switch.
126.467: Missing jump.
126.980: This 16th stream feels unusually light. Consider adding jumps to add some weight.
134.172: Last triple is the same pitch as the previous two, so this should also be a [134] triple.

Good start, I like the song and the layering schemes you're going for, but this is riddled with errors (not to mention the sync problems which I assume is due to wrong bpm) and needs a pretty big overhaul before it is acceptable.
3/10 seems like an awfully low score to give this file. The file has many errors but it also shows a lot of potential. I believe a 5/10 would be a much fairer rating. It’s not a terrible file but certainly not ready for FFR yet.
Fair, my perception of the 1-10 scale is likely skewed towards negative bias since the threshold from 6-7 is very tight in terms of acceptance vs rejection. Considering that files with small/moderate errors are often dealt 6’s etc, I presumed a file with errors as numerous as this one warranted a much lower rating. I’d be fine with going with 5/10 for the rating.

[7*/10] gorechestra {DEV/NULL} (klimtkiller)
-2.491: Bass kick here could be stepped as a jump.
-3.049 there are 2 soft kick hits here in between each breakdown sections. these sounds happen several times and should probably be stepped because they are similar to the sounds you acknowledge during the breakdown sections (even though they are a lot softer)
4.723: Same as 2.491. There’s quite a lot of this kind of thing throughout the file. It seemed deliberate at first, but then you started stepping jumps to the bass kick such as at 13.651 and 21.463 in the intro.
-38.341 pitchwise this section is straight descending, the staircase pattern doesn’t make sense.
-some of the hands in the file don’t feel warranted (eg. 49.222). Using hands for the crashes and echo-y synth are fine since they are pretty clear, but several of the hands that go to the kick/snare/melody without any of the other more prominent elements just feel weird.

Jump usage continues to be inconsistent after the staircase as well. For instance, 42.666 and 42.945 are stepped as single notes, but 43.782 and 44.061 are stepped as jumps (I’m assuming you intend for 43.782 to be treated as a jump). Other than that one sound effect you stepped the 48th to, all four of these notes are going to the bass kick. I see no reason here to step half of the bass kicks as single notes and the other half as jumps. I can see how stepping too many jumps could result in this file being too dense and cluttered, but the layering needs to be consistent too. I think there’s a distinct shift in focus here for layering and that the jumps mostly follow it decently well. There are some missing jumps (ex 47.408, 51.872, 56.336, 56.476) for the new layering that seems to go to the snares but I personally find the layering shift interesting.
Actually as the file progresses this layering scheme too appears to break down so I agree this section should be looked at.

55.429: The windup doesn’t increase in intensity, so the shift to 32nds doesn’t make much sense. It made for an awkward transition into the hand. Agree, should keep this straight 24ths
55.778: The placement of this 8th note just makes it more awkward to play. Switch it to column 1.
57.138: The 32nds are very uncomfortable to hit here, and breaks the idea of using 24ths to accent the winding up/down.
I think the idea was to use the 32nds to represent the windup sounds that had a distinctly different timbre than the instances before, but I agree they feel weird and would probably be better represented as 24ths like the other windup sounds.
58.254: Burst should start on the 8th note, not a 32nd.
59.358: Should be nudged up to a 16th note.
64.496: Missing 16th.

-66.112 this sounds more like a 32nd/12th than the 24th that is here.
68.821: Same as 55.429.
75.633: Nudge this 12th down to a 24th.

-94.956 these should probably be straight 48ths (or 24ths if you wanna do half time). The split gallops you have here right now don’t really work well. 215 BPM 48th walls are very difficult and I would advise against stepping straight 48ths. 24ths or 32nds would feel a lot better. The last couple of 48th bursts aren’t nearly as bad since they’re so short. Indeed they are but the sounds represented here are much more abrasive. Having them represented by the 24ths that have been used for the smoother windup sounds would feel off. 32nds would probably work better. Or you could make it a 48th wall if you feel evil. :^)
98.951: Minijack was awkward to hit.
104.741: I can understand not wanting to step the entire song, but I think putting a hand here would be a better ending to the file than two single notes. (Cut off the unused part of the .mp3 next time, it helps to reduce the file size.)

-Nice short/intense file, what I’ve written is all I have to really note really, vast majority of the file is patterned neatly, and the bursts are comfortable. Using the rolling 24ths to acknowledge the winding up sounds works pretty well for the most part.
I disagree with DarkZtar. I noticed a few really uncomfortable transitions, and the inconsistent use of jumps for the bass kick as well as some of the hand usage DarkZtar pointed out was also problematic (although layering wasn’t otherwise a big issue). This is definitely a good try but I think it needs significant work before going in to FFR. My rating would be 6/10, 6.5 at most (though I’m not quite sure about putting it in the Conditional Queue).
My rating was mostly based on the fact that I felt that the file did a lot of things quite well, the layering is kept interesting (albeit has errors that can be fixed), and the file uses consistent themes such as color notes or anchors with consistent sounds (outside of the windup sound representation discrepancies) that make the file feel very visually complete. Upon further inspection however, i do agree that the file needs a bit of work to be acceptable. My suggestion is 6.5 with c/q status.
Conditional Queue is fair. After looking at it again I think the initial 6/10 rating was a little low. 6.5 with c/q works better.
Side note from DossarLX ODI: Acceptance is at least 6.75 (automatic Conditional Queue), so I've bumped up the rating to 7 with a Conditional Queue Flag.


Hajnal 2, Exothermic (Overheat Remix), Waves, Space Threat, I'm Getting Serious!

Lead Judge: ilikexd
Color: Purple for notes, Pink for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[5/10] Hajnal 2 {Venetian Snares} (FFR Pro 21)
41.811s - jump (same as 41.294s)
42.156s - ditto
44.828s, 45.087s - drum notes
46.552s - 16ths here (the sound is the same here as how it continues which is stepped with 16ths)
49.914s, 50.431s - drum notes
55.259s - same exact sound as 4th that precedes, so jump->note and column change is unexpected
60.259s - missing note
52.328s - missing note
63.995s - ghost note
-- past here i won't be listing every technical error, but check the file for these missing & ghost notes
66.466s - this beat starts with a rhythm that's basically 4 24th notes, then 32nds, not entirely 32nds, although 32nds aren't a horrible approximation

72.30 - The up arrow anchor here makes this section very choppy.
77.5s - this is an extreme difficulty spike that can easily be fixed by simply not ending with a jump. it's a 2framer minijack transitioning out of the roll at the moment.
79.822s, 84.649s - missing note
141.3s - this is also very excessive. you don't need to layer inside of 32nd bursts. even though it's all rollable it it will be extremely difficult to not be inaccurate in comparison with the difficulty of the rest of the file.

Going to the above point, so far the difficulty of this file is mostly concentrated at these types of dense spikes.
151.287s, 152.322s, 156.115s, etc etc - there is inconsistency in the way you are stepping the various drums throughout the file. some drum sounds will be jumps, some single notes, and when they repeat they may or may not be on the same column; here for example it's the same drum note but changes from jump to note for no reason--it becomes very tiring to try to figure out what the reason is for different sounds being jumps or notes especially given the duration of the file
201.977s - lacking any note or jump given the sound here
268s - cut the mp3, no need for ~30s after the last note
much improved from the last version but still very long given most of the track is same-sounding breakcore that doesn't offer anything novel to the stepchart, so a cut would probably make it more playable, e.g. how the current chart is on ffr.

The notes below are from ilikexd. In addition, the difficulty disparity is also a problem.
// When a specific request was made, it was usually fixed, but there's still some more general work that can be done.
0.60-4.74, 7.84-11.98s: The patterns are exact copies here, although the sounds aren't exactly the same. There's two synth sounds you step singles to, a clean bass sound (c) and a sound that drops in frequency (d). Here are corresponding times with the different patterns:
1.12s: ccdd; 8.36s: dddd
3.53s: cccc; 10.77s: ccdd
7.67s: Missing 8th to the bass synth
12.67-13.01s: This could be 234 for PR (it's the same as 14.05s)
14.91s: Missing low bass 8th
24.57s: Same as 7.67s
30.60s: There's actually a sound here similar to the one you step at 32.32s. The rhythms aren't the same, but they both end on a 24th (so if you step the one here, I'd remove the 4th at 30.94s.) Straight 24ths would work here.
32.27s: The sound starts on the 24th before the 4th here. This is definitely better than the previous pattern, but it ends too early: the last note is also a 24th, 32.61s. You can shift the notes down a bit so you end up with 24-4-24-32-48-24, which, in 96ths, are 4 4 5 5 6 notes apart, making an even slowing rhythm.
34.13, 34.22s: Because these are loud string notes just like the 4th, I'd make these all jumps.
37.63-38.33s: The first and last notes are a frame early. Make the 32nd an 8th at 37.67s and the last 48th an 8th on 38.36s.
41.81, 42.15s: There are string + kick hits here like the ones you jump at 41.29 and 43.70s, so you can jump these too.
44.38s: This snare thing has ascending pitch, so it doesn't feel right to step it alterating, because it's clearly a different sound than 39.91s. If you don't like how [23][34][12][23][34] or the like plays, you could unlayer the 16ths and do something like [12]3[14]2[34].
45.51s: I understand not jumping this 16th despite how loud the snare is (it's a different snare sound from the previous three 16ths, so it would have to be a different jump, creating a minijack), but because of that, it feels odd to jump the snare on the following 8th when both 16ths around it are louder.
45.81s: You were told this 32nd was a ghost note, but it's not. There's definitely a drum on both 32nds.
46.69s: A 12th or 64th jump here (the 16th is a bit late) to the synth plus the string sound (same strings as 46.12s) might work better.
47.50-48.01s: The first two 8ths are kicks and could both be singles and the same arrow. The second two are snares which could just be jumps, because they're not as emphasized as 21.98s or 38.87s and are more just like regular snares. And during this is a synth that has 16ths which you could step.
48.19, 48.87s: The first jumptrill is kicks and the second is snares, so they should be different patterns. Either do that, or for 48.87-49.56s, jump the 4ths/8ths and not the 16ths, because it's odd for it go from a jumptrill to singles when it's all just snares.
50.94s: Jump to the strings here. I figure you left it out because of the jumps to the snare before it, but you jump the strings at 60.60s in a similar situation.
55.25s: Should be the same jump as the previous 4th, because they have the same synth and percussion sounds on them.
56.29s: There's no strong hit here, so it should be a single.
61.29s: Like 44.38s, this shouldn't be alternating.
63.53, 63.87s: Jumps to the strings? 63.87s would be the same jump as 63.70s.
63.99s: Another thing you were told that was incorrect: there's no note on this 24th. There are only three notes in the buzz, starting on the 4th, like you had before.

[8*/10] Exothermic (Overhead Remix) {Virt remixed by Yamajet} (bmah)
11.548s - for a very simple pr fix the hands can be [123] [124] [134] [234], so the last one is rightmost since the sound is the highest
18.382s - missing note

Going to the above point, the bass kick has a 16th triplet starting on that 8th note.
20.548s - pitch on these two jacks gets higher, so the 2nd one here can be 44, or at least the previous can be 22, for example
22.66, 22.83, 33.33, 33.49, 34.41: More missing notes.
25.409s - if you are stepping the grace note here, grace notes also occur 14.076s, 16.743s, 17.909s, 18.576s, 27.409s, etc etc
29.132s - drum hit

39.16: The 3/16th bass kick here should be on the same column like previously. There’s also the missing triplet on 39.74
40.715s - grace note is backwards; it occurs after the main note not before
43.99, 44.16, 49.24: More missing notes.
53.215s - in contradistinction with 11.548s, the last hand here can be to the left of the previous since the pitch goes down
76.298s - same as 11.548s
77.215s - halving the tempo would be a good touch (by no means necessary)

90.96: The up anchor here leading into the 12ths isn’t that great.
99.88, 110.55, 111.88, 115.88: There were 24th blips here that weren’t stepped.

[7/10] Waves {AsphyxZero} (wv)
18.84: There are the two [14][14] jumps here, but places like 23.04, 27.23, 31.43, and so on don’t follow this.
25.13, 41.92: Missing jump
49.36: What is this jump for?

67.7s-71.9s - you can just use the same 2 columns for these 2 alternating notes (i.e. move 69.370s from left to down) and only switch it when the pitch changes; that works fine given how simple and short it is
68.56, 69.40, 70.66, 71.50, 72.76, etc: I see what’s being done here, although jumps for the clap could be nice -- not necessary though.
i'm somewhat indifferent to the colour usage to accent the entirety of the track--my personal recommendation would be something like to go from regular color to the 48th color at 33.7s when the bass fills the track, or vice versa, rather than to have the whole thing that way

[5.5/10] Space Threat {Pyramyth} (MarioNintendo & Xiz)
the music string in the .sm is #MUSIC:Space Threat(cut).mp3; but the mp3 is Space Threat (Work It).mp3 , please make sure your submission can actually open and that the files don't need to be modified or renamed beforehand
17.039s - probably don't use two [14] in a row for two different sounds

18.01: I would say missing hi-hat here and that the 8th minijack at 17.60 shouldn’t be a minijack, although this goes into ilikexd’s summary at the end of this file review.
35.28, 37.16, 39.57, etc.: The 3-note jacks formed from the jumps don’t follow anything in the song. The jumps themselves make sense although they should be repositioned to match the melody.
75.19: While not too much of a difficulty spike, the one handed patterning of the 32nds in the middle of a 16th jack is noticeable.

76.905s - 16th [?], drum is on 64th as stepped, so is the vocal
137.342s - 17 seconds of the exact same pattern is a bit crossing the line imo

Going to the above, the 16th minijacks here are actually wrong. There are two different sounds playing that are stepped as the same minijack repeatedly.

the biggest problem with this chart is that so many things are stepped simultaneously as 16ths, and the result is very long and unbroken sections of dense 16th js where no individual note or jump stands out as being associable with any specific sound in the music, and the main reason is because almost every single hihat is stepped. if you removed the notes for all the hi hats you'd have much more room to be creative--to associate different sounds with different patterns & columns, for the jumps to be more easily associable with different sounds in the music, but as it stands it's just doing long slow jumpstreams, and not really feeling what each note goes to. consider parts like 129.5s-136.538s with long anchor-js, but nothing sounds like it would be an anchors, and the individual loud/standing-out electro sounds just blend in with the constant stream of hihats

[7/10] I'm Getting Serious! {Furries in a Blender} (YoshL)
11.953s - can't tell if this is going to the laughing or the fading out synth, either way it's not synced well with anything
The beginning was fine up until those three notes, then I couldn’t piece together what they were for.
21.792s - jump [?], the rest of the 4th jumps seem to be following the background bass synth, this one is hard to follow
32.6s - the descending triplets are well used here, but at this point the pitch changes yet you keep 421 as the main pattern (when you could use 321). you could literally go 432 432, 431 431, 421 421, 321 321 repeat & add on jumps for this part and it would fit perfectly
45.792s, etc - watch the minijacks after jumps, there are 2 free columns to put the note so you don't force it to be a minijack--not that it's an issue of difficulty, but of better pr & flow of the stream, unless the note repeats

60.65: Up arrows leading into the 16th minijack with the hand should be separated. Specifically, 60.82 doesn’t go with the synth and should be moved.
70.85, 73.59, 76.34, 79.08: Missing jump (synth and bass kick)
80.334s - the main melody follows a pattern of xxx_xx_xx_xx_xx_ (where x is a note and _ is an empty 16th space), rather than constant 16ths, and you have no note here which marks that, but then the rest of the stream is continuous, better would either be to make the whole thing continuous and ignore the actual pattern of the melody, or to follow it completely & not have a continuous jumpstream
Also the dense hand/jumpstream at the end with the minijacks wasn’t a good addition to the file, toning the minijack usage down there would be better.


Sentence, AirTrip-SF#2-, Big Up Toronto, Kronos, ShutEmDown

Lead Judge: ilikexd
Color: Purple for notes, Pink for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[4/10] Sentence {TC_Halogen} (ShadowDueler97)
- 4.5s-59s - there doesn't seem to be anything consistently distinguishing the drum stepped as jumps and the drum stepped as single notes. some groups of 3 are a 3-note jack and some are just 2-note. there are also a bunch of missed notes for drum sounds.
- 14.52: This 32nd should have appeared after the 16th.
- 16.90: Missing drum note.

- After this point, many drum notes are missing, also mentioned by the lead judge. To the point about 2-note jacks instead of 3-note jacks, take 44.45 for instance; the majority of the other drum jacks are 3 notes.
- no usage or approximation of pr when the melody comes in
- 63.12: First appearance of a roll pattern, which also appears again after. The patterning changes from 32nd trills to a roll for the snare.
68.8s - hard to understand why the melody stopped being stepped
- In terms of layering, single drum notes are being stepped as jumps, and the quads are much too overwhelming for two instruments. The jumps in drums issue was also pointed out by the lead judge.
- The last 20 seconds of notes aren’t at the correct BPM, so the ending is wrong. At 137.20 the song slows down to approximately 92 BPM, there may need to be some adjustments there but 98 is definitely too fast (the notes should be falling on 4ths).
- The orchestra is heavily underutilized considering the layering opportunities it could have provided; in addition, the syncing in this file needs work.

- quite repetitive

[7.5*/10] AirTrip-SF#2- {TiS} (bmah)
- 9.69s - the 24ths actually start here at the start of the beat. Please fix this.
- 46.456s - 24th triplet starting on the 8th, not just the 32nd note. The 32nd should be replaced with the 24th triplet.
-58.411s - not a fan of these minijacks to hihat not only because it's so inaudible but also because of the minijack scheme which was just used (and used well) for repeating keyboard. even the minijacks to bass guitar are understandable, but associating it with 3 different things at once is probably too much. I can agree with this, having an insignificant song element carry the same weight with minijacks as two other prominent elements seems inappropriate. In the slowdown however, the hi-hat is much more apparent.
73.3s - i agree with stepping the slide here as 32nds, but you should probably be consistent and also do it at 6.757s, 13.975s
74.68: Left 8th jack goes on a little too long here. Later on it’s understandable with the repeating hi-hats.
98.8s - on the contrary the minijacks to this hihat works better since it's isolated and very clear/apparent (as opposed to much more confusing in the former case)
101.494s - the quickness of the sound merits 32nds here, and it's probably not a difficulty issue as you can always change the hand to a jump if you need to, plus it's better for consistency with the other 32nds
107.133s - another slide that can be stepped (although this one is admittedly less audible)

108.29: 24ths that resemble triplets should start on the 4th instead of the 24th so the 8th note stands out more than the 24th triplet it’s attached to.
109.87, 115.28: Missing 8th notes

117.396s, 119.201s 121.005s, etc - these chords repeat so minijacks should be used as is with the other repeating chords
123.63: These hidden staircases with the 8th jumps are going to ruin someone’s day.

[5.5/10] Big Up Toronto {Adraen} (___________)
- all the bass sounds at the start should be regularly quantized. the [12] 32nd offset should just be on 8ths, the 64ths should just be 12ths, the 12th up arrows should be 5/32nds. they are not offsetted in the music; where the notes are placed is approximately where they are loudest, but the attack is clearly on regular intervals when you listen closely. especially those 64ths, you can clearly hear the sound right at the start of the beat
- for patterning the js @ 20s on, watch out for all the 3 and 4-note anchors that don't need to be there at all, like after a snare hit the following sound will play as a jack which doesn't match what's in the music at all

- 40.38-60.52, 120.93-141.06: The massive increase in layering limits your pattern choices here and makes it confusing when the guitar comes in (the jacks don’t quite match up all the way).
- 60.52: I can see the focus on the disk scratches, although some valuable percussion is also missing.
- 93.08, 98.12: These 8ths shouldn’t be part of the 8th jack that comes after.
- 95.15, 95.57, 100.19: The 48ths should be on the 32nds instead. Accenting the “wub” sounds with jumps can be done, although having the notes on the same column can suffice in this case with all the other stuff going on.

- Also take the notes from the lead judge into account for the beginning section, in addition to watching out for the 8th jack patterns that don’t match the song. It’s an improvement from the previous version, although the overlayering problem still causes issues; the jacks would probably fit better for the guitar when the song picks up.

[7/10] Kronos {Sakuzyo} (gameboy42690)
- 9.10: To match the 3/32nd visual previously, this 8th should be on the up note.
- 18.71-19.29: Considering you included the other piano at 16.02, these 16th notes should also be included. 19.67 could also be a jump layering that piano.

- 24.452s - missing note. Yes, this is for the piano.
- 31.02-31.60: More piano notes that can be included, similar case to 18.71.
- 33.33, 33.71: Are these actually jumps? I just hear the violin.
- 36.60: There could be a jump layering the violin with the piano here.
- 40.83: This isn’t a 32nd triplet. It’s a 4th note followed by a 32nd gallop that starts on the 16th after.

- 47.721s - confused about the jumpchaining here, while it works decently, it seems like a strange choice instead of just anchoring the bass and ascending, possibly understandable to lower difficulty (though it wouldn't seem harder than some of the js bursts that follow) but still comes out strange
- 77.27, 78.81, 80.35, etc.: Missing 16ths. These gallops are from the drums, and the 16th jumpstreams came from the drums as well.
- 79.10, 79.19, 85.35, 91.41, 91.50, 97.66: Interesting 16th chime sound that could be stepped. It comes in the form of a 16th triplet starting on the 8th note.

- 77.817s, 90.125s - 16th here and possibly on the 16th that follows--though it's really hard to tell. i understood what you were going for with the instrument layered in this section, but it will end up being nearly impossible to follow while playing through, as opposed to more obvious guitar sounds @79.067s, 85.317s, etc

[6/10] ShutEmDown {Blue Stahli} (DarkZtar)
- Changed my offset to -0.400 in this review so please take that into account for my listed times.
- 16.666s - these 4 notes are offsync
- 33.487s - 3x 16th notes, you could at least step something here

- 37.61, 38.36, 38.57, 40.39, 40.50: Missing notes
- 43.39, 44.04, 47.36: Missing notes

- 45.166s - missing note
- 49.344s - same as 33.487s
- 43.344s - again, there are more notes after this; 41.523s onwards sounds like constant 16ths or at least close to it, but the low quality 128kbps isn't helping at all to distinguish any sounds. try using higher quality audio files so the chart can be more accurate
(and these again issues when the track repeats)
- 45.166s - missing 4th

- 52.07, 52.29, 55.72, 57.11: Missing notes
- 57.273s - missing 16th
- 69.43: Missing note

- 82.50, 89.36: This 8th should be on a different column, sound is different from the 8th jack before.
- 106.93: Missing 32nd

- 110.68: This brings back the issue in 33.487 from the lead judge. The repetition in the track shows the same errors repeating.
- 114.75: I won’t be listing more missing notes from this point on, but since the song is repeating these same issues are appearing again. The ending also has quite a few more missing notes.
- pretty cool track and chart idea, but the amount of repetition drags it down, especially when the entire thing repeats 2x after the interlude


Aggressor, City Drive, Powerhaus, Theory of Everything 2, Yellow Smile

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: Silvuh
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[5/10] City Drive {Breakbeat Heartbeat} (klimtkiller)
#OFFSET:-0.075; (-14 ms)
No need to put your username in the subtitle. Actually, it's better for simfile judges to not know who stepped the file in order to avoid potential bias.
I'm not sure how you ended up with a stop after the last note, so it wasn't even there to break the sync in ddream, but in general, you should remove stops before submitting a file to FFR.
0.075, 3.075, etc.: These sounds being played every 8 beats are stressed pretty heavily, but go completely unstepped. The notes at 6.26, 12.26s are light in comparison: they're the same note as 0.26s, which you didn't step. So if you step those, there's no reason not to step the downbeats. There's both a low and high synth, and the only breaks in both in the whole intro are at 3.26s+4m(4) (so for instance, you could fill in 3.45-4.95s with notes on 2 to the low synth).
1.76, 7.76s, etc.: These are four-note minitrills in the synth. 3412 is okay because it has the right direction, but the 2321 at 7.76s should be fixed.

5.325, 11.325, etc.: Pitch relevancy should be fixed here. The notes being played from 4.950 6.075 to in the song are all going from high to low, so something like 2-1-4-3 would be more appropriate than 1-2-3-2.
13.95-14.32s: This should be an 8th jack for PR.
The light, incomplete intro feels even more odd when it's followed by a densely-stepped percussion section.

24.075-46.970, 78.075-96.075: Even though technically what you've stepped is mostly correct (those 24ths bursts should actually be 32nds Even though they are technically 32nds, because they're slower than 24.63 and 26.13s, the 24ths work to show the speed difference. So if you want to suggest the 24ths be 32nds, then there needs to be some kind of differentiation. Like, use 4321 for the first two bursts and then do spins like 1243 for everything that was 24ths, or step the first two as just jumps, because the buzz is too fast to step accurately. there are some inconsistencies with following repeated percussion hits like at 28.76s), it really isn't fun. This is one of those times when less is more. Stepping every single sound in the song can actually take away from how enjoyable a file is. Trying to layer the melody and the bass and the snare all at the same time in the middle of those 16th streams resulted in an incomprehensible mess. The layering all blurred together and I no longer felt like I was playing the music. A better approach would be to leave out the 16th streams altogether and simply concentrate on the melody, the bass, the snare, and the occasional 32nd bursts.
While it's okay to suggest a different layering scheme when you think something really doesn't work, you should still try to give suggestions within the boundaries of the stepper's intent, speaking of your own scheme only as an alternative.
The best compromise I can think of is to only put jumps on the bass and snare drums (which is mostly what was being done at first), that way it’s a lot clearer what the layering scheme is. I would still prefer the “easy file approach”, but at least this idea would keep the original intentions of the file in place, and I could see someone enjoying the file.
35.70s: Because you end up with a lot of trilling just from all the layering, doing two minijacks to the repeated synth here would make the unique sound stand out better.
46.95-47.88s: This is descending and shouldn't have a minitrill, and then the last 8th has a repeated pitch with the following 4th
48.075-72.07:s I can understand jumping all the piano in the first four beats of this section, because the synth is much louder there, but after that, you need to be more consistent with your layering. You miss a piano note at 51.26s, then 51.82s has piano and the snare but is stepped as a single. There doesn't seem to be a single scheme. Try additive layering between the piano and percussion.
> 49.76, 55.76s: So you jump these three chords by default every time, which works, but adding the percussion on top of that to make a hand is overemphasizing it.
> 52.57, 54.44, 55.19, 56.69, 58.19, 59.69, 60.44, 60.82, 61.19, 63.26, 63.82, 64.01s: Various beats where the layering feels off.

48.075-69.075: Layering started out okay, but after a while I really couldn't figure out what you were going for. The hands made no sense at all.
69.07-70.19s: The volume/pitch variation should make these not all be the same arrow.
72.07-78.07s: Espeically now that a hard part of the file has been experienced, this section should have its rhythms completed.

101.981: Placeholder note at the end of the file isn't needed.
This file is very overlayered in some places, but could have potential if the file is toned down a bit.

[7/10] Yellow Smile {Junk} (bmah)
Yellow Smile? I think Junk must have a weird fascination with people that don't brush their teeth.
12.019: This is actually a 32nd burst, not a 24th burst. Fairly minor problem though, I get not wanting to have a 5th note in this particular burst.

12.27s: Missing percussion 16th here. Adding this would also make a 32nd burst work better, because it won't be isolated (the 5th note won't feel odd at all).
14.260: There's some piano chords during this part you could follow as well to break up some of these long jacks.
22.709: Coming out of a dense jumpstream, thi s bass rush would make more sense as a jumptrill than an ordinary trill.
Or you could try only jumping the high notes in 21.32-22.70s and then the chords in the trill, something so the climax theory doesn't go backwards. That might work better, because the instrumentation here isn't as intense as, say, 43.39 or 55.12s.
25.46s: The kick is by itself here and should be a single (see 26.32s; also, removing the 3 would be a way to break up that irrelevant anchor.)
28.74s: Missing 8th to the soft chord?
33.05s: The anchor should start here.
35.12-40.63s: Compared to the previous section, the jumps you've added all go to the percussion except 38.57s, making that jump feel out of place.

50.381 & 50.554: Missing 16ths going to the synth.
54:519, 54.691, 54.864: These 16ths are ghost notes.
If they go to that high background synth doing straight 16ths throughout this section, you should remove them, because these are the only 16ths to it.
56.15s: If you changed 12.01s to 32nds, do it here too. (Also at 105.81s)
57.53, 63.05, 68.57s: I don't know about the jacks. The first pair is ascending, the second is a valley, and the third is descending.

62.019: Missing jump going to the kick.
65.467: You seem to be using this same jumpstream pattern a lot. Rather than copy & paste the same exact pattern, some variation would be nice.
The measure at 59.94, 65.46, and 70.98s have the exact same instrumentation, so copying is reasonable.
73.054: Same as 62.019.
73.743-76.502: Technically correct, but personally I'd ease up on the density for these couple of measures. It just feels weird playing something so dense during a less intense part of the song.
The jumps I'd remove first would be 75.12-75.38s, because the snare is comparitively soft. The jumps to the bass synth are more reasonable.
77.10s: Jump the kick here? I see you're jumping the melody, but a jump here would add to it nicely.

79.260, 79.778, 80.295: I don't get what these three jumps are going to. There's a high chime sound. 80.29s should be a low jump, because it's the lowest pitch of the three.
82.622 & 82.795: There's a couple of 16ths that could have been stepped here. Even though you were ingoring them through 79.25-82.01s, it'd work here because the extra layering makes the player expect more.
112.364-115.122: I'd wait until after 115.122 to do jumps on every 8th note, in order to better differentiate itself from the very end of the song. You could instead have jumps on just the snare drum and not the bass. If you do decide to keep the bass stepped as jumps, another possibility would be to make consecutive bass jumps all the same. For instance, 112.536 and 112.709 would both be [12] jumps, then the snare at 112.881 would be a [14] jump, then the next two bass kicks at 113.054 and 113.226 would both be [34] jumps, and so on until you reach 115.122.
Decent file, had some pretty fun moments but could benefit from a few tweaks here and there.

[7/10] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
#OFFSET:=-1.090; (-14 ms)
2.609-14.761: Pitch relevancy could use some work. The first measure is good; in the second measure, you have an overlong trill, which can be fixed by swapping 4.60, 4.79, and 4.88s. Following that at 4.98s could be a minijack. Swap 6.88 and to 6.97s to show that it's descending. Stepping 1234 at 7.35s should be okay (even though it extends the previous trill) because 7.64s is a low note.
8.02, 14.00s: These are 24ths.

14.950, 15.710, etc.: There's a distinct drum being played here that could be accented with an 8th note jump. You got the snare drums on every other 4th note, so I'm a little confused as to why the 8th jumps were left out. I hear half-beat 32nd drum rolls, which I'd suggest stepping instead of jumps.
Yeah, 32nds work too. Personally I’m okay with either approach, just as long as they’re acknowledged.
24.44s: There's a 32nd roll similar to 14.95s here you could step instead of the 16th jump.
25.39s: Hand to the crash here? And possibly at 26.15s.
53.49s: The drum the jumps starting at 51.21s go to doesn't have a note on this 4th, so this can be a single. (see 59.57s)
54.63, 57.67, 60.71s: There's a light crash on this 4th, maybe not enough to make it a hand, but it shouldn't be the same jump as the previous 8th, because the 4ths have descending chords.
56.15, 56.43; 68.30, 68.59s: One of the drums you jump gallops here, so these could be jumps.
75.80, 76.37, 76.94, 77.51s: This section feels like it could use a bit more layering for climax theory, so I'd try jumping the snare on these 16ths

89.652: There's actually a burst of 24ths here rather than a 16th.
I had to go down to 0.6x to hear it well; then at 0.8x, I don't hear the 24th, just the 12th making a gallop into the 8th. The 16th to the constant percussion feels more audible than the 24th to me, so 24ths work, and a 16th with a 12th would work too.
103.418, 104.177, etc.: There's a lot of these sets of 3 jumps going to the bass guitar, but the bass guitar gets so drowned out by the rest of the song that it's hard to tell it's even there. I can't even hear what they go to, so I think it should be reconsidered.
Reconsidering how to step this part is what I was getting at but I wasn’t clear enough about it, so thank you for clearing it up.
138.08, 138.36s: These could be hands.
146.15, 146.53s: These feel like 103.41s again.

152.595: A few notes in this guitar solo could be stepped a little more tightly. These 16ths, for instance, are actually a little early and should be nudged forward to 32nds/48ths. (It may be possible to get more accurate than that, this is at least somewhat closer from what I can tell.)
Also, 152.29-152.60s are all a 48th late and should be moved up. Then add a note on the 48th at 152.64s and move 152.70-152.89s down a 48th as suggested above.
153.17-153.36s: I only hear 24ths here.
154.79s: I hear a 16th here isntead of a 12th.

174.905 & 175.095: These 16th should have been jumps, too. Make whatever adjustments you need to avoid unnecessary minijacks, of course.
177.184: Like the previous guitar solo, this solo could be stepped a little more tightly. This 16th should actually be a little earlier, for example.

177.19, 178.33s: feels like a note is missing around here, like this 16th could be 24ths.
193.24s: 24ths here like at 8.02s

I think I would have liked this a lot more if it had been shorter. The file is mainly jumpstream with some bursts sprinkled liberally throughout the file. After a while, the file started feeling a bit draggy. The solos do help make the file more interesting, but that's about it. Not a bad file by any means, but not really a great file, either.
More work could be put into patterning to minimize overlong anchors, like the right-hand trill at 24.44s.

[1/10] Theory of Everything 2 {DJ Nate} (_DJ Vinyl_)

Quit out before reaching the halfway point of the song. File is very poorly synced, has nearly no sense of rhythm (the song is generally 12th notes with a handful of 24th bursts and yet it's stepped with nonexistent 16ths and such?) and has an incorrect BPM. There’s basically no redeeming factors to be found here.
In ddream, using the wave filter might help make it easier to see where the beats are. The way I found the BPM for this track was by tapping beats in with B as the music plays, starting at 11.05s where it's easier to feel the beat. After tapping in a couple measures, select the beats and use Grow (G) to even out the BPM. Make sure the first beat is aligned with the music, then use Autofill (A) to fill in everything with the BPM you found. It probably won't be perfect yet. Select the first beat and scroll down until you see the beats not being aligned to the music. If the beats are late, press G and increase the BPM, and decrease it if they're early. You can easily find a BPM that way without relying on any kind of BPM analyzer program, which isn't as helpful when the BPM isn't constant.
For a song with no tempo changes and is made electronically, such as this song, you can also get a near exact BPM just by running the .mp3 through MixMeister, a free downloadable BPM analyzer. It takes only a couple of seconds and doesn’t require all the work that finding the BPM in ddream requires (though ddream has plenty of use, such as working with songs with dynamic BPMs or a drifting BPM). Just remember that the program usually likes to add or subtract 0.02 to the BPM, so use it as a guideline and not an absolute. This should help assist you in finding the right BPM when working in ddream.
Regardless of which method you use, just remember that the downbeat should generally be a red 4th note. If at any point you notice the 4th notes aren’t landing exactly on the downbeat anymore, it’s time to make adjustments to the BPM.

[6.5/10] Powerhaus {Klippa + Mayhem} (YoshL)
The actual title is "Powerhaus (Klippa + Mayhem Remix)" and the actual artist is Azrael (yeah I know they're all Renard but the song and artist should still be accurate).
13.764: I don't think anything in this song is loud enough to warrant a hand yet. Maybe later when the song picks up, but not now.
20.622: Besides, having hands now causes unfun moments like this where you have a 48th burst leading right into a hand. In particular, the 48ths just before the hand are all biased towards one hand, which makes playing this part of the file really rough.

I'd say that 27.47s is the first hand that fits. All the ones before it, that bass sound is softer than the sound at 30.96s, which is a jump. (Also, there are some crashes like 54.90, 96.04, 137.19s which would work as hands.)
For that matter, I had an issue with most all of the 48ths in this file. Most of the 48th bursts aren't actually 48ths at all; they're 32nds. I really can't think of a good reason why they should be 48ths instead. If it's to distinguish the 8-bit bloops from any other 32nd burst in the song, just use some color note theory; you've used it other places in the file, so why not here, too?
The fast rolls are 96ths, going 123 with each 1 on a 32nd, so stepping them as 32nds would feel accurate. Actual 48th rolls (between the 96ths) have been stepped as gallops, which works. But then there's 74.83s, which is 48ths in the music stepped as straight 48ths. If the 96ths rolls were stepped as 32nds, it'd be slower steps to a faster sound compared with 74.83s. (But I agree that 74.83s should be changed.) So when 74.83s is made easier, then stepping 32nds for all the 96th rolls will work.
The gallops I’m not that concerned about, it’s mainly the 96th rolls and 74.83 that I had issues with. I took another listen, and those rolls are in fact 96ths, but from what I heard, every 32nd is stressed heavily over the rest of the 96ths.
28.372: On the subject of color note theory, I’d recommend adjusting the BPM for this upcoming section as well as the section like it at the end of the song. Because the file isn’t synced to compensate for the color note theory, all of these 48ths are 36 milliseconds late. One frame in FFR is 33 milliseconds long. This can easily lead to these notes being off-beat in FFR.
Actually, the 48ths are 9 to 25 ms early, because the chimes are closer to 32nds (and aren't consistent). Some 48ths are a frame early (28.371 < 28.394), and others aren't (32.656 = 32.670s)
47.62, 47.83s: This should just be a 4th and an 8th here.
55.54, 57.26, 58.97s etc.: Minijacks to this percussion sound would add some more interest among the bursty stuff. Also, you do minijacks to the sound at 62.19s, so stepping more wouldn't be out of place.
58.12s: The first two jumps go to the synth and the third to the percussion, so it would make more sense to keep the third jump from being anchored to the first two, so the sounds feel separated. Doing [24][34][12] would also fix the PR.
59.19, 59.40s: The 4th goes to the clap and the 8th to the kick, so they shouldn't be the same jump.
64.76s: 140 BPM is slow enough that you can step ascending jumps without it being too hard for the rest of the file. The jumptrill isn't PR.
67.76s: This is really just 32nds that are a 96th after the beat, so you have them a 96th too late. Also the it has a simple pitch contour, which this pattern doesn't quite show.
71.19, 72.90s: Same as 59.19s.
72.04s: You could probably make a jump to the synth hit work here.

74.459: The transition from the 16th jump into the 48ths is pretty gross, and the 48ths themselves aren't very fun, either. I know the 48ths can be cheated as 32nds, but I found this part really awkward to play regardless. Even though this is the one in the file that the 48ths truly are 48ths in the song, dumbing the 48ths down to 32nds might be worth considering if only to make the file more fun.
The density doesn't feel appropriate with how soft the sound gets. I'd step just the 16ths for 74.83, 74.94s and do 48th gallops at 75.04s like how the previous 48th sounds were stepped. Then at 75.26s, the buzz sound overpowers the 48ths, so I'd either put just an 8th at the start of the buzz or step 32nds to it.
95.83s: A jump on the 8th to the cymbal would work better than a jump on 95.94s, which doesn't feel like it goes to an emphasized percussion sound.
96.77s: Maybe change the pattern so the last chime doesn't anchor to the kick jump.
96.90, 98.72, 99.69, 100.12s: Minijacks to the bass synth? (with the followng 16ths) (98.29s could be a three-note jack; 99.79s should be with the 8th, not the 4th.
107.83s: This doesn't sound like a minijack at 1.0x
108.88s: Grace note to the guitar?
110.49s: Same as 96.77s
112.01, 115.44, 118.87s: With how intense the percussion in this section is, I'd try jupming these descending tom drums just to see if you think doing so would help the steps fit intensity of the music.
112.65, 116.08s: Jump triplets feel odd because the percussion ascends rather than alternates. Try something like [12]3[24]
113.83, 120.69, 121.33s: Jump the cymbals? There are only a few, so it'd fit well with the layering you do have.

122.515: The jumps in this 32nd burst make this burst pretty rough to hit, though it’s technically accurate given what you’re layering. I’m torn on whether this should be toned down for the sake of fun factor or if it should stay as is.
I would leave it, because it rolls nicely.
123.26s: It's possible to break the irrelevant three-note anchor here.
123.479-137.193: It would be cool to layer in jumps on 123.907, 123.336, 123.657, 124.979, etc. (basically any louder sounds), but what you have now is okay too.
139.12s: If you're going to put minijacks to this sound, you need to be more consistent with it, because the sound occurs almost every beat.
147.04s: Similar to 64.76s about doing more PR jumps.
147.79, 148.22s: Step the minijacks in the melodic synth here.
148.65-149.08s: Mix up this alternating pattern for PR. Just moving 148.87s to 1 would be enough.
150.04-150.47s: The rhythm here is stepped too early, and you end up with an extra note.

When there aren't any of those 48th bursts around, this can actually be an enjoyable file. But those 48th bursts really get in the way and drag down the file a lot.
I wouldn't give this file a rating this low if I thought the 48ths were the only big issue, because it's an easy fix. I'd give it like a 7.5*. But I saw more work that could be done, so I could see giving this a 6.5.
This admittedly was a tough one to rate because of just how much I disliked the 48ths. In retrospect, a 6.5 would be a fair rating.


Death Moon, Smoke Weed Everyday, ELECTRiCiTY, Forbidden Tracks, Nekuro no Makkuro Kuro Majutsu, DRAGONLADY

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[7/10] Death Moon {SHK.o2SE} (DarkZtar)
File’s sync is noticeably off, -2.150 worked better but I’ll do the review with the original offset.
14.020: Pitch relevancy was reversed here. The hands should go [123][124][234][234] instead.
27.332: Minijack isn't needed here.

Actually, the minijack above does go to the trumpet.
32.020: The transition into the roll is a bit iffy. You might want to change the roll to a 1-2-3-4 pattern instead of the 4-3-2-1 pattern you have now. (The only other way to improve flow here would be to change 31.832 from a 3 to a 1, but you're breaking pitch relevancy by doing that).
I didn't really find the rolls to be fun, particularly the 1-3-2-4 and 4-2-3-1 variations, but the rolls are technically correct…
53.770, 54.145, 56.207: Missed layering in some of the percussion.
62.604 & 63.729: The snare roll doesn't stop at either of these points. This should be one continuous 16th trill with no breaks.
64.104-76.104: There doesn’t seem to be any conscious effort to make the jumps pitch relevant to the lead synth during this jumpstream. Past 76.104 where the jumpstream get really dense, pitch relevancy doesn’t matter so much, but here there’s no reason not to use pitch relevancy.

66.09, 72.09: This 4th can be moved so the melody’s 8th minijack can stand out. Otherwise this is just a 4-note 8th minijack that doesn’t go to anything else.
When this part of the song repeats at around 125.604, there’s a more noticeable effort to use pitch relevancy. It’s not perfect pitch relevancy but at least it’s there.
71.791: Missed a jump going to that lead synth.
Same thing for 65.90
79.291, 80.041, 85.291, 86.041: The lead synth isn't actually playing on these 8th jumps (or at the very least it’s much harder to hear; there’s definitely something playing on these 8ths but it doesn’t sound like the lead synth to me). It may be a good idea to change these four jumps to single notes.
81.46: Missing jump for lead synth
94.21, 100.21: I don’t get this [34][12] jumptrill. The trill makes sense, although the only jumps here would be the lead synth? The guitar isn’t playing 16ths here.

101.791, 103.391, 104.891: Most of the jumps in this part are stepped to the guitar, but these three 8th jumps don’t seem to go to anything at all.
115.12, 116.62, 118.12, 118.96, 119.62: While not every note needs to be stepped here, these synth notes are audible enough to be significant. There are several more after and I think you see the pattern.
121.666: Pitch relevancy on the jumps during this half-speed section was good up to about here. From here to when the song goes back to 160 BPM, you may want to take another look and make the jumps a little more pitch relevant. It’s particularly problematic at 124.854 and 125.229 where you have two [12] jumps, but the notes being played by the synth scale upward in pitch. It doesn’t help that both notes are higher than 124.104, which was also stepped as [12] jump. Ideally 124.854 and 125.229 would be better stepped as [23] and [34] jumps respectively, or whatever you feel flows best with the 32nds, as long as the jumps go from low to high.
124.666: This jump doesn't seem to go to anything either.
133.291: Missed a jump again.
140.791, 141.541, 146.791, 147.541: Same as 79.291 etc.

142.96: Missing jump for lead synth
149.604: The trill fits, but I feel like adding more variety to the 16ths instead of having one long trill would feel more climactic.
The file gets a little draggy sometimes but it's otherwise decent.

[6.75/10] Smoke Weed Everyday {Rasmus Hedegaard} (Xiz)
The BPM is actually closer to 100.05 BPM, not exactly 100 BPM. The slightly incorrect BPM causes the file to gradually drift offbeat over the course of the song.
9.868 etc.: Ghost note. This same exact 16th ghost note appears every time the lyrics "smoke weed everyday" come up. (Occasionally there's actually a synth being played between "weed" and "everyday", and in those cases you're okay. Other times there's nothing being played and you're left with a ghost note.) Pitch relevancy could also use some fixing up around here. "Smoke" is a higher note than "weed", so a pattern like 4-3 would make a lot more sense than the current 2-4 pattern.

Well in the case of 9.868 that note is going to the hi-hat.
10.768 etc.: The two chopped vocals this mini-jack is going to doesn't make that much sense as a mini-jack, since the two syllables here are two completely different syllables and pitches instead of a repetition of the same syllable with the same pitch (such as "smo-o-o-o-oke" where you stepped the 5-note long jacks).
57.394: I'd change this 2-4-[13] pattern to something like 1-2-[34], in order to better distinguish what's being played in the song here is completely different from what's being played at 57.734. (Notice the inflection on "up" compared to the next few lyrics; it sounds very different from what comes immediately after but the steps don't really reflect that).
104.211: The vocals here are an exact repetition of what was played from 26.550-29.548, but here you stepped a mini-jack that you didn’t step the first time around. Like the mini-jacks I pointed out earlier, this mini-jack doesn’t really fit (same reason as before) so I would get rid of the mini-jack.
There's really not a whole lot to say about this file. It's stepped decently but it's also very basic, but basic is really all that can be done with this song anyways.

The minijack and BPM issue are what need to be addressed in this file. I was getting early goods by the end.

[8/10] ELECTRiCiTY {NIKITA} (bmah)
3.593, 9.079, etc.: These jumps would feel much more pitch relevant as [23] jumps, [24] jumps, [14] jumps... basically anything that's not a [12] like what you have now (this implies that the note is going to a lower pitch, which it isn't). This basically applies until 22.82.
15.764: Once the bass kick first appears in the song, all of the short jumpstreams end with a quarter note jump except for this one. I thought originally that may have been because you only wanted to put jumps to the piano and not the bass, but I’m struggling to hear a piano note at 18.507 where a jump is stepped.
25.82: The triplet 48ths in this section of the song should be 32nds.
63.336: Missed a jump going to the melody. You could technically put one at 63.250 just before, too, but it would be better to leave that note as is and avoid a 4-note mini jumptrill.
66.764: Missing some 16th jumps here, too.
83.479, 84.164, etc.: There's actually some soft piano notes playing here that weren't stepped.
Not stepping these piano gallops is a noticeable emptiness, so adding these in is encouraged.
133.136: If the cymbals at 112.964 are going to be stepped as a triple, then this needs to be a triple, too.
113.479: These two jumps don't seem to go to anything.
Pretty fun file overall.

[8/10] Forbidden Tracks {The Flashbulb} (ilikexd)
9.735 & 10.041, etc.: The high hat plays twice consecutively, so this might have worked as an 8th minijack. (The second high hat is slightly more prominent than the first so I can understand why you chose to step it the way you did.)
10.99 and a few other instances: The hi-hats here are very soft so they shouldn’t be placed on the rightmost column when the prominent bass kick before is on the exact opposite of the spectrum. The convention is to have higher pitches or louder elements closer to the right, and softer elements to the left.
31.75, 41.52: This hi-hat would work better on the up note to match up with the 4th up arrow after.
36.64: This 8th should be on the right note since the previous two right 16ths also go to the drum.

37.982: Missed a 16th going to the drum.
53.43: There should be a down arrow on this 4th to make a 16th minijack for the snare.
58.901: Starting after this point, I really think the layering could be kicked up a notch. The snare drum is pretty heavily used in this song. Sometimes the drumming is relatively soft, and sometimes the drum is hit much harder and sticks out much more (59.664, 59.969, 60.275 for example). As I played the file I found myself wanting some of those harder hitting snares to be stepped as jumps. But throughout the file you're mostly sticking to the same jump usage as in the beginning of the file with only minor variations (usually stepping an extra jump to a cymbal). Your current layering isn't bad by any means, I just feel that you could take the layering a step further.
75.696 in particular bothers me since you have two snares in a row, but only one of them is stepped with a jump. The layering right now makes sense when I take a closer look at it, but when I'm playing it I just can't help but feel that second snare should have also been a jump.
79.055: You could fit a 48th roll in here, similar to what you did at 48.213.
I also noticed this too, I was expecting a 48th roll here from previously.
82.29: This 16th should be on the right note with the snare stepped before it as a right note.
82.567: There's a very soft high hat being played here that was missed. It's very difficult to notice though so I personally don't really care if it gets stepped or not.
100.77: Missing hand?
117.70: This seems to appear throughout the file. Basically, the snare gets stepped on a different column in some cases, but then in other cases like these it’s stepped on a different column. This 16th should be stepped on the up note to fit the 16th up minijack after.
119.23: Why isn’t there a snare minijack here?

126.909 & 126.985: Another couple of high hats here, too, and a few more throughout the last 30 seconds of the song. Again, they’re really hard to notice and the file still plays very nicely without those notes being stepped.
Going to the above, 129.31 has a noticeable 32nd hi-hat triplet.
Very enjoyable file!

[7.5/10] Nekuro no Makkuro Kuro Majutsu {paraoka} (Charu & Gradiant)
9.876: Some kind of 32nd burst to match the organ trail-off would be neat to have here.
18.581: 24ths are technically incorrect, but continuing to step 32nds could make this bit and the snare roll just before hard to distinguish from each other. The one thing I can think of that might work would be to take the 4th note at the very end of the 32nd roll and switch that to column 4, and then step the 32nds going from right to left (to counter the previous roll which goes from left to right). As it is right now, it's really not a big deal and I'm not against keeping the 24ths.

31.00: Missing 32nd for drum roll triplet
33.185: The synth is trilling here. If you can figure out a way to step it without making the steps awkward, that would be really cool to include. If not, at least fix the 16th at 33.509; there's actually 24ths being played here, not a 16th.
35.128, 35.991, 37.717, 38.581: There's a bass guitar playing at each of these four points. I'd layer in the bass guitar instead of stepping just the vocals.

53.72, 53.93, 54.15: There’s vocal layering here, although that’s not the case for these three jumps. What are these for?
58.653: There's one more vocal note being played on this 4th note. Since you've been stepping the vocals with jumps, adding one more jump here would add some closure to the vocals instead of just ignoring the last syllable.
59.33: Missing jump, I could see the choice for not including vocal jumps here but this one in particular ends the 3/16ths you were stepping for jumps.
59.516: It's almost impossible to hear what these 24th trills are going to until you reach 60.379, and even then I think just stepping a 16th jumpstream would have worked better.
63.617, 63.940: Missed notes going to the drum.
Throughout the entire chorus you seem to be stepping mostly the vocals, but sometimes you also step the organ. Sometimes you step 16ths when the organ is playing 16ths (and there's no 16th vocals going on), sometimes you don't. If you're choosing to follow the organ as well, I would advise that you step all of it instead of just a few times.
89.084: I'm not a huge fan of these one-hand biased 32nds, but that's probably just me.
94.695: This stream started by layering in the organ as jumps, but here you switch to just stepping a jumpless 16th stream with some sort of pitch relevancy to match the organ. Things would feel a little more consistent if you stepped jumps here, too. But rather than step every note as a jump, I would step just a few jumps (most likely 94.695, 95.019, 95.235 and 95.343).
101.602: Similar idea here.
108.832: Should be a jump to go with the snare drum.
110.343: Same here.
113.472 & 114.983: More snare drums here that could be stepped as jumps. There's a lot of snares that aren't stepped as jumps despite the fact that you clearly set "snares are jumps" as the layering scheme starting at 105.918.

114.15, 115.66, 117.17: These aren’t full 24th bursts. They start with a 16th triplet, then go into a 24th burst.
115.199: Odd missing note. The drum is playing here, the organ is playing here... No reason for there not to be a note here.
117.60: Missing note.
122.14: There should be a hand here.

126.314: Missed a note going to the bass kick.
128.580 & 129.875: I like that these synth notes were accented with jumps, but I don't like how these two jumps in particular are [12] jumps. In each set of 5 notes, the fifth note is a higher pitch that the other four, and the jump placement should reflect that.

133.90: I only hear the snare for this 16th, what is this jump for?
135.487: A couple of more missing notes here.
136.350: Here's an opportunity to layer the drum in with the synth. This file is easily an FMO already, a polyrhythm and possibly 12th jumpgluts aren’t going to be the hardest part of the file.
145.846 & 146.494: More unstepped drums.

156.67: This could have been a three-note 8th jack for the 8th kick. In addition, 157.75 could have been a minijack for the 8th kick as well (that one could be a jump), you get the idea.
160.55: This rhythm is interesting. It’s not a 24th triplet, but a 32nd gallop starting on the 16th.

164.623: Missed stepping the drum here.
170.774: There's a couple of 32nds here that weren't stepped.
171.529: There's 32nds being played here too, but chances are stepping those 32nds would make for an awkward transition into the triple. Maybe you could get away with using 24ths here, or you could keep what you have now since it does follow the organ perfectly.

173.72: Be wary of the long right-note 8th jack here.
189.875: Starting here the file is mostly a repeat of 58.653 onward. All previous notes apply here too.
Going to the above point, I found another repeated error a little before at 184.94 which goes back to 53.72.
190.55: Copy paste. Same missing jump and 24th trill.
216.34: There’s only the drum here, this jump should be a single note.

There's a ton of small things throughout this file that really bug me, but whenever this file does something right, it does it really well! There's a lot of really fun moments here but also quite a few things I think should be looked at.

[9/10] DRAGONLADY {Nankumo} (hi19hi19)
YES. FFR can always use some more jack-heavy files, and this one's pretty fun too! The jacks fit the song perfectly!
Considering how much repetition is used in this file, there's some parts of the file where I wondered why there wasn't MORE repetition. For example, I would have expected 50.915-51.715 to be an exact copy & paste of 50.115-50.915 without any variation at all, but instead it gets mirrored. I think a lot of the direct copy & pasting that goes on in the chart works well for this song, so it bothers me that small bits like this are given any sort of variation... This is really a big nitpick though. It's weird of me to even suggest that a file wasn't repetitive enough. :P
Pitch relevancy in some places isn't great (example: 69.015 and 69.215. The notes being played in this entire section are going from low to high and are stepped accordingly for the most part, but these two particular 16th notes were stepped high to low instead) but it seems like you were focusing more on making the file fun than making it pitch relevant. I think the file plays really well as it is but a couple of adjustments to pitch relevancy would help make the file just a bit better.

I don’t have much else to add, this file was crafted nicely.


Real, Sunset Hamlin, Problematic, Winter Night's Journey, DATA DRAIN

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: Gradiant
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[7/10] DATA DRAIN {DJ Sharpnel} (hi19hi19)
56.047, 57.344, etc.: It's very difficult to hear what these 16ths are going to.
- The 16ths are 59.777 are much easier to hear. I’d recommend keeping these and getting rid of 56.047 etc. since those are near inaudible at 1.0x rate.
Although the 16ths at 59.777 are louder, I don’t see a problem with the earlier mentioned 16ths like 56.047
- Hands at 43.641, 54.020, 55.317, 86.452, 98.128? The cymbal crashes are pretty prominent in the song
98.128: As the music picks up in intensity, adding more notes (stepping a note on every quarter note is probably enough, some notes would work well as hands but you’ve avoided using them entirely) instead of just repeating the previous 8 measures with new patterns would make things just a bit less repetitive. And this whole entire file gets very repetitive very quickly...).
105.912: Like that you switched the 4ths/8ths from the right side to left when you repeated the same stream pattern as 51.750
- Jump at 108.506 feels out of place since the jumps immediately after are going to driving bass drum, coloring the jump like you did to the similar sounds in the very intro of the song would be good
- Another hand for cymbal crash at 124.227,

147.579: And so begins the only reason to step DATA DRAIN in the first place. :P
- Rather than start off by only having jumps going to the bass, you could step the synth too up until whatever point you feel things are getting too hard. Stepping just the bass makes the start of the speedup pretty boring. As the song speeds up the 16ths become less and less distinguishable, so at some point you could stop stepping 16ths and only step the 8ths to the synth with the bass layered in, and then once things get ludicrously fast just follow the bass only (right around where you switched from jumps to singles would be the absolute last point I'd consider stepping the synth).
Starting the speedup with jumps makes the progression up to its top speed pretty nice, though it wouldn’t hurt to include 8th singles in between the jumps from 147.578 to say, 156.694. Any more than that I think would make that section the hardest rather than having the difficulty ramp up to the hardest section being at the song’s top speed.
- There's really not a whole lot to say about DATA DRAIN. The speedup is arguably the only interesting part of the song, and everything else is generic repetitive Sharpnel; consequently this leads to a mostly generic file. It’s not technically a bad file, but it certainly has a hard time sticking out.

[7/10] Problematic {Kezwik & Protohype} (Xiz)
2.807: Rather than 3-2-1-2-3, a pattern like 2-3-4-2-1 would feel much more pitch relevant. Happens again a couple of times. Specific points like 12.807, 24.100
25.513: If you wanted, you could get some pitch relevancy to that high-frequency sound if you moves this note to 4, and then moved 26.572 onward to 2's and 3's, using column 4 only for when you're stepping a jump (or if you really just don't have anything that flows better). What you have now is fine too, it's just that the high-frequency notes jump out at me before the rapping does which is why I made the suggestion. Personal preference.
29.483: Missing note. There is a faint sound going on here but the sound that’s happening isn’t what’s being stepped here, rather the bass kick and vocals are.
31.204: The second note in this 32nd burst is a ghost note. A lot of the 5-note 32nd bursts in this file are like this. Most of them should actually have that second note removed. Listened to this a ton on different rates and note ticking to check and if anything’s a ghost note I’d actually say it’s the first note. It’s continuous 32nds that get louder
33.586: Should be a 16th, not a 32nd.
40.777: Same as 29.483
44.388: These are 24ths, not 32nds.
44.836: Not sure why you stopped using color note theory for these two notes. Also, the 32nd is a ghost note.
44.932 should be stepped as a jump to go with the cymbal.
46.954: Missing note to the drum.
53.483: Missing note to the drum again.
Feel the same about these drum notes as about the missing notes at 29.483. There could be arrows here but the sounds aren’t the prominent thing going on that’s being stepped so there might be too much going on.
53.394: The patterning from here through the roll to 58.335 is a bit repetitive. The roll is fine since the sound is ascending, but the sets of three 16ths before the roll could also be done like 1-3-(24) or 2-3-(14) so the notes are still going left to right but it’s not repeating the 1-2-(34) patterning
59.042: Hand usage after the bass drop gets a little confusing. From what I can see, hands were meant to be placed on every snare drum, but not every snare is stepped with a hand (and it doesn't seem to be stepped that way for the sake of flow, either) and there's a few other hands stepped elsewhere that don't quite make sense.
67.512: Technically ghost notes, but I can't deny that these 24ths go with the bass growling really well.
Yeah, I really love this part here.
90.159: These 24ths, however, I think need to be changed. The sound that's playing here is closer to 16ths than 24ths.
94.865: Missed a jump going to the bass kick.
101.571: I didn't like the back and forth here. Stepping this as a 4-3-2-1 roll would be more enjoyable.
Agreed, a staircase like this would easily be the hardest part of the file to hit and is pretty spikey.
114.277: Missed stepping the bass kick entirely.
117.982: Have this sort of repeating on (2) here that could be changed to something like 1-2-(34), fits the sounds here a bit better

[6.5/10] Real {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
10.113: Toms here are quite loud so having these as just singles feels a bit empty especially since the toms are louder than the sounds you have the jumps going to before this section
42.630: DAARGHH DA-DAARGHH DA-DAHM DUUUUUN DA-DOO KA-TAHM (stepping this as jumps would have been funnier IMO but it’s no big deal) Or maybe coloring them. With all the colored notes you have in the rest of the file, wouldn’t be a problem. The color notes in this file are generally a matter of syncing rather than a matter of looking pretty, so I disagree with introducing more colors in this part. Making everything red is fine.
65.269: Shit just got REAL. *BA-DUM tch*
- Seriously though this whole speedup is a pretty huge difficulty spike. The rainbow notes are a real (No pun intended this time, I swear!) pain in the ass to play. The patterns are pretty unforgiving at times and don't always flow nicely, and the irregular timing on those rainbow notes just makes the file that much harder to play. It just wasn’t that fun. I've listened to the guitar solos at 0.5x speed and even then it's incredibly difficult to decipher exactly what the guitar is playing since all the notes are slurred together. If you just stepped straight 16ths I doubt most people would be able to tell the difference at all. A combination of fudging the solos to 16ths and making some of the patterns slightly less awkward would make this much more enjoyable; at the very least I think one of those two things should be done. There's obviously a lot of effort put into making the solos as technically accurate as possible, but this is a situation where I think technical accuracy got in the way of fun.
Think Gameboy’s put it as nicely as it could be put. Looking through the section I see a ton of 1-3-2-4 transitions which are pretty awkward to hit at this speed. Being paired with how it’s colored, it looks like a mess and it’s extremely hard to distinguish patterns while playing, which might be fine if the rest of the file was similar in difficulty but it’s not, so right now it’s such a huge kick to the balls. Wouldn’t want to accept this unless the guitar solo is smoothed out a bit.

[6/10] Sunset Hamlin {The Flashbulb} (blanky!)
- The start of the file as well as 15.652-28.120 suggests that you plan on following the drum more closely than the guitar, but I noticed you actually try to follow the guitar more closely more often than not, and this leads to a lot of missed drums. If you had stayed consistent with what you were following this could be a better file. The guitar is usually stepped with good pitch relevance though, so that's a plus.
- Layering overall tends to be off, too. The main problem I see is that sometimes you're layering in the louder drums with jumps (such as during 32.795-34.354), but most of the time you don't (18.769-21.886 is a prime example of loud drum hits that would be great as jumps but instead are stepped as single notes). I really like those drums layered as jumps, doing that more consistently throughout the file would help a lot.
Combined with the first point. I think you sent this in when we were both doing Moches’ first stepfile workshop, and I think I pointed out the same thing here that Gameboy is with the layering inconsistencies between following the guitar and following the drums. The intro is fine since the guitar hasn’t started yet, but it gets more and more noticeable after that.
Also when you start putting hands to the cymbal crashes there are several instances throughout the file that are jumps instead even though the volume of the cymbals are the same (49.743 and then 49.938, 46.042 and then 46.821, etc.)
Pretty sure that when I looked at the file back then as well, all the instances you have trills (39.808, 52.276, 77.211, etc.) were just regular rolly patterns which I think matched the sounds in the song a lot better

27.925: I didn't like this 32nd trill. I get what you’re going for but I don’t feel like it quite fit the intensity of the buzzing. You could probably get away with replacing the 32nds with a simple white note or something along those lines.
79.029: This was an awkward transition. I'd suggest changing the notes from 78.867-79.159 to a 4-3-2-1 pattern, and then change 79.159-79.549 to 24ths (I don't hear 32nds in this part) and use a pattern different from the previous 4-3-2-1.
82.471: The sound being played here doesn't really sound like a continuation of the 24th trill to me. The 32nds would work better as something that's not a trill (4-1-2-3-[124] would be better than what you have now).
- If you don’t plan on stepping the entire song, it’s recommended you actually cut that part of the music from the .mp3 just to reduce the file size.
- This file has potential but it could really use some more work.

[8.5/10] Winter Night's Journey {LEAF XCEED} (DarkZtar)
- .mp3 is named “Winter Night’s Journey (Through The Storm)”. A quick Google search confirmed that this is the official title as opposed to simply “Winter Night’s Journey”.
46.440, 46.611, 46.783: Since you've been stepping the lead guitar with jumps throughout most of the file, there should be 8th jumps here too.
47.640: Ghost note.
58.611-69.583: Halving the BPM to reflect the half-time drums would make sense here. This is really just personal preference and it's up to you how you want to handle it.
Not necessary but agree that it’d be pretty cool if you did this.
78.497: To improve the pitch relevancy, I'd change this [23] jump to a [34] jump, then change the next two [34] jumps to [24] and [14], respectively.
79.097: Lack of jump here threw me off since it’s the same snare sound as the blue jump right before it at 79.011. Would mess with the 4th hand (79.183) right after it if it was a jump but there’s also cymbals at 78.840 and 79.011 so the cymbal for the hand doesn’t stand out very much. Just a suggestion, could go either way.
89.469: Same thing as 78.497.
90.069: Same thing as 79.097, just a suggestion
After listening through the song once and then playtesting the jumpstream section, I find myself continuously tapping to the triplet piano(?) going on between 96.326 and 97.011. Think it’s more prominent than the ascending bass guitar, and adds a bit more variation in rhythm after that whole 16th jumpstream part.

- Jumpstreams flow really well, layering is spot on. I really enjoyed this one! Very great file, only things that stood out to me weren’t necessary changes, jumpstream played nicely, and the song choice was pretty neat so it was fun to play to as well. I’d actually give it a [9/10], at least 8.5 is fine though.


Stupor of peace, THOROUGH PINATA DICKING AMATEUR XXX, Pointless Fast Rap, Psycho soup, Elusive Reaches

Lead Judge: bmah
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8/10] Stupor of peace {LeaF} (ilikexd)
- 1.97-5.16s: PR is suspect
- 27.00: Why wasn’t this an 8th minijack for the percussion like previously?
- 40.66-41.06s: not sure why you have jumps here. The drums sound fluidly as single arrows. There’s a running 16th melody in the background.
- 49.36-49.46s: these are jumps, so something like a jumptrill would work here.
- 60.88s: no jump

- 91.22: This jump shouldn’t be here, it’s not layering the cymbals. It actually makes the next two jumps confusing since they go with the cymbal crashes.
- 91.35s: this section confused me a lot at first but I think that's because you didn't put a jump to 91.11s and I also expected a few jumps to be jacks (91.27-91.35s) according to the music. Also, the music tricked me into thinking those 8th jumps were 16ths. Maybe should clarify this section a bit. I really expected those jacks!
- 108.53-109.43: Considering the synth was what the layering turned into here, these 16ths should be included.
- 110.29, 110.86, 111.14: These should have been jumps.

- Summary: At first I really didn't like this song, but then it became a lot more interesting later on. Stepping is typical of you stepping LeaF music but works well all the same. I'd just investigate that one area that confused me.

[2/10] THOROUGH PINATA DICKING AMATEUR XXX {The Quick Brown Fox} (Xtreme2252)
- syncing is noticeably early
- 2.23-7.05s: What's with all these BPM changes? They aren't necessary!

- The beginning is just 16ths at 200 BPM. The BPM changes are wrong.
- 2.31s,etc.: some missing 16ths to synth
- 3.30s,4.51s,etc.: offsync jumps probably due to the BPMs - make this entire intro a static BPM please!
- 3.00s,etc.: 12th/24ths swing arrows due to your weird BPMs - see above
- 4.66s,5.90s,etc.: ghost arrows possibly due to lack of attentiveness but could also be possibly due to the changing BPMs - see above
- 5.44s: what prompted you to add this 32nd?
- 7.05-11.24s: the placement of 8ths and 16ths to synths is wrong - please review
- 11.84s: at first, straightforward 8th jumps are acceptable as an introduction to this difficult file (reminds me of Necropotence). However, it seems like you continue this pattern the entire way through this part of the song without layering in what I think is the more interesting 16th synth pattern along with the pounding 8th beat drums.
- 13.91-14.21s: bad jump placement (trill + right arrow anchors), not to mention the burst is not simply a single 32nd triplet
- 16.46s: considering the consistency of the sound, I don't get why the second two 16ths here are jacks and the ones prior to these are not (or vice versa)
- 23.74s: not simply a single 32nd triplet for this burst
- 30.91s: where did this 12th come from?
- 31.31-31.46s,31.91-32.06s,etc.: I suppose you could keep these as jumps, but I'd prefer the guitar strums here to be single arrows. The sounds don't strike me as jump-worthy.
- 33.98s: did this [34] 32nd jump come from some random sound clip? Omit it.
- 41.21-41.81s: yuck patterns here. The 32nds are justified, but please change the 16th jacks!
- 42.81s: yeah I hear this really fast burst, but I don't find it particularly fitting still.
- 44.21-44.66: why all the jumps?? Not to mention 1212 arrows with down arrow anchors. Also, I believe the burst at 44.66s is comprised of 24ths.
- 45.49-46.01s: more 16ths that are jacks...unpleasant at this BPM, and they also appear arbitrary considering the adjacent sounds.
- 46.61-47.14s: ugly patterns due to lone 32nd after a jump plus right arrow anchoring, creating a one-handed trill as well. Yikes!
- 49.01s: you certainly have room to place the [23] jump elsewhere, as it is currently creating a real hazard when you transition from the 32nd burst (note: the down arrow!)
- 49.61s: an extreme burst like this could be conveyed as a single colored arrow instead of a jump
- 49.91-51.26s: again, watch the resulting patterns creating anchors. For instance, the up arrow at 50.14s creates a more difficult transition into the 32nd due to up arrow anchoring, and the [24] 8th jump at 50.66s creates an extremely difficult down arrow anchor transition from the 32nds into that jump. There is also a noticeable up arrow anchor at 50.81s.
- 52.61-53.14s: I can see these being justifiably jacks, but I still think they're kinda mean due to the BPM. I personally would've just put these as a normal 16th pattern.
- 53.81-54.04s: But this is really not good - transitioning from fast 32nd rolls into minijacks, the first set of which also has a 32nd triplet! This won't feel good at all.
- 55.16s: an arrow that could be omitted. Also minijacks - see my earlier comment.
- 55.61s,55.76s: in addition to difficult-to-hit minijacks, why did you add jumps to these? Why?
- 56.36-56.59s,57.11-57.34s: bad burst-to-minijack transitioning. I'd stay away from minijacks altogether when you consider the BPM of this song.

- 60.44: Some of these notes go to the yelling but the blasting synth is erratically understepped.
- 65.21-67.01s: these trills go to absolutely nothing.
- 76.20s: should just be a 4th jump, not a weird 32nd jump.
- 78.41-78.64s: same as above. The sounds clearly convey these jumps as 4ths.

- I think what might have offset these as 16ths is the early sync issue. But yeah, these are definitely 8th jumps.
- 79.01-88.34s: the generalizations here are fair and are doable.
- 88.52s: extraneous 32nd
- Summary: There's a lot of work to be done here. I'd recommend re-evaluating your file by playing it a few times and asking yourself, "Does it feel good to play this file?" If you find that you are having execution difficulties in certain sections, revise them. In other words, play by your instincts on what feels like a good file - don't just make a hard file for the sake of making a hard file. I'm not saying this because I am unable to play difficult files (quite the contrary), but because I felt this was far too unintuitive to play. Consider the various factors this song provides to you: a fast BPM, many opportunities for bursts (of which you must control carefully), and the majority of sounds being pitch-irrelevant which gives you more freedom as to where to place your arrows. Given those factors, arrange the arrows so that they play well not only for my fingers, but for yours as well.

- Expanding on the summary above, the patterning in this file has very little thought put into it and the layering is all over the place.

[7.5/10] Pointless Fast Rap {Boyinaband} (gameboy42690)
- 11.41s,12.72s,20.22s,44.60s,61.10s,68.50-68.60s: out of sync in many spots, presumably for simplification of steps. However, I'm only pointing out the areas that I felt were significantly off. I think opinions vary on this, but for me step generalization works to a degree. But that stops working when it feels a bit more off than my fingers and ears would comfortably synchronize to.
- 33.63s: ghost 16th

- 60.94: This works better as 12ths.
- Summary: Decent straightforward file but syncing needs to be refined a bit. I'm not talking about 64ths or super specific timing - just a few areas I felt really should be resynced.
- Alternatively, what I can also see working is stepping off of familiar intervals (e.g. with the 4th aat 11.44, the 32nd before fits better) and then recolorizing to give the appearance of the basic notes. Again though, this is just an alternative that I suggest. The current syncing is a bit sketchy, although I did see which lyrics the notes were supposed to go to.

[6.5/10] Psycho soup {Pogo} (M0nkeyz)
- 19.65s: unnecessary jump
- In addition there shouldn’t be a 3-note 8th jack here. The 8th on 19.68 matches with the hit on 19.94 for an 8th minijack.
- 23.04s: missing jump
- 24.11: Unnecessary jump.
- 24.60s: I thought you were going to step to the "3,2,1" sound clip, but that's optional
- 25.84: This was stepped too early. Stepping the 64th closer to the 8th is the preferred choice if you want to keep the green color.
- 26.17: There isn’t a 64th gallop here.

- 30.86s,35.04s: I believe a 24th stream generalization is acceptable here, as it adds some variation yet stepping the dropping sound exactly may prove to be too much of a spike.
- 30.89, 35.07: The difference in patterning for these two 24th sections despite being the same sounds should be changed to be similar. For instance, I could see two 24th triplet patterns working each, or keeping the roll structure.
- 39.21s: lol I will acknowledge this is some good color theory, though I don't think it's needed at 42.34-44.17s.
- 44.17: This 64th should’ve been stepped on the 32nd before.
- 47.30s-49.65s,63.99-66.86s,etc.: I found a few areas in this file that tend to have repetitive patterns. For a song that I believe produces pretty low-key stepping, it'd be good if you could vary up repetitive sections.
- 68.20, 74.46: Missing 8ths for the hi-hats.
- 77.17s: unnecessary 16th jump
- 84.60-85.39s,etc.: really different sounding vocals could use some color theory for added interest, especially towards the end of the song (just don't go overboard).
- 94.52s: why the slowdown?
- 98.69s: unnecessary jump
- 109.13s: variation in pitch of these crazy vocals can result in a pattern that's different than a trill

- 116.97: This should just be a 4th.
- 125.43: As a side note, 64th offsetting at this speed is risky. It’s almost always going to be an entire frame off, so this file would need some frame attention.
- At 121.55 there are the layered 16th jumps which form a minijack with the bass kick, yet 129.89 doesn’t do the same.

- Summary: It's not a bad file. I think the main problem is that the song itself lends to anemic stepping in the first place, and so you need to do as much as possible with variation to generate as much interest as possible. From the perspective of a fun/exciting chart, I would rate this a lot lower; however, the rating is purely from my technical observations. The stepping is not overly erroneous but this song doesn't provide many opportunities for interesting gameplay.

[7.5/10] Elusive Reaches {Ensiferum} (hi19hi19)
- 9.52s,etc.: not layering the main guitar melody within the drumrolls is acceptable although certainly harks back to the stepping styles of older simfiles. However, it won't really hurt if you do decide to add them in because the guitar melodies are always 4ths or 8ths. (The only time I would be against multiple layering is the complex guitar solo in the middle.) If you do choose to only step the drumrolls in these sections, I would OMIT unnecessary jumps as they do not contribute in any way: 9.52s,59.92s,61.72s,194.32s. I see older simfiles do this as well and I don't really get why it's a thing.
- 11.06: This should’ve been a minijack like 9.85 for the guitar.
- 41.92s,42.22s: hands
- 59.02s,68.62s: I don't get why you omit an arrow here - add it so that we feel the constantly driving beat!
- 71.77s: 8th to vocals
- 91.27s,99.07s: missing 8th to drum
- 100.72-119.62s: acceptable pseudo-layering to convey multiple elements
- 113.92s: missing jump
- 144.30-144.52s,146.62-146.92s,etc.: need to sync better with the guitar solo here (and possibly other areas?)

- 148.94: This should’ve just been a 16th triplet starting from the 8th. The previous occurences of the 32nd and 24th were for the bass pedal, but that’s not the case here (it’s the guitar).
- 184.32: What’s with this 64th?
- 194.35: Layering in the vocals here would’ve made for some excellent jumpstream.

- Summary: Straightforward file that's quite fun to play. Reminds me of Dragonforce but what do I know of this genre of music haha. Taking into consideration your stylistic preferences, my only recommendations is to fix a few missing 8ths to beats, remove a few jumps when 16th drumrolls begin, and recheck the guitar solo for a few out of sync areas.


WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys), Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead, Hatsune Miku no Bousou, Guardians of Old, Dear My Sweetie

Lead Judge: DarkZtar
Color: Dark Gray for notes, Light Gray for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[9/10] WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys) {Cardboard Box vs. STereochan} (ilikexd)
this file could pretty much be named stream pattern practice, stream patterns are very smooth
bpm changes reflect background drum rhythm well without adding extra clutter to the layering

- 24.81-26.54, 31.72-33.45: This kind of pattern is killer on accuracy (think of the [23] phenomenon that happens during a stream like Eclipse Solar which also has a lot of repeating 13241234 type patterns), my hands basically have to float to not get greats here and it’s very unnatural.
-50.741 that's a lot of bacon
-50.957, 51.822 these 4ths could also technically be jumps since the vocal sample pronounces bacon as 2 distinct syllables.
-you really could layer in all the vocal samples within the 16th/12th/whatever streams to make this dumb hard but I get this file’s supposed to be smooth
gonna go eat at five guys now

- For the most part this file was fine but the patterning issue I mentioned at 24.81 and 31.72 is incredibly problematic considering how much better the other streams in the file play. While this isn’t going to put the file into Conditional Queue from my discretion, I strongly suggest changing the patterning in those specific sections to prevent the [23] problem.

[4/10] Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead {Rainbowdragoneyes} (Xtreme2252)
-9.872 to 11.257 all of these 16ths are ghost notes. Lead in sounds or ambient sounds that are sustained notes should only have one note to indicate where they start.
-11.795 missing 16th
-12.449, 13.680 missing 32nd ← happens many more times throughout the song
-12.642 these are 24ths ← this happens many many times in this section, slowing down the song to .5x rate will help you identify them
-13.334 missing 16th
Also there are glaring inconsistencies in this first section. Sometimes you follow what im assuming is the synths that follow 24th spurts (but you follow them with 16ths) and other times you seem to be following the scratches. You can do both since they have different identifiable rhythms, but as it stands now this section isn’t really clear, and is inaccurate in several places.
-19.795 missing 16th
-20.795 should be a jump
-21.026 missing 16th
-22.103 missing jump
-23.180 ghost note
-23.488 missing 16th
-25.949 missing 16th
-31.103 ghost 24ths (the 24ths before this also could be simplified into a 2 note gallop since the sounds they go too are pretty quiet and only the last 2 notes are decently audible)
-31.872 this is technically a 24th trill with some rhythmic deviation but 12ths work if you would rather keep it simple
-35.411 missing 8th
Alright, a loooot of the 24ths in this section go to scratches that are barely audible. These are probably better off removed. What makes these even stranger is that there are instances of 24ths/32nds scratches later in the section beginning at 42.949 that you’ve chosen to ignore completely in favor of just using 8ths.

- 39.78: The missing 12th here in addition to many of the previously mentioned missing notes gives the feeling of a rushed file. The patterning also could use more thought in the 24ths, there’s a heavy amount of one-hand bias.
-44.795, 45.103, 45.411, 45.718, 46.026 why are these hands?
-51.718 subdivided 16ths? considering you went with 32nds for a lot of the smaller bursts of blips in the intro you might as well make this 32nds as well.

-60.81: Why are there so many jumps here?
-61.680 another instance of where using notes to represent one ambient sound doesn’t really work
-62.257 ghost 16th

-64.50: This is a 24th burst, not a 32nd triplet. Same for 69.42
-65.57: Minijack usage in this file is inconsistent. 65.42 should have also been a minijack if this is a minijack, but there are other instances of this that need to be resolved. Also, missing 8th on 65.88

-66.565 missing 16th
-67.180 ghost 16th
-70.795 missing 8th
-70.872 missing 16th
-71.334 missing 16th
-76.257 missing 16th
-76.718 missing 16th
-80.411 missing 16th
-80.757 ghost 32nd

-Going to the above point, 80.55 (the 24th) is also a ghost note. The notes in this part don’t make sense, are you trying to follow the synth?
Some general advice at this point, avoid trying to use 32nds/24ths to generalize sounds that you hear at 1x rate at face value, slow the song down and evaluate whether there are distinct sounds that you are emphasizing with notes rather than trying to use multiple notes to embellish what you feel is important. Hand usage up to this point has been weird since you’ve used hands for select vocals at times, but there are plenty of opportunities (such as crashes/abrasive kicks) that would stand out better as hands.
-82.334 same as 31.872
I’m seeing several of the same issues mentioned in the previous sections appear in the following sections since many of them are repetitions, go through the file carefully on a slower rate to catch the rest of the ghost/missing 16ths as your rhythms for many of the scratches are off.
-102.411 missing 16ths in this measure

-Going to the above, this section is very sparse considering the song elements playing.
-111.54: This 32nd should’ve been a 16th.
-117.103 just cause the vocals are lower doesn’t mean they suddenly warrant hands
-Also should note that the scratches that you stepped as 24ths in the previous verse are present here as well and you ignored most of them in this section, I feel this plays better than the previous verse.
Another general note, you have a lot of anchors that scattered throughout the file that honestly don’t really go to anything, considering changing the notes up to break up the anchors.

-121.01: Missing 12th. I’d suggest slowing down while stepping, since all these kinds of missing notes tend to indicate a rushed file.
-140.81: This section has 24ths, not 32nds.

-141.565 missing 8th
-142.180 this should be straight 16ths
-142.334 missing 4th and 16th
-148.180 good use of a hand to a crash, use hands like this more throughout the file.
-152.103 missing 16th
-152.642 many missing 16ths in this measure

-153.11: Another very sparse section like previously.
-163.257 the background music disappears entirely here, drop the entire layering scheme down a notch and make the jumps single notes, and hands jumps here
-173.180 missing 16th
-175.257 oh god break up this anchor, there is no reason this should be here.
-179.334 ghost 16th
-180.488 same thing with the long anchor
-184.180 more ghost 16ths
Pr in the solos needs work overall
-198.385 not sure what you’re trying to represent with the 24th. gonna assume it’s the 24th blips that start on the 8th at 198.488 so the 24ths should be here
-200.949 make this a single note since you've kept the solos mostly unlayered.
-218.334 16ths here are off in many places. (eg. 218.565 is a missing 16th while 218.718 is a ghost 16th)
Good start, needs a lot of work though. The basic structures and concepts are good but the chart lacks fine detail. There are also numerous missed notes and ghost notes throughout the chart as well as questionable hand/anchor usage.

- The layering and patterning need significant work in this file as well; there were lots of hidden jacks that went to nothing.

[6/10] Hatsune Miku no Bousou {cosMo@BousouP} (gameboy42690)
-2.56, 5.66: Missing 16ths
-5.264 missing 16th
-7.683 gonna nitpick here cause as is the pr here is slightly off and these changes would make it much better. 8th here should be on 3 since it’s the same pitch as the 8th before it. change the next 4 notes that are currently 3232 to 4324.
-10.974 same pr nitpick here, pitch doesn’t indicate an 8th trill.

-14.44: This 48th shouldn’t be here. There is a drum roll 24th starting on the 8th at 14.27; this should have been a 24th sequence instead of a 48th triplet.
-17.167 technically also goes to a crash but this crash is much quieter than the others and i’d liken it more to the ride on the 4th after it, so i recommend reducing this to a jump.
-20.554 missing 16th
-20.844 missing 8th (^both of these go to the same drum sound as the 16th on 20.941)
-21.34, 21.73, 22.89, 23.27, 24.44, 24.82, 25.98: Missing 16th notes
-22.683 missing 16th
-23.651 missing 16th
I get that there’s an attempt at generalized rhythms that are comfortable, but these are pretty noticable even on 1x rate.
-25.780 missing 16th
-26.651 highly recommend flipping this 8th-16th pattern to since the 1234 16ths after follow the horn, and having these notes as 21[34] would break up the constant left to right motion, giving more recognition to the pr for the horn.

-30.24: If you really wanted there could have been a 16th jumpjack here, although I can see why it was stepped in the current manner.
-32.264 Can understand the attempt to go for the nice visual pattern, but pr really should be better here. The jumps here are also kinda ambiguous but they kinda sorta feel alright? you might wanna double check them though.
-36.425 missing 16th
-36.715 missing 8th
-38.954 don’t hear straight 24ths here. If anything the first 3 24ths are kind of there, but the prominent drum sound follows 12ths.

-39.18: This 24th is a ghost note.
-44.050 i’m assuming your jumps indicate vocal + drum overlap, but i’d actually recommend you alter the layering scheme to have singles for the overlaps and just save jumps/hands for other crashes/specific accents here, since having these as jumps and not putting in the 16ths to the vocals during the 24th drumrolls feels lacking, but putting in the 16ths would probably be too messy.
-51.018 24ths end here
-59.021 this kind of errors happens more in the file, but it’s particularly noticeable here where the drums actually have distinct descending pitches and you have them represented with jacks or ascending rolls (24ths immediately after this as an example of the latter)
-61.179 missing 16th

-62.47: As a general note, anything resembling 24th triplets is better off having the minijack connect with the 4th instead of starting at the 24th. In this case, the transition with the up arrow is a bit awkward.
-63.405 again i think you focused too much on the visual pattern the vocal repetition being represented as a trill that follows the previous vocal pitch fluctuations doesn’t work well, would be better to change this 8th to a jack following the previous 16th
-63.921 don’t hear this 24th, even on .5x rate

-I think the above 24th was supposed to be the 16th. This part is confusing since the 12th jack on the left has 3 notes that could supposedly go to the orchestral instruments (those are 16ths however, not 12ths).
-64.857 missing 16th
-65.342 these 24ths are honestly so quiet i feel like it’d be better to just focus on the vocals that follow 16ths.
-71.050 missing 16th
-71.244 missing 16th
-74.437 should be a jump

-For the above 4th note, there’s also a drum roll here.
-80.66: I don’t see a 3-note 16th jack warranted here. The percussion would make the minijack on the 8th note; the vocals are on different pitches.
-85.083 kinda weird that this jack is the only one not on 3. could have kept it the same as the others and maintained a sort of mini-theme focusing on the jacks in that column.
-87.599 this shouldn’t be a jack, there is no vocal on the 4th and it’d be better to keep the jack usage consistent in highlight the vocal pitch repetitions
-91.566 shouldn’t this be a jack for the vocal repetition here? Feels weird since you’ve used jacks so consistently up until here.

-94.89: Missing 16th
-95.050 highly recommend moving the jumpjacks so that they don’t share [34] with the previous hand.
-103.11: Wouldn’t this be a 3 note jack?
-103.857 should be a jump
-128.631 the cymbal ride that you’ve put the long anchor to on 1 should end here since the cymbal ends here.
-134.050 ^same thing but with the long 4 anchor
-138.115, 138.599 missing jumps
-143.824 this 16th should be part of the jack (should be a 4 note jack) shift the 8th jump after to [24] to avoid a 5 note jack.

-I’m not sure why there are 16th jumpjacks here. Yes, there is a 4-note jack for the guitar; however, what else is making the second part of the jack?
-145.566 missing jump
-146.147, 146.341 missing jumps
^kinda wondering if I missed a layering transition at this point, but you really should keep the layering consistent up until at least 147.986 where there’s a clear break.
-170.341, 170.534 should be single notes
-Should note that here you’re going for a general representation of the drums at best keeping them mostly to the 8ths aside from the jumptrills, there are instances such as 172.373 where there are 3 or 5 drum hits in succession that are glossed over in favor of straight jump single jump single patterns.
-212.437 should be part of the anchor
-212.824 this technically shouldn't be part of the anchor but eehhhh you didn't really give yourself much wiggle room with the layering here so i guess it can slide.
-215.341 shouldn’t be part of the anchor
-215.728 another instance of particularly noticeable backwards pr
-232.018 should either be a jump or 232.099 should be a single, they go to the same drum
file honestly is decently fun, but it’s pretty rough around the edges and needs some revision before i’d say it’s acceptable.

- Also watch out when mixing minijacks with the percussion and vocals. When playing the file, the majority of the minijacks go to the vocals, so when there are suddenly minijacks or jacks for the guitar or percussion, it becomes surprising.

[5/10] Guardians of Old {Step bouy} (M0nkeyz)
First 30 seconds are pretty much just ambient soundscape that could be cut out since they aren’t very interesting and contain a lot of notes that go to very quiet stuff that the player likely won’t hear unless they’re playing on max volume with headphones on.
-On another note: Let’s say we did keep the first ~35 seconds. My main issue is the coloration of the notes. Yes, it isn’t until later that there is a beat that can be used for reference, but I can tell that the coloration of the notes in the beginning are out of place (for instance, 28.05 and 32.86 are 16th triplets that should have started on 8th notes and ended on a 4th).
-43.50: The drums are much quieter than the flute; this should be a jump with the current drum layering, although the flute is a much better choice here.
-46.34, 46.51: These notes shouldn’t be offset.

-52.413 should be a jump
^in general im confused as to why you didnt just go with the easier/clearer layering scheme of jumps to the flute, the layering to the nuanced drums is odd at best.
-58.026 instance of particularly odd pr, song has 4 ascending pitches represented by a trill.
-60.145 should be a jump
-62.104 should be a jump (this inconsistency is made more puzzling by the fact that you have 59.681 as a jump right before it)

-64.54 is also missing a jump.
Pr in general needs a lot of work in this.
-66.484 should be a jump
-68.322 this should be some combination of a jump into a gallop or a hand into a gallop to the staggered woodwind note. The quad as it is doesn’t make much sense.
-71.620 should be a jump
-74.014 should be a jump
-74.161 same layering inconsistency that happens earlier
-75.194 should be a jump
-76.346 should be a jump

-77.25: The percussion hits here are definitely not 24th gallops, they’re 16ths. This is problematic considering 86.31 is actually stepped as 16ths.
-77.532 should be a jump
^at this point I’m almost wondering if you put jumps at 70.429 and 72.822 by accident… Either way this layering scheme is much more interesting than just highlighting the drums (which even then is done inconsistently) and highlights what is changing in the music.
-78.684 should be a jump
-80.988 nvm you have a jump here, so all those previous mentioned jumps are indeed errors.
-83.281 should be a jump
-86.557 should be a jump
^drum layering on some of the 4ths here is also a bit confusing, I’d recommend focusing on just the strings for layering here.
-87.664 should be a jump
-89.867 should be a jump
^also don’t think this section should be anchor focused but ehhh the scratches are technically freeform so i guess it works.
-90.420 should be a single note
^don’t really hear anything that warrants hand usage in this section

-92.45, 94.58: Missing notes
-101.94: This 4th is late, it should be synced a bit earlier.

-102.947, 103.184 these should both be white for consistency
-104.83, 108.84: Missing notes
-111.205 again don’t hear anything particularly noteworthy here that warrants hand usage
-135.460 missing 16th

-136.23: This should have just been 8ths at the proper BPM.
-139.635 there’s another note here
A lot of layering inconsistencies, and pr needs significant work. There are good layering ideas in the middle and later sections of the chart, but you still have stray jumps that I’m assuming are left in to accent the drums but as they are now only serve to distract the player from the woodwinds and strings that you are focusing on in the first place. Would also highly recommend cutting the first 30 seconds, as they aren’t very interesting and don’t really add anything to the chart. Needs quite a bit of work before this is acceptable but you’ve got good basic ideas that you can work with.

[7/10] Dear My Sweetie {t+pazolite} (hi19hi19)
-33.725 since the jacks starting here represent one pitch it would probably be better to have the jack pattern as 4411441144 instead of 44332211 which could give the impression of a descending pitch.
-33.90, 34.14, 34.38: Jumps could have been incorporated for these cymbal crashes reasonably with the minijacks.
-35.833 this should be a jump since you’ve used jumps at 36.969 and 39.320 to represent the kicks, but I’d actually recommend that you drop the jumps at 36.969 and 39.32 (and other similar instances) in favor of keeping the melody as the focus of the jumpstream.
^this issue happens throughout the chart and really needs to be fixed. You can either accent all the kicks with jumps or vary it up as the song progresses, but within each distinct section the layering should be consistent.
-43.617 change the patterning here, the background 16ths are arpeggiated and this whole measure runs stepwise left to right and feels awkward.
^same inconsistent jump usage for the kicks happens in here too, you can leave them in if you’d like and just add jumps to the rest of the kicks that are left as single notes, but I’d still advocate for leaving them out in favor of focusing on the melody.
-65.671 layer in the percussion or something here. I get that this might make this section a bit hard, but you really should try to make this section different from the section starting at 76.050 since a lot of the background sounds disappear then.

-75.41: See 33.90
-96.401 you seem to really like having the 3 note 16th jumptrills, but these only go to the base kicks and the rest of the kicks aren’t accented with jumps in the surrounding sections.
-122.438 patterning here has the same problem as 43.617 but this time with right to left bias.
The kick layering is pretty much the only glaring issue, but there are some awkward patterns that could be smoothed out and the jack sections get kind of monotonous without any additional layering going on.

-The minijack sections are for the most part fine as they are with the exception of the layering I mentioned that could be incorporated. A bigger issue as mentioned above is the bass kick being layering the same as the main melody.
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