View Full Version : PLEASE HELP. SM/DWI not showing up

08-2-2007, 10:36 AM
I've been working on a simfile for about a week now. I started by placing a .sm notepad into the folder with the bpm, artist name, etc. and then put the graphics and mp3 into the folder. I then went into Stepmania and edited the song and when I completed the steps, I saved them. It said saved as SM/DWI file. I played the song a few times and then put it into a ZIP folder and uploaded it to here. I checked back a few minutes later and it said "NO SM/DWI" So I went back and looked in the original song folder and there isn't a DWI in there. The SM file is unchanged, it still says the same things I put into it. So, I open Stepmania and my song still has all of the steps in it and everything is there. I have went back in and hit save at least a dozen times with each time saying that it was saved. I looked in every other Stepmania folder to see if it was in there but it isn't. Someone PLEASE HELP ME.