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  1. Stem cell research
  2. Grades
  3. A sepert peace
  4. If A Tree Falls Does It Make A Sound?
  5. Video Games and Teens
  6. Nocilol
  7. Survey Question: What is an American?
  8. Online friends vs. "IRL" ones
  9. Global Warming:Real or Fake?
  10. Are animals capable of love?
  11. Anarchism
  12. Best Essay Contest
  13. Where did you get your avatar? (post a link with it)
  14. The Barry Bonds Dilemma
  15. The Pete Rose Dilemma
  16. secret song list. is it a possibility??
  17. On Drug Use
  18. Creating a new religion
  19. Investigate
  20. math problem!!
  21. Using the internet to do your homework
  22. monogamy and polygamy
  23. Scientology
  24. What do You Think of the Government's Job? (See note on Poll)
  25. death question
  26. Dreams
  27. Racism Is Racist
  28. help me FFR.
  29. Premaritial Sex
  30. Church and State
  31. A Few Topics For Discussion
  32. Prez Bush is WRONG
  33. When bad threads rear their ugly head.
  34. President Bush
  35. Moon landings: Fact or fiction?
  36. Another "Divert the Train" Moral Philosophy Question
  37. Leaf-blowers and Stadium Seating: Group vs. Individual Rationality
  38. Inviting Crime
  39. Conscious inaction; an action in itself?
  40. Jesus Christ's Illusion
  41. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  42. Real musicians
  43. Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming
  44. Black Racists
  45. One great teacher
  46. Existance
  47. God.
  48. What's a soul?
  49. Riddle
  50. Love and Altruism
  51. Sight
  52. What exactly is "normal" and why?
  53. Infinity and our Existence
  54. complaints!
  55. Will rapidly advancing technology make us primitive in the long run?
  56. Life After Death...
  57. A quality thread
  58. Decomposing
  59. Where do you go when you die?
  60. point of life
  61. From Veggies to Meat: Man-Apes become Human
  62. FFR difficulties seem inconsistent
  63. "We've evolved to be creationists"
  64. Wikipedia and Critical Thinking.
  65. Apocalypse
  66. We need change.
  67. Critical Thinking:
  68. the best 3 finger player in FFR
  69. Remake of Infinity thread?
  70. Hmm...
  71. GDP of Countries vs US States
  72. What counts as an argument?
  73. Why do people conform?
  74. There was once a person who said that the world was cruel
  75. Is Truth Ethical?
  76. Watch this.
  77. The Human Mind
  78. Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S.
  79. Nuclear Energy
  80. Swarm Theory & Group Psychology
  81. Drugs and the Government
  82. Loose Change 2nd Edition. US Government behind the 9/11 attacks?
  83. Understanding: a way of seeing
  84. Understanding: a way of seeing II
  85. Methods of teaching.
  86. Space in relative relation to Pi
  87. Second Hand Smoke
  88. Illegals?
  89. NASA, do we really need it?
  90. Pure nothingness.
  91. Desire for social order as Pathology
  92. Pope said other churches are "defective", is he right?
  93. Public Schools - Bad for American Students?
  94. Conspiricies and Government Propoganda.
  95. A Perilous Future
  96. Legal Catfishophile
  97. Are We All Related
  98. New Creationist Ploy: Skepticism, Demanding Evidence
  99. Eternal Living
  100. High Thinkers, huh?
  101. what is your opinion of teenage/children dating
  102. are violent video games ruining the youth of tomorrow
  103. my girlfreinds parents won't let her...
  104. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
  105. Smell and Taste
  106. Reverend Joe Somebody?
  107. Energy Drinks Bad?
  108. My parents won't allow me to go to my bf's house.
  109. is the esrb doing a good job
  110. Southeast/Southwest United States problems, illegal immigrants.
  111. Should the States have dropped the atomic bombs?
  113. Oedipus/Electra complex - Real or Fake
  114. 911 Conspiracy/Loose change
  115. Here is something worth thinking about : Philosophy
  116. average rate of reaction...
  117. Skill
  118. American Political Term Limits
  119. [Essay] The Nichomachean Ethics
  120. Kierkegaard's "Concluding Unscientific Postscript"
  121. [Essay] Problems with the Canadian Education System
  122. [Essay]One Man's Hero
  123. [Essay] Descartes' Proof for God
  124. Philosophy of Technology
  125. God VS Science
  126. Children and the Real World
  127. Benefits of Critical Thinking (long list)
  128. The War in Iraq
  129. Trivial pursuit and human extinction
  130. righty turning lefty
  131. proof of 2=1
  132. Knowledge begets responsibility which begets guilt
  133. chemical conscience
  134. Video of the BBC reporting Tower 7's collapse before it falls.
  135. Be all that you can be
  136. Zeitgeist
  137. The self is not physical, but symbolic
  138. Hobbes vs. Locke
  139. The leap of faith into absolutes
  140. When me becomes I
  141. I am interested in disinterested knowledge
  142. Why is it that people die?
  143. Do corporations have any moral responsibility?
  144. Anti-intellectualism inhibits learning
  145. Elegant Mathematics
  146. Technology makes passive life seducing
  147. Common sense is anchor
  148. Popularizers bring ‘Power to the People’
  149. my views on how the american goverment traps lower class citizens.
  150. Thinking is part of reality
  151. Dream and myth: the foundation for depth psychology
  152. Something I've been thinking about
  153. Do you think the Legislative branch is too strong?
  154. What happens to us when we learn new stuff?
  155. The decider is the ego
  156. People
  157. Were we better off in a state of nature?
  158. Type of people in the world
  159. Love
  160. Get the troops out of the Middle East!
  161. Our Schools
  162. Demand outstripping supply for oil.
  163. I have a strong desire to comprehend stuff
  164. Religious people aren't as smart as Atheists
  165. Democracy, Critical Thinking, & Journalism
  166. A myspace bulletin that I disagreed with and just had to share (attn: god vs. no god)
  167. Grammar & Spelling - Is it important? Read post first
  168. Metaphorically thinking
  169. Lincoln’s philosophy completes the work of the guns
  170. Congrats devonin!
  171. CT Rules, Read Them Before Posting
  172. Just....
  173. What Prompts Violence In Society?
  174. just to read for grammer fans ( i know mine is not perfect)
  175. Dreaming
  176. Rappers Doing The Job Of Racists?
  177. Light speed
  178. What was before the Big Bang Theory?
  179. Smoking and Drinking Ages - Pointless?
  180. Problems with the Big Bang theory
  181. Agnosticism-Why we aren't all one
  182. Eighteen Hours of English Lab
  183. Critical Thinking Glossary of Religious Terms
  184. Critical Self-Consciousness
  185. Vitality Of Religion As Part Of a Culture
  186. Conceptualizing Dimensions of Reality
  187. medacognition
  188. Theories on UFO's and alien civilization's
  189. United States eventual future?
  190. Cultural Mosaic, or Cultural Melting Pot
  191. Homosexuality.
  192. Are Restrictions Necessary?
  193. truth about critical thinking?
  194. Does morality come with intelligence?
  195. i suffer from a disorder
  196. The Perfect Clone
  197. Animal Experimentation Ethical Standards
  198. The rebellion of eights!
  199. Episcopal Diocese Secedes From Church
  200. Who Was A Worse Man: Hitler or Stalin?
  201. Depression.
  202. Calculus Help
  203. My life is a lie, and so is yours.
  204. Political compass
  205. Should America help struggling countries?
  206. I need some help
  207. Genetic Engineering
  208. Seeing the past: A somewhat realistic idea
  209. Bridge design
  210. segregation
  211. Why us black people can use the "n" word.
  212. Rainbow=6 colors
  213. Significance of Canadian Involvement in the Somme?
  214. Music Discussion
  215. Gay Churches?
  216. GPA's accuracy reflecting intelligence.
  217. The Role of Elected Officials
  218. America's Grading System
  219. Is America's failing education system going to impact our economy in 10 years' time?
  220. [Discussion] Homework and General Information Subsection
  221. My Bridge [muahaha]
  222. Is it a good idea to censor kids from certain things?
  223. Scientology
  224. Racial Profiling
  225. The legalisation of marijuana
  226. A deeper search for happiness
  227. Absolute Truth?
  228. Riddle...
  229. Racial Segregation has begun in Canada
  230. Voting - Why dont you vote?
  231. forumla
  232. That’s one small step for a robot
  233. wtf???
  234. Privacy versus Public Safety
  235. Acceptable Suicide?
  236. Have you ever thought about...
  237. The Desire for an Apocalypse?
  238. Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded
  239. Autism: An Epidemic of the 21st Century?
  240. Love, what is it?
  241. Wasted resources
  242. Infinite Life and Government
  243. Who owns the moon?
  244. College and Scholarships
  245. President
  246. Current events
  247. Biased Opinions about Presidents.
  248. The nature of love.
  249. I Am Legend: Fact or Fiction?
  250. Time Travel