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09-6-2006, 05:08 PM
I can't believe Teenhelp still had all of them. I created a lot of poetry, almost all of it was joke poetry to mock people on Teenhelp, so this post here will be some of my joke poetry. I'll double post to keep it more structured, the second post will be my only ever serious stuff.

So, Tibs you better comment.


[B]"This is My Rage"

This is my rage
My despair now grown
Sitting on a dark throne

The pain is a drug
Poison running in my veins
Corroding all these silver chains

My only desire is to see crumbled your crane
You made me bleed and I will do the same
You see, the only reason why you have a heart
Is that it deserves to be eaten after I tear it apart

The world will burn
You won't be able to escape
No ****ing dungeons to keep you safe

And scream...
Oh you shall scream
So loud that angels will cry
And to save you they desperately will try

My only wish is seeing your blood turning off the flame
And in your scarlet fluid I will naked swim, no shame
You don't see how much I wept, how much I ****ing hoped
For the rising of my soul finally to the Devil sold


Fearing to fall,

Tears of my heart,
Dying to be born,
Falling down this time.

Let the wind carry,
my cares afar,
Falling all this time.

But it's not easy, you know.


On an isolated rock by the sea
I sit
and stare
and wonder.

The birds, they've gone,
The tree's have fallen
My life in tatters, a mask upon the world.

Lost and alone,
I am unclean,
I'm the king upon this withering throne.

"Lust For Flesh"

Fight to stay alive,
Shapes of beauty, souls of rage,
Our swords clash, the enemy falls,

Watching from his ivory tower,
The general sits in glee,
Like music to his ears,
Spines snapping,
Echoing in the darkness,
Of the bloody battlefield.

On and on my ragged body fights,
I feast, on your flesh,
To stay alive,
Each shattered skull,
Each slice of the blade,
The suffering, the intense suffering,

My lust for flesh is fulfilled,
The enemy lay slain
Stare into my eyes,
and you will understand.

"No Name"

In the shadows, bloody victims die,
corpses entangled,
in despair,
in despair.

Inside my head I am better off dead,
Dead dead dead dead,
I am in despair,
In despair,
I cut.

Cut you up than leave,
You will bleed for me,
I will prevail,
I must prevail,
With your blood,
Earth be cleansed in a blaze,
Hail, fire and blood,
Blood hails to the fire,
The fires of my soul,

09-6-2006, 05:11 PM
Ok, on to the real poetry.



A significant motion,
Across the skyline,
Watch the stars melt away,
Glistening to the last drop,
Into the darkness,
They fade as one.
Sheathed into the bones of the ages.

Celestial bodies in the ocean
Of our consciousness we must bid A fond farewell
Born unto darkness for evermore,
Say goodbye,
Their time has come to go.

Aurora beams ressurect the fallen foes,
Of the past ages they rise,
Bathed in golden blood,
Solaris reigns for her time has come,
Earth and life collide..

"Woes Of A Blank Mind"

Mixtures of red black and hazy grey,
Portals of the mind become unwary,
Lost in a cloud of bewilderment,
My mind is blank..

Sitting and ponder like a lonesome leonardo,
A Van Gogh, ha,
Ear cutting the next art form,
Cisitine becomes my wounding arrow,
Picasso mocks my fallen foes.

Shoot the guns,
Burn the beaches,
Paint the town a cascading fountain of colour,
lightspeed entanglement,
Egg pouting fingers of salad,
My mind is blank..

"Karuilla mailla kasvanut"

Listen as I dictate the future,
Shadows in the corner,
Give them to me, let me breathe,
Bankrupt the mirrors,
Shatter their shards everlasting,
To the last piece,
Shimmering upon the window,
Like the singular step of death.

Ek em allt sem u villt f,
Step upon the craft-laden fence,
Intersect their territory,
Probe dainty flowers to their death,
Challenge your mind,
Memories of joy frozen into pearls of ice,
Ge mig dd.

Solo tengo una hora,
Overhead rattling into incandescent burbles,
Stretch the skyline unto thyself,
Shower the earth with stars,
Profaning earth's unholy ground,
Feel their prick on your skin,
Envelop the golden glow of hardship,
Be as of yourself,

According to TH, these are all about 2.5 years old. Hooray.

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ohshi </3 =[

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hay i posted k


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Haha can't wait to see what she posts.

You should see how some of the TH'ers replied to some of those joke poems, they are all available in their Self Expression section (Search that forum > Threads started by "Reaper").

Sunrise is the only one I care about, I actually think that's decent.

09-6-2006, 05:18 PM
Wow. They're all wonderful. Even the joke ones are so well written. I really like them and hope you write more sometime. ^^

09-6-2006, 05:26 PM
You should post the gansta one from TeenHelp. It's clearly superior to all of these.

Except the serious ones of course I'm sure they're great.

09-6-2006, 05:31 PM
How do you know about the gangsta one? Unless I've previously mentioned it.

Here it is:

yo yo yo yo
yo yo ya ya ya
ya ya yo dawg
yo hear me out
hear me out
ya drop the beat drop the beat

Rain-drops, falling on my head
****in with them haters, messin with my bread
Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head
****in with them haters, sleepin in my bed

yo yo peace out to ya
ya ya move it on deeper
lay it in bro
show them [african-americans]
I gonna live forever


This got me banned for the 7th and final time, ohwell, I had a good run there anyway haha. Some of the replies were priceless:

OK, Reaper, what happened to you? You used to be kind and caring and now you are this gansta thing? Me don't like and this makes me sad. Calling people [african-american]? I mean really, what happened? You have become so mean.

reaper............what's wrong with you???? where'd you go?
what happened to your old signature??


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damn cutters