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62 ratings
  1. wooo! i love ASP

  2. wooo! me too

  3. Nice. I love this!

  4. Nice. I love this!

  5. yeah i love ASP =]

  6. asp are fricken amazing!

  7. siiiiiiiiick!

  8. pwn

  9. oh gawd that insane song gave me a hard on =0

  10. hid band is awesome



  13. why does ity never save my score and says log in when i am logged in?!?!?

  14. Guru songs are pretty easy...

  15. Guru songs are pretty easy...

  16. SICK! Now, how about widgets with speed mods? :)

  17. decent metal, duh there guys are amazing. this isnt theyre best song but its still nice. quit complaining fuck. soo happy FFR came this far.

  18. that was odd....

  19. SICK

  20. neobludragon is just mad because i gave his mom aids. all shall perish isnt good either way

  21. all shall perish is tha shit screw all you who hate them

  22. All Shall Perish is really good. Even though I like suck ass at this game haha. SUPPP BICHESS

  23. Fucking Brutal. I loved all of them.

  24. =o, i wanted them to be on this.

  25. love this band!

  26. This is probably the single most addicting game ever. xxx

  27. all shall perish OWNS :D

  28. AHHHHH FUCK YOU 1ST PLACE I KEEP GETTING 98% this is some bullshit!!!!!!

  29. ahhhh fuckiin siiiiiiick

  30. ASP <3333333 i wonder if theres any impending doom =p

  31. ok... so blatantly addicted to this. :) i love ASP. <3

  32. SOOOO GOOD!!

  33. i love asp damnit....they have this on their myspace even...sweet YAY!!! MEMBER SINCE 2004 Bitches

  34. their okay but they need better guitar shit...the drummer is probably the best instrumentalist in their band

  35. ahhh my fav. game on this thing!

  36. Hey look, ASP on FFR. :)

  37. Hey look, ASP on FFR. :)

  38. Glad everyone's enjoying this :) EW did a damn good job on his steps man they don't call him ELECTRICwerewolf for nothing

  39. this band is the only thing that makes this site worth-while

  40. I. Love. This. Band.

  41. Obv the best one on here.

  42. All Shall Perish will devour infants Cuz theyso badass

  43. LOVE ASP!!!

  44. this band is amazing. "there is no business" is so effing fun to play and plus its bad ace.

  45. wheres never ending war =[

  46. schweet!

  47. ASP kicks assss

  48. ;]

  49. :] amazing band

  50. dang, they are way bad ass!

  51. these huys are sooo good in concert i saw them with stick to your guns, the warriors, and terror

  52. i cannot get enough of this band. x]

  53. :D

  54. YEAH ASP!

  55. YEAH ASP!

  56. there should be a slipknot or mudvayne widget i like this one thou

  57. best band ever!!!

  58. one week I get my ASP shirt in the mail, the next I'm addicted to THIS haha

  59. wage slave is win

  60. かっけえ

  61. Yeah!!! All Shall Perish is the best!

  62. I FUCKING LOVE WAGE SLAVES!!! The Band IM IN Is Doing A Cover.

  63. i love this band and it really fun with ffr nice

  64. where are the new songs ????

  65. ahhh brootal.

  66. Dude, this band fucking owns. Can't believe they're on here. <3

  67. i call for the new all shall perish songs. def. need an update on this shit

  68. any one add me

  69. ASP TOTALLY ROCKS !! Going to see them im MTL on september 9th :D

  70. ASP TOTALLY ROCKS !! Going to see them im MTL on september 9th :D

  71. ASP TOTALLY ROCKS !! Going to see them im MTL on september 9th :D