View Full Version : Qreepy's self-petition thing.

04-14-2005, 08:14 PM
(This thread created through permission of Chardish)

It's late, and I am exhausted. Bear with me here.

I would like to present the issue of me being banned from participate from further TWG games, until I die. At that point, though, it won't be a lot of fun, so I would like to remedy that problem as soon as possible. Before I am dead, in any case.
I was banned for committing a pair (a pair? or single? I don't remember) of transgressions that involved posting in a TWG game that I was not participating in. I was quickly banned fomr TWG. I was also almost banned from FFR on that same day, for vaguely similar reasons.

I managed to participate in a TWG game through some odd sign up SNAFU that I didn't really pay attention to. Hell, I don't even know why I was allowed in the TWG USERGROUP, but that's not the point. I participated in a game without "violating" any aspect of it an any way, shape or form. That is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I would also like to note that my transgressions were mere slip-ups, and I do not see them happening again, and there is no danger of it, anyways, because I like playing TWG, which should be ridiculously obvious to you.

So, I would like the TWC to debate my readiness to participate in another TWG game. If at all possible, I would like a definitive conclusion by uh...18 hours from now, or so. Because sign ups are unnecessarily early.

So, I ask of you as politely as I can at this hour and with my amount of stress and sleep to please reinstate my TWG playing priviledges. Thank you.