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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Pre-Mob Release Mini-event!
Ends on August 8, 2012 @ 9:59:59am (server time).
Scoreboard and Songs Used

Hi, folks, kjw "Hakase" here with our first ever event in The FFR RPG! (in celebration of level automation, huzzah!) We're all familiar with a very simple yet lasting forum game: The Last Letter Game. For this mini-event, I thought I'd use the same basic concept of it, but with a delicious arrowsmashing twist:

That's right! You'll be playing FFR and keeping a chain going with the song titles!

The rules are very simple:
1. Play any public song with a title that begins with the letter the previous poster's song ends with. (The first song may be any song!) Special characters (characters other than the alphabet) can be ignored. You may NOT play songs that begin or end with numbers!

2. Post a screenshot of your score, with your username and playtime showing. (Having the top right hand corner of the site with your player info and server time is also fine.)

3. You may only post a score once every 10 songs (that's once in each differently colored box on the scoreboard), and you may *not* play a song that has been played already. Please use the search feature on the scoreboard (ctrl + F) to check if a song has been played already or not!

4. If you have been ninja'd by someone in posting a song, delete or edit your post to let the chain continue. (Unless the song happens to start and end with the same letter, lol)

5. In the case that all the public songs beginning with the letter you need have been used, you may make a wildcard post - this serves as the beginning of a new chain! (The chain length will still count up)

Any score that breaks the above rules will *not* be counted toward the chain - and we will simply skip it. Please double-check before submitting!

Every player who participates and submits at least one time will be awarded tasty bonus EXP for the number of songs in the final chain, and you'll be given even more bonus EXP based on the number of songs and the net raw score of your contributions. (Exact EXP's will be determined after the event has ended, based on the amount of activity it generates)

To play short songs to make the chain as long as possible? Or to play long songs to pile up your raw score bonus? The choice is up to you! At any rate, the more people who play, the more EXP everyone (including YOU!) will get - so be sure to tell your fellow FFR RPG players about this awesome first chance to get involved!

Group effort, folks! Let's see your awesome teamwork skills =P

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