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11-13-2007, 03:20 PM
Lets pretend for a minute that we had a zillion resources for music, data, video, games and we had all kinds of money pouring out of our ears (which would be awesome).

Now lets imagine the FFR widget. But lets not think of it as FFR. Lets think of it as Halo 3, or counterstrike or Madden. The game doesn't really matter because I am trying to get to the core of entertainment value. If we were able to create an interactive engine for this game widget and could put any sort of information or entertainment in there, what would you like to see? It could be as simple as calenders or game credit and bio information all the way up to real time stats and videos or interactive forums within the widget. Use your imagination here. Even national competition dates and locations.. results from those competitions.. etc..etc.. I won't say anymore so that you can brainstorm.




11-13-2007, 03:25 PM
I think Maybe you should put info about all the fun things there are to do on FFR like theres SIU,FFR,Metrivia and all the "nice" people in the forums.:smile:

11-13-2007, 04:04 PM
CAL's (cyberathlete amateur league) website is awful, it's just pathetic. takes forever to find what you want and the whole thing is just a jumble. i have some good ideas but i'd want to talk with you about them over aim or something.

11-13-2007, 04:24 PM
Maybe like a little soundtrack Widget. Plays the soundtrack of the game, there's some awesome music on some games. Could even provide links to buy said soundtracks.

Erm some games like CS or Unreal or any game that have serious comps going on could show the lead clan or lead player. Daily stats like who's fragged/killed most or who's had the most headshot in one day. You get the picture. Also could show most popular maps and stuff and new downloads etc.

What about like Microsoft, Sega, Sony or Nintendo widgets that constantly show the latest news and trailors etc. That'd be pretty cool. I'd love a little widget for Namco or something.

11-13-2007, 07:32 PM
Some sort of intelligent advice would be nice. Like, the game could track stats of your gameplay and make suggestions on ways to improve, in case you weren't sure what you were doing wrong.

DDR/FFR, for example, could see what kinds of patterns you generally mess up on. If you have trouble doing crossovers it could give advice. If offbeat yellow arrows always mess you up, it would tell you. Maybe after somebody improves in an area the widget could prompt them to share, and they could write a little blurb about what helped them. Then others with the same (or similar) problems would be shown that advice (which could be rated up/down to keep bad advice out) to see if it could help them. This applies more to DDR (rather than FFR) where things like crossovers can really ruin a person's early DDRing performance.

In a FPS you could show what you're improving and what needs improving. If you often get shot from behind or have bad accuracy with a sniper rifle or accidentally nade yourself to death a lot, it could give advice. Same thing as before, people could write in hints. It would connect you to the community without you going out of your way to get to it. It might also help you fix problems. For example, the scopes for some guns in Battlefield 2 aren't accurate (the image is off by a few pixels here or there, so if you're aiming at a guy's head and he's far away you may "miss" even if your aim is dead on). Unless you go out to the community sites (or figure it out on your own) you'd never know that that's why you're missing shots. As a developer, you might see such an issue and adjust the sights to make them accurate (or at least make a public statement about realism :P).

I just know I'm too busy in a game to notice that I have a tendency to expose the back of my right shoulder while throwing grenades. A game that tracks your performance could pick up such a tendency with ease and help you improve. Why just show you how badly other people in a tourney are kicking your ass when you can give gamers real, usable tips on how to improve?

Hopefully that's a little more original than other ideas. =P