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Default Re: Why

I agree with KIWI.

Ps. I ninja'd two threads and KIWI herself. D:
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Originally Posted by smartdude1212 View Post
EA will wander into his house with twenty minutes remaining in the round, load up FFR, realize he needs to ****, go to do so, discover he's hungry, whip up a gourmet meal, return to FFR with five minutes to go, play la camp once, and missflag on the 2154th arrow because scythe of 13 is watching him
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Originally Posted by ninjaKIWI View Post
I don't like the new music. It doesn't fit FFR.
I completely agree. I rather have the old one back :/

Edit: The beta hasn't been updated...
I'd rather play the beta than deal with the ****ty new music.

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Default Re: Why

I like the new music. ;_;
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Default Re: Why

Originally Posted by Xx{Midday}xX View Post
It is weird.

It's the feeling you get when the battle theme song changes when you get to a certain point in an RPG game...

But this is completely different... completely different. It doesn't sound much like a selection screen song. It's too melodic and unrepetitive. It's more defining than some of the levels themselves.

I love the music, but I don't feel it's suitable for a selection screen song.
too many threads about this what.
Any FFR song title discrepancies? List them here.
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Default Re: Why

Discuss in this thread.
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