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10-24-2007, 03:04 PM
I've been wanting to start back on this for a while now. Now I am. I expect to see Fojar so I won't be surprised when he comes.

In Too Deep (Part 4)

I use my left shoulder to open the men's restroom door as I clutch the vest in my left. I drop my load of items on the floor and shuffle over to the restroom sink, my arm throbbing with every step. Standing in front of the sink and mirror, I grimace in pain. Not because my arm hurt, but because it was about to feel like pure hellfire. Putting Lucille between my teeth once more, I unscrew the cap of the peroxide with my right hand and using my left, begin pouring it onto the wound. It burns as if someone took a styptic pencil and jabbed it right into your eyes. I clench on Lucille and can hear the wooden grip creak. Sorry Lucille, I'll make it up to you later.

Once the pain subsides, I smother a glob of antibacterial cream on the wound, wrap it in gauze, and before you know, ol' Brock is back in the game. I look into the mirror. My haggard face looked so ugly everyone within a mile radius could probably hear it. My stubbly beard was turning gray in some spots and my nose (twice broken) jutted out in some bizarre fashion to the right. I smiled.

Yup, Brock is definitely back.

I put the vest over my wife beater and stash Lucille away in my left pants pocket for safe keeping. I walk out of the restroom to find that Eddie was gone. I couldn't blame him. Eddie was the intellectual, behind-the-scenes guy. When he wanted to make his presence known to every person in town, he knew how. Stay low for a while Eddie. This is going to be nasty.

I grab my trench coat on the stool, put it on, and walk towards the door when Sam calls out to me.

"Hey Brock! Youse gonna drink this coffee or what?" he says holding a mug in his hand.

I grab the mug from him and drain it in a few gulps. I then give the mug back and walk to the door.

"Put it on my tab," I say as the bell on the door jingles signifying my exit.

I look to the sky. The light purple had now turned to a orangish-red. I had no time to waste. I pulled the napkin Eddie had given to me out of my back pocket and read it.


Downtown Pembleton was about 10 minutes from me by car. On foot, it might take an hour. By car was probably safer too now that Madden knew I was on the streets. I look around. No taxis in sight. I see 3 punks standing next to a nice townscar across the street, arms folded looking at me. My heart starts to beat a little faster. The bastards found me. How wasn't any concern right now. The only thing to worry about now is how to put the hurtin' on these kids. I walk casually towards the group.

"Any chance you nice fellas can give an old man a ride somewhere?" I asked cheerfully while putting in a cheesy smile for added effect.

The three look at each other and laugh. The one in the middle steps forward to signify him being the leader.

"Sorry Pops, but Mr. Madden has ordered us to bring you to him. It's a very urgent emergency," chuckles the kid.

I slowly ball my hands into a fist before an idea hits me. If Madden was one of the more influential crime leaders in the city, he might have information about the location of the kids. I unfurl my hands and put them up in a sign of surrender.

"Ok guys you got me," I say smiling reassuringly. "I'll just get in the car and go quietly."

"That's more like it," says the leader.

He opens the door and I bend down to get in. I'm greeted with a kick to the back which sends me flying into the leather seat.

"Oh I'm so sorry! My foot must've slipped!" explains the creeps in fake earnest as his two buddies hyuk-hyuk it up beside him.

I rub my back and already begin to form my plan for hurting this ass in my mind. Oh yes, there will be blood and plenty of it. The group get into the car with one of the goons sitting beside me. The leader starts up the car and begins to drive towards Downtown Pembleton. Maybe things are starting to look up for me. I caress my knife and Lucille to reassure myself that this old man isn't as crazy as he thinks. I feel the bask of the sun as I absorb its life-giving heat. I smile as I begin to see the skyscrapers form on the horizon. For the first time today, I close my eyes and doze off.

I've only got a few hours to live and I really could care less. I'm already a dead man.

End of Part 4