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Default 2015 Regular Batch Results

January/February 2015

Note that January/February 2015 is the only regular batch period that does not link to another post. All subsequent regular batches will link to the posts with the reviews.

Results for January 2015 Set 1:

[7.5/10] koumen break {sHimaU} (ilikexd)

Conditional Queue
[8*/10] Ant IDM {The Flashbulb} (ilikexd)
[7/10] Slashmaid {paraoka} (ilikexd)

[3/10] The Friendly Wolf (Part 1) {Championanwar} (Xtreme2252)
[3/10] YEAR OF THE BAD DRAGON {The Quick Brown Fox} (Xtreme2252)

gameboy42690 was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 1. The notes are shown below.

[8*/10] Ant IDM {The Flashbulb} (ilikexd)
2.014: PR in the intro needs some serious retuning. Taking the first two measures as an example, you stepped "1 2-3-4 1 4 1-4-3 2", but something like "2 1-4-3 2 3 2-4-3 1" would work much better. It’s really lazy and should be fixed. What you stepped is at least stepped consistently when the melody repeats itself, so I'll give you credit for that.
30.378 & 30.651: These cymbal crashes should probably both be triples. If you had only stepped triples when there was a cymbal crash and a snare drum at the same time, I wouldn't really have a problem here. But there's moments in the file where there's only a cymbal crash and you step a triple anyway (28.196 for example).
33.651 & 33.923: Same issue here.
40.577: Again here.
58.988 & 59.400: And again here etc. you get the idea, there's a lot of cymbal crashes that didn't get stepped as triples when they probably should have.
83.617: This part feels kind of empty to me without that hi-hat playing every 8th note stepped. Minor nitpick.
98.617: HUGE difficulty spike, but to be fair the song does call for it and it's VERY fun if you ask me.
- I noticed a lot of players suggesting that there's some awkward patterns in the jumpstream. For the most part I think it flows very well and there's not much that could be done to make it more flowy without abusing roll patterns throughout the entire thing. I personally don't think anything needs to be changed but it would be worth it to look over this part again anyway.
This is a very good file but I think the PR absolutely needs to be addressed first. It’s a really simple fix but it would make such a big difference.

[7.5/10] koumen break {sHimaU} (ilikexd)
12.389: Nothing wrong with this note on its own, but the note at 13.446 is higher than the one here so the PR doesn't quite work. 3 2-3-4 would likely work better.
18.269 & 18.485: If you're going to layer in the flute along with the vocals, then these two notes need to be jumps.
21.382: PR got weird here. The highest note (21.931) is all the way to the left when it would make more sense to be on the right.
32.034: PR issue again. This would make more sense as 2-1-2 instead of 1-2-3
49.584: So I guess this file is a mini-Pandora. :P
51.708: This last [23] jump would feel a little better as a [14] jump. Something like this would more clearly stress the beginning of this new part of the song (if that makes sense, not sure if I’m explaining it well).
51.973: Regardless of whether you do the above or not, this jump should at least be the same as the jump before it.
59.805: I guess from a technical standpoint these hands make sense, but they just weren't that fun.
66.177: This burst was kinda ugly; something jumptrillable would be better (especially since most of the bursts in this file are already designed to be jumptrillable).
76.266 & 76.531: Same thing with these two hands as 59.805. In particular these crashes are somewhat muted compared to the other crashes in the song, which is part of the reason they felt so weird to me.
77.195: This long series of jumps is deceptively evil! I can see a lot of players easily splitting these jumps.
85.159: Missing a grace note just before the quad (obviously the quad is going to need to be changed to a triple in order to support the grace note).
The first half of this file is kinda meh due to the song itself, but once the breakcore half of the song kicks in it's generally pretty good.

[7/10] Slashmaid {paraoka} (ilikexd)
- This song... wow... Viewer discresion is advised.
11.754, 12.260, etc.: These lone 16ths are technically correct, but you have to listen VERY closely to even pick up on what they're going to. I'm questioning whether or not they should be left in or not.
15.171: 16th jump should be a single note. The vocal falls somewhere between the 8th and the following 16th (stepping the 8th as a jump would be a decent approximation).
25.741: Missing triple going to the cymbal crash (or alternatively, missing jump going to the vocalist's... excitement. Either way there's missing layering here.)
53.589 & 53.842: I find it strange that these guitar riffs aren't layered, but the guitar at 55.108 etc. is layered as triples.
57.893: Same as above. This fixation on only layering the vocals as jumps sometimes works against you.
63.209: Missing triple.
68.916: The guitar feels much heavier than the drum at 68.787, so having this 8th note as only a single instead of a jump or triple feels off.
72.932: Should be a jump.
73.062: Missing 8th going to the guitar. There's tons of polyrhythms mixed into the 12th streams later on, so I don't get why you excluded a polyrhythm here.
75.486: This 24th burst should actually be 16ths. I assume you know that and you just wanted it to flow better from the 12th trill, but it felt wrong when I played it.
79.956: These are 16ths, not 12ths.
91.017: Missing 8th
95.067: Missing 8th
111.006: Ghost note
111.649: Ghost note
113.220 etc.: The three [12] jumps in a row work for the vocals, but by doing this you end up ignoring the guitar. Making the second jump a [14] would acknowledge both the vocal (three consecutive notes on column 1) and the guitar.
114.220: I really think the guitar should continue to be stepped with jumps instead of suddenly shifting to stepping only the vocals with jumps. But as long as you made this switch in layering, this 16th and the following 8th should swap columns. Instead of [24]-1-3, [24]-3-1 would help with pitch relevancy (the guitar plays a lower note on 114.363 than on 113.791).
135.493-135.951: Ghost 32nd stream.
- I think this file has enough differences from the in-game version that this one could go in as well (after fixes are made).

[3/10] The Friendly Wolf (Part 1) {Championanwar} (Xtreme2252)
5.615: Quarter note jump would be a bit more pitch relevant as a [13] jump instead of a [12] jump.
13.224: I'm no piano expert and I can't really tell when a chord is actually three keys or just two, so I can't say if this is technically accurate... but going from a triple at 12.354 to a jump here didn't feel right. For the sake of FFR I'm thinking these triples in the intro should be bumped down to jumps, especially since there's almost no triples to be found anywhere after the intro anyway. (On that note, the handful of triples that do get used after the intro aren't used consistently.)
19.963: [23] jump would be more pitch relevant.
22.572: Very low note; move this to column 1.
24.311: Should be moved to column 2, with the grace note in column 3.
28.224: Lots of ghosting here. I get what you're trying to do but the 16ths don't feel right and the 64th bursts weren't fun. The third 64th burst really didn't fit at all.
31.702: Don't forget to keep PR in mind when you step these jumps. This piano note is lower than the one at 30.180, so stepping both notes with a [13] jump doesn't make sense. The second one works better as a [12] jump. Make sure to look for PR errors in the rest of the file too, because there’s a lot of them.
36.539: Missing 32nd. When you add it in, make sure you adjust the patterns so it flows nicely with the additional 32nd.
39.094: There's a whole bunch of missing 32nds here.
40.507: Missing 16th.
- There's a noticeable trend of leaving random notes out during the entire file. Naming every single missing note would result in a massive review, so if I mention missing notes again it's mostly because there's something else I wanted to say in addition to the missing notes.
43.876: Change the jump to a [12] to make this bit flow better.
45.670: I assume the intention was for this 32nd to be a grace note. But since there's also 32nds just before the jump, instead you get the illusion of one continuous stream which is not what the song is playing. Besides, most of your other grace notes are 48ths so I don't get why this one wasn't a 48th as well.
46.267: Lots of missing notes here, but I actually think for the softer buzzing it works better to step 16ths instead, and leave the 32nds for the louder buzzing. If you step all the buzzing with 32nds this file could get very messy if not done correctly. Tinker around with different stepping approaches and see which one is most fun. Just remember to settle on one approach and stay consistent with it.
52.028: This minijack doesn't go to anything.
52.572 & 53.333: And these two minijacks are pretty random too.
56.920: Transitioning from the burst to this jump is awkward. Consider either moving the 16th at 56.811 to column 1 or changing the jump into a [14] jump.
57.789: Starting after this point, layering starts getting really weird. The piano is stepped pretty consistently (but you're still having PR issues), but whether or not certain drums get layered as jumps is very random. Obviously nobody's looking to have every single 16th drum stepped as a jump, but at the very least the louder drum beats should probably be stepped as jumps. The bass kick and the snare are the two that you’ll likely want to focus on. You do this on occasion but it’s never done consistently.
73.876: The minijacks and one-hand bias make for a really gross pattern.
84.746 & 85.180: The drum really isn't loud enough to warrant using triples.
99.528-111.702: I've been pretty negative in this review, so I just wanted to point out this section and say the PR is pretty spot-on here.
113.441: From here onward you continue to have very inconsistent layering. Sometimes the snare is a jump, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes the bass kick is a jump, sometimes it isn't.
115.072: Ugly one handed 32nd burst.
118.550: This 48th cameljack is a horrible pattern and needs to go.
140.398: Past this point, jumps become strangely scarce despite there being plenty of opportunities for jumps to be placed.
157.789: The jumpglut would have been nice if you followed through with it instead of switching to single notes at 158.224.
158.659: Of all the missing notes in this file, this was probably one of the strangest. This gap is so random, there's no justification for leaving this part blank.
161.485: The minijacks don't really do a good job of accenting the buzzing. 32nd bursts would work better.
210.833: As the song is fading out, it makes more sense for the file to gradually get easier, not harder. When the song gets less intense, the file should follow suit.

This file is very messy and inconsistent. There's a handful of nice ideas but major work needs to be done before this file can be considered for FFR.

[3/10] YEAR OF THE BAD DRAGON {The Quick Brown Fox} (Xtreme2252)
- Never in my life did I ever imagine hearing a speedcore remix of Pomp and Circumstance. I'll keep this in mind if for some reason I ever decide a graduation ceremony needs a little extra kick.
- gold stinger made a lot of great points in the public thread about this file. Many of those points I've repeated in this review. Kudos to him for going as in-depth as he did (and for saving me a bit of time :P).
1.990: A lot of the cymbal crashes in the intro are stepped as triples, which I like. Unfortunately, that triple use isn't consistent. This very first jump in the file should also have been a triple. Additionally, the high-speed bass rushes were stepped as trills, but the very first 32nds in the file are stepped as a roll instead. Again, inconsistent with everything else in the intro.
3.740: I like how the repeated drum is stepped with repeated 8ths, but again you're inconsistent in doing this. 8ths like what you have from 1.990-2.740 are more freeform instead of repeating. While you don't need to have one giant long column of 8ths, you do at least need to stay consistent with anchor usage. Example: Move the 8th at 3.740 to column 4, which would connect the jumps before and after the 8th. Change the 8th at 4.740 to column 2 (and shuffle the 24ths however you want to avoid 24th jacks), and change the 8th at 5.240 to column 4 (or change the 4th at 5.490 to column 3, your choice).
9.365: Minijack is inconsistent with how you normally stepped 16ths here.
10.115: Same issue here.
10.740: 1-2-3-[12] patterns generally aren't that fun.
12.740: 3-1-2-[13] patterns aren't much better.
15.490, 15.740, 15.990: All three of these cymbal crashes should be triples.
16.990: Lots of nasty right-hand bias here.
17.990: Once the song goes full-on speedcore, it makes more sense to double the BPM. Not necessarily required but it just feels right. The lack of jumpspam is also surprising... and inconsistent with later in the file. At 49.990 you go all out with jumpgluts, and again at 105.990. Even if you just wanted to step only the cymbals as jumps, you're still missing a few jumps.
- Obviously you're not going to want literally everything to be a jump. The bursts are a great time to break away from the jumps, particularly since the bursts use a different drum and not the pounding bass you hear most of the time.
19.865: Most of the time when there's a burst faster than 32nds, you've been using 48ths. But here you have 64ths instead. I found the 48ths more fun, so stick with that.
21.615: Missing 16th.
27.490: Considering there's a very long jack coming up, I'm surprised there wasn't another jack here. I'm especially surprised that there weren't any jumps here.
27.990: Ignoring the fact that this jack is really rough (to quote gold stinger, "fgfgfgffgfsdgddfdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfggdfg"), the first two notes of the jack should be broken up; they're not going to the same drum as 28.240 onward.
29.490 & 29.865: Both of these should be 48th bursts (or 64th bursts, whatever you end up deciding on. Again, 48ths are more fun.)
33.615: Missing note.
33.865: Missing note again.
33.990: oh god this song
37.990-41.490: Ideally this should just be a direct copy & paste of 33.990-37.490 instead of changing the patterns around.
49.115: Missing burst
51.865: Again, there's indecision on whether or not you want to step the bursts with 64ths or 48ths.
53.490: One-handed 48th cameljack is gross.
57.365: Missing note.
57.615: Missing note.
57.865: Burst should continue into the jump.
61.615: Missing note again. I don't know why, but these incomplete bursts keep showing up.
65.990-79.990: This should just be a direct copy & paste of the intro. Everything is played exactly the same as it was before, so the notes should reflect that. For everything after 79.990, you know what you need to work on. Get rid of the random 16th jacks, put triples where necessary, etc.
88.990: Nevermind the fact that two one-handed 48th cameljacks in a row is really gross, 48ths aren't even correct in either case. These are both 32nds.
119.990: Ending needs its pitch relevancy worked on.
What you have is a good start but this file needs a lot of fixing up.

Results for January 2015 Set 2:

[8.5/10] Caffeine {PSYCHOSTICK} (hi19hi19)
[8.5/10] The Impresario {virt Tommy Pedrini} (hi19hi19)

[5/10] Entrance {ICE} (SonicX)
[3.5/10] TRIGGER HAPPY (Hommarju Remix) {P*Light} (SonicX)
[0/10] Handsonic (Feat. Jordan Virelli) {Vena Cava} (VisD)

Gradiant was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 2. The notes are shown below.

[8.5/10] Caffeine {PSYCHOSTICK} (hi19hi19)
- Not sure why there isn’t any notes in the first second. It’s kind of necessary for some songs with ambient-sort of intros where they can’t be stepped well at all, but this song’s intro is a prominent drum part.
- MarioNintendo mentioned the offset felt off in some parts and I noticed at as well in sections like 0-17.682s, the notes going to vocals drag behind the song.
- The jumptrills to the yelling seemed a bit odd since the first thing I noticed in the song was the drum beat behind it, but I do see what you were doing with them as it provides variation to the jacks throughout the rest of the file. Think it’s fine.
- Section at 44.970s is pretty funny. Charu suggested not coloring it, but I think the colors are fine. My only gripe with it is 3-4-2-3-1-2 section that happens twice. At this speed that patterning is pretty nasty too hit. If you changed that to something similar to what’s right after it, it still fits the rhythm of the sound it’s going to without it being so jarring.
- 129.219-129.769s: This section’s extremely fast so the jumpgluts here is kind of spikey even with how jacky the rest of the file is. Having it be a jumptrill or having a single note for the 2nd, 4th, and 6th sound would play a lot nicer

[5/10] Entrance {ICE} (SonicX)
- Please change the SM Offset to -0.349 seconds, it’s currently offsync, I’ll continue the notes with the current offset though
- Notes to the synth in the intro could be included instead of just 4ths, since you already have a note to the synth sound at 9.879s
- If you’re going to have jumps to that sound that happens at 26.875 and 27.209, please do so for the rest of the file
Sections like 39.651-42.984s and 43.317-63.980s where a melody can be heard, there should be a greater attention for pitch relevancy.
- 69.978-72.645s: This is such a huge difficulty spike compared to the rest of the file. Using more (12) and (34) in this section would play a bit nicer than having the majority of the jumps split between both hands. The hands mixed with the jumps using both the left and right side make it strongly resemble the split jump section in AIM Anthem (not good). Best way to go about this section I think would be to either alternate between (12) and (34) jumps (could keep the hands this way as well), or have jumps every other note so it’s not a really fast wall o f split jumps/hands.
- 72.645-74.644: Roll should ascend to the right to match the ascending piano
- 91.308-93.974s: This plays a lot nicer than the jumpglut section in the middle of the song, but I agree with Goldstinger that (13)(24) would work better right before the left to right roll since before that you have short jumptrills as well.
- 99.306s: Think this note at the end so that the song ends after the pitch is released should be moved up to when the pitch is actually released. Having the note a bit after the pitch is released feels wonky to me.

[0/10] Handsonic (Feat. Jordan Virelli) {Vena Cava} (VisD)
- Auto-rejection due to the file being sent in incomplete

[8.5/10] The Impresario {virt Tommy Pedrini} (hi19hi19)
- 2.108-9.329: Personal preference but it bugs me that the song is in triple meter in this section but it’s synced to be stepped as 16ths
- 29.272: I get that you’re trying to simplify this drum fill here but I still think it needs to have more notes given they’d be 24ths which you already have for the rest of the drum fills in this intro section
- 98.192: Think the drums are way to faint to have 32nds here
- 151.781: Missing jump?
- 299.795-303.178: Could use more of a build-up with jumps I think. The snares are getting louder here leading up to the hand on 303.178
- 303.178: Bohemian Rhapsody lmao
- 389.377: Not sure about these being hands, they’re quieter than what the hands were going to right before it
- 411.194: Please do this for the intro syncing
- Just a couple of very small things that could be changed overall. Besides that, the only major gripe I have is that it’s long. Usually I’d like files with this length to be a bit harder in difficulty to maintain interest, but I think the song does that instead. There was a lot of attention to layering between vocals and piano, like that you used sub-beats, and the colored notes mixed in kept it interesting as well.

[3.5/10] TRIGGER HAPPY (Hommarju Remix) {P*Light} (SonicX)
- Intro could also be stepped, players right now have to wait 10 seconds before the notes start
- I suggest going through the file again checking for pitch relevancy in sections where there isn’t much going on and the melody is prominent. For example:
1.) 11.706s: You can follow either the 3 descending pitch beeps or the 4 note vocal sample (vocal sample would be something like 4-2-4-2), but the 4-1-2 pattern you have currently doesn’t fit to either of those
2.) 21.456s: Would fit the pitches better if the patterning of these 5 notes went from left to right and then back to the left.
3.) 19.506s: blue note at 19.656 would go to the left of the jump, red and yellow note after that should go from left to right because the pitches ascend, and then the last yellow note at 20.031 shouldn’t be in the same column as the yellow before it because the pitches are different. This example happens more than just this one time, so go back and check those again. The rhythms are right but it doesn’t feel like I’m playing with the song if I’m not also playing with the pitch when it’s prominent.
- 14.706s: Missing notes for the melody you were following before in times 15.006s, 15.456s, 16.731s, 16.956s
- 17.706s: left to right would work better here because the vocal sample is ascending
- 23.856: Missing jump
- 24.006: Shouldn’t be a jump
- 28.806: Shouldn’t be a jump
- 33.006: While this runningman pattern is neat by itself, it doesn’t match with what’s going on in the song so it’s odd
- 38.706: Starting here you have jumps to that driving bass kick, so missing jumps also to that sound are noticeable like 39.006, 40.206,41.406, etc.
- 48.306: Going from a 32nd roll directly into a hand is really nasty since it forces a minitrill at the end
- 57.906: ending this split roll with a (13) jump rather than changing how the roll starts so it can end with a (12) or (34) is awkward to hit
- 67.431: Even when the roll doesn’t end with a hand, it’s still bad to end it on this jump because it also forces a minitrill at the end
- 77.106s: While the percussion sounds the same for these 5 hits, there’s a descending melody, so you can also have the jumps sort of move from right to left to match it rather than having all of them be (14) jumps
- 91.206: This burst patterning is not friendly at all especially when the part happening right before is really simple 8th beats with some jumps
- 96.006: These are 400 bpm trills, super spikey. Similar sounds happened in the first half of the file but they were just rolls, so I’m not sure why they changed in this section
- Notes up to this point also concern the 2nd half of the file (missing notes, missing jumps, pitch relevancy, points about your 32nd rolls)
- 204.306: You have all these jumps here with an anchor on the 3rd column which plays awkwardly, would work better if the jumps were just shuffled around
206.706: Climax theory is a thing, but this is just no. 200bpm is very fast for this section to be patterned like this, especially when you have that anchor on the 2nd column in the second half of it. This a really bad difficulty spike.
- Please go through the whole file again checking for pitch relevancy, missing jumps when you were layering jumps to the bass kicks, the patterning of your 32nd rolls and not ending them in hands or jumps that force one-hand minitrills, changing the middle 32nd trills, and removing that jumpglut spike in the ending

Results for January 2015 Set 3:

Conditional Queue
[7/10] Breaka Railway {Tilde} (PrawnSkunk)
[7/10] sniffing stardust on the dancefloor {Kola Kid} (klimtkiller)
[7/10] Tope Doge {Maxo} (PrawnSkunk)

[6/10] Arcanum Guardian {LeaF} (klimtkiller)
[4/10] Power Wisdom Courage {Powerglove} (FFR Pro 21)

DarkZtar was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 4. The notes are shown below.

[6/10] Arcanum Guardian {LeaF} (klimtkiller)
-4.859 these notes to the echos aren’t really necessary, the sound is negligible compared to the crashes.
-9.892 missing jump
-10.207 crash here that isn’t acknowledged at all.
-18.734 should be a single note to indicate the absence of the synth melody.
-24.102 pointed out in the public forum notes, this measure really shouldn’t be empty. The focus on the synth that comes later is good, but there is plenty of stuff going on here.
-25.523 should be a 3 note jack (missing the first note)
-29.312 PR for the 4ths and 8ths in this pattern are backwards.
-31.286 missing 16th
-32.470 this note should be the same as the previous note (same pitch)
-41.628 missing 16th
-49.102 having the 24ths end on a 24th feels really awkward. The ending of the piano gliss is pretty blurred but i’d recommend ending the 24ths on either the 4th of this measure or the 8th after it.
-59.312 missing jump
-70.682 long anchor here that you should break up (happens earlier too)
-similar recommendations when you have repeated stuff (intro, transition after the intro)
-103.838 would recommend you keep following the changing pitch with the trill instead of switching to the piano when it comes in, the synth feels more prominent.
-115.048 if you’re gonna keep this as a hand, really should make all the other instances of crashes in the streams hands as well (if they aren’t surrounded by other 16th jumps etc)
-115.364 should be a hand
Not bad honestly, but difficulty is really similar to the one in game.

[7/10] Breaka Railway {Tilde} (PrawnSkunk)
-12.755 you had a 16th jack at 10.711 going to the background synth that should be present here as well.
-20.811 seems like a pretty conscious decision to leave out these 16ths but adding them in would make the file more interesting.
-32.234 the focus on this section is entirely melody, but you have sporadic instances of stepping the background synth when the melody isnt present, make it consistent by either dropping the background synth notes completely or filling them in everywhere else and layering the whole section.
-44.378 this jump feels very out of place considering you havent layered any of the 32nd streams when similar sounds are present, suddenly having a jump after the hardest spike of notes feels very jarring.
-49.669 again the jumps feel weird cause you’re suddenly layering the background synth (on top of being forced to drop several of the jumps in order to leave room for the melody 32nds)
-62.294 these instances should technically be jacks, would make this section more interesting. (consider adding jacks to other instances of the background synth)
-63.376 again where you want to up the layering but im assuming you left out the jump on the 16th to avoid a large difficulty spike. Normally certain generalizations to avoid difficulty spikes is ok, but when you only have 3 jumps you’re working with and you get forced into leaving out 1 of them the idea feels very incomplete. Either put the 16th in and force players to deal with the difficulty spike, or go with the generalization that leave out the 32nds in favor of highlighting the increase in layering. Also happens at 64.338, etc.
-67.164 i don’t hear this 32nd
-68.787 layering in this whole section is inconsistent. You seem to be accenting a certain sound here, but when it is present at 70.711, 73.115, 73.365, you don’t emphasize it.
The layering generalizations/inconsistencies are what hurt this file the most. Otherwise this is a pretty nice broken stream oriented chiptune file.

[4/10] Power Wisdom Courage {Powerglove} (FFR Pro 21)
Had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate, my timings might vary slightly from yours
-10.129 this whole trill isn’t the correct rhythm
-15.790 should be 2 32nds leading into this hand
-28.594 should be a hand
-43.864 should be a hand
-51.000 instances like this lead me to recommend that you save hands for instances of guitar/drum + crash rather than using them for all the crashes (even the ones without anything else accompanying them). The hands to the solo crashes feel a bit much in comparison.
-54.480 missing 32nd gallop
-57.219 missing 32nd
-64.639 should be a jumptrill to the hand
-69.169 ^same thing
-70.139 also should be a jumptrill
-79.583 stop using the 2 note 8th chains when the guitar is absent, the 2 note chains work well to indicate the guitar but when they continue when the guitar is absent they feel arbitrary and makes the patterning appear lazy.
-89.999 ^same thing
-95.199 pr here noticeably off since the 3 jumps you have here essentially imply 1-2-1 pitch variation
-100.385 ^same thing
-105.678 this 16th should be a single note
-106.320 this 16th should also be a single note, and the 16th after the 8th should be a jump
-110.781 same layering consistency as before, should be a jumptrill here
-115.981 ^same thing
-121.344 repeated note for 2 distinct pitches
-124.443 ^same thing, but this instances feels even weirder since its a 3 note repetition (and all 3 things represented aren’t similar; 2 different pitches, drum hit)
-125.025 and then you have instances where 8th jacks would be appropriate for the guitar, but you don’t have 8th jacks here
-lots of copy pasta in this file in general with the same errors
-135.097 the melody is not straight 8ths
-141.859 alright at this point the copy pasta is getting ridiculous. It’s one thing when it’s used to deliberately highlight select music repetition, but when it’s used to this extent in a file, it really limits the pattern variation you have because the players just feels like they’re playing the same stuff over and over again, not to mention all the errors in previous sections exist in the copy/pasted sections.
-160.056 this synth is much faster than 12ths
-163.153 ^same thing
-319.396 jumps to the melody here are off
-333.906 16th should be a jump
-334.390 several missing jumps here
-340.777 missing jump on the 4th
-341.261 missing jump on the 16th
Alright this song is almost 6 minutes, 6 minutes of lots of copy/paste which means lots of consistent errors and limited pattern variety. It also makes the file a lot more boring than it needs to be. The number of misrhythms and layering inconsistencies means the file warrants a pretty thorough revision before its acceptable.

[7/10] sniffing stardust on the dancefloor {Kola Kid} (klimtkiller)
-11.509 dont think these hands are warranted, the kicks aren’t particularly loud or abrasive.
-15.794 should be a hand
-28.937 layering in this section is a bit suspect, the sound on this 4th is the same as the 8th preceding it but you have a jump on the 8th and a single on the 4th. Similar sound is also on the 16th at 29.151 and 29.366 and they are both single notes.
-32.366, 41.794 also instances where single notes are used while jumps are used to highlight similar sounds in other areas.
I feel like theres a lot of layering inconsistency at this point. The layering seems to fluctuate in density intentionally because similar instances are treated the same so the inconsistencies are consistent (if that makes sense), but they still make the file feel a bit weird.
-57.794 jump here and the 8th after go to sounds that are previously emphasized with hands
Some of the 32nds transitions are pretty uncomfortable, 75.080 in particular
Ending feels really empty after how energetic the rest of the file was, especially since theres still other melodic synths playing.
I kinda get the approach to filter the layering to tailor to what the stepartist feels is important within a section, but I feel like the layering is almost too arbitrary in some instances and it makes the file feel inconsistent. Other than that the file plays pretty well, some of the 32nds could be smoothed out more but that isnt a big deal.

[7/10] Tope Doge {Maxo} (PrawnSkunk)
-15.916 missing 16th
-21.804 should be a jump on the 16th
-24.047 ^ same thing
There are other instances where its kinda ambiguous whether the repetition of some sounds you previously emphasized are loud enough to warrant additional jumps.
-26.430 you were following the background synth but abruptly stop here. Don’t really feel like this is a great place for a layering shift.
-35.682 missing jump
-37.645 missing jump here and the 8th after
Layering kind feels like it varies in density kinda randomly, some groups of measures have more accenting or layering in general when the music is essentially the same density.
-41.009 again dropping the background synth in favor of just following the vocals, the fact that the background synth is acknowledged again immediately after this measure just makes it feel all the more awkward and empty.
-49.000 gallops to follow the staggered scratches is good, but this pattern is very smooth and might confuse the player into thinking this is a burst staircase, recommend changing it.
-83.206 the bursts don’t really drop in volume enough to warrant a gap, i tried putting in offset straight 24ths and it felt much better so consider that.
-127.084 another measure that just feels empty considering how much is going on (esp considering the synths you were previously acknowledging)
-general notes: Glossing over a lot of the different call/response melodies as straight 16ths makes the file feel kinda bland in those places. Considering that you have some dense bursts means I feel you could beef up the layering in places to acknowledge certain melodies if you chose to. Double check the layering throughout the file in general, the layering changes keep the file interesting but I don’t feel like they’re done at comfortable times, most layering changes feel pretty random. Not a bad file by any means but I’d like to see the layering touched up before this gets put in game.

Results for January 2015 Set 4:

[8/10] Azure {Coyote Kisses} (VisD)

[6/10] Garakuta Doll Play {t+pazolite} (Destroy2777), eligible for rating appeal
[5/10] Someone Anyone {Anberlin} (HeZe)
[4/10] {The Traveller} {Cornandbeans} (HeZe)
[2/10] Might Like You Better {Vaski} (doggies4life04)

gameboy42690 was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 4. The notes are shown below.

[8/10] Azure {Coyote Kisses} (VisD)
10.133: As pointed out on the public thread by almost everyone, quads are quite exaggerated in this file. The music really only suggests a triple at most in any one part of the song. Here, the song is still rather soft so you may only want a jump for this first note.
22.945: The first syllable of "embrace" actually falls on a 32nd, not an 8th. I imagine you stepped an 8th instead because it made the file slightly easier, but seeing as you do use 32nds elsewhere in the file it doesn't really make sense to fudge the vocals like this.
- There may be a few other instances of notes not quite syncing up to the vocals perfectly, but in most cases what you stepped is close enough.
60.601, 70.601, etc.: Missing 16th going to the bass kick. Seems intentional but it feels a bit weird not being stepped.
80.132: The color note theory during the solo seems to have been a “love it or hate it” situation with the public. Personally I really like the idea behind it! But I'm having a really hard time figuring out where the cyan notes fit into all of this. Red is the flute, blue is the guitar, cyan is....? If it's to indicate the flute and the guitar playing at the same time, you already used red and blue at the same time at 86.062 and a few other points to indicate this. Including cyan just makes things confusing.
89.814: Missed a guitar note.
128.881: Should only be a jump, not a triple.
130.131: Going back to the point of excessive quads, this quad should definitely also be toned down.
This is charted really nicely overall! My main gripe really is the quads, but everything else feels really good.

[6/10] Garakuta Doll Play {t+pazolite} (Destroy2777)
3.056: PR during the intro could use some work. Half the time you got it right, the other half it's not really there. These first few steps, for example, could be "3 1 2 3" instead of "1 2 1 2".
7.041, 7.978, etc.: There's a drum being played here that could be stepped as well.
10.556: Again, there's a drum that could be stepped but isn't, which leads to this part of the song feeling a bit empty.
19.345: Missing note going to the vocal sample.
20.869: Vocal sample could be layered in as a jump.
22.920: Same here.
24.033: Missing jumps going to the bass.
26.845: Missing note going to the vocal sample.
29.541: Missing jump.
31.533: Missing jumps going to the bass.
- I see a lot of this sort of thing throughout the file. Underlayering a file is acceptable when the file is meant to be easy, but there's plenty of moments in this file that aren't easy at all. So in this case, underlayering this file makes the file underwhelming. I'm not going to name every instance of a missing note or a note that should have been a jump, because it's pretty much the entire file. I will say that, all things considered, there's a definite structure to the file and it's clear you gave it your best effort.
76.650: These 32nd gallops were a bit awkward to hit.
78.056: Now see, THIS is the kind of pitch relevancy I was expecting in the intro. Good job!
107.412: Not sure what these isolated 16ths/64ths are for. These should have been quarter notes. The last 16th/64th are a pair of ghost notes.
108.056: Going back to what HeZe said in his review on the public thread, this song makes the player expect something brutal to come at the end. The climax of the song should be where it gets brutal... and it doesn't happen. I mean, for what you've stepped it's stepped accurately, but once again it suffers from being very underlayered. It's more of an anti-climax than anything.
This is a very good start, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet. You’ve got an interesting structure but there’s some big holes that should be filled in.

[2/10] Might Like You Better {Vaski} (doggies4life04)
A few notes for when you submit your files to FFR:
Please remember to tag your simfiles correctly. The correct title is just “Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix)”. The correct artist is Amanda Blank; even though it’s Vaski’s remix, the original artist is still given credit. #SUBTITLE and #TITLETRANSLIT should be left blank.
.png's aren't used in FFR. You don’t need to include them in your submissions.
And finally, don't use Beginner when you chart your song. Your stepchart should be on either Light, Standard, Heavy or Challenge.

Moving on to the review itself...
2.571: This file typically makes no effort to utilize pitch relevancy, which means stepping low notes to the left and high notes to the right. It kinda just does whatever. For the first eight notes for example, something like "1-3 1-4, 1-4 1-3" would work better than what you have now.
5.143: Layering is also really random in this file. These next few jumps don't go to anything. The music is playing the exact same thing as 2.571 (minus the vocals), so ideally the steps should reflect that. Suddenly adding in jumps is very confusing.
- A very simple but effective approach to layering this song would be to step jumps whenever you hear a drum being played, and single notes all other times. You may decide later there's other sounds you want to layer with jumps as well, but for now this would make for a good starting point.
9.000: Another recurring problem is that you never really settle on what sound it is that you're stepping. Here you suddenly shift to stepping the vocals and you ignore the background music. There's a lot of this bouncing back and forth between stepping one thing or another. It's very inconsistent and doesn't make for a fun experience.
23.571: Stepping 8th jacks going to the wub would have been really nice.
34.714: 16th minijack doesn't really fit the vocals here. There's a few times where a jack could work such as 42.429, but on the other hand it would lead to a spike in difficulty, so I wouldn't actually step a jack there...
56.143: ...Speaking of which. Actually, the jack should have started on the 4th note, not the 16th. But as I said before, jacks are a difficulty spike considering the relatively lower difficulty of the rest of the file, and I would avoid using them here.
57.857: I don't hear 12ths here.
59.857: This 12th is also a ghost note.
60.000: But now there's actually a stream of 12th wubs being played here, which are completely ignored. Very very strange.
73.714: And yet this stream of 12th wubs was stepped. See what I mean about inconsistent stepping? If you step a sound once, you should usually step it every time.

The rest of the file is more of the same kinds of problems. There's no clear structure to the file at all. Needs significant work before this can be considered for FFR.

[5/10] Someone Anyone {Anberlin} (HeZe)
5.549: 8th minijacks could be redone to fit the synth better. The synth does a sort of "duh, duh, duh-duh, duh, duh, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh" rhythm, so the start of each minijack should correspond to each note that's played in that rhythm (I can provide a screenshot of how this would look if that’s easier for you, just send me a PM). You actually follow that rhythm exactly once you start layering the jumps, so I'm confused why the intro doesn't follow it that well.
10.839 & 11.192: The guitar is playing the same note here as it was at 10.487, so both jumps should be the same.
11.368: The second jump is going to a higher note than the first, so the second jump should be changed to reflect that.
11.721, 12.074, 12.427: Also the same exact note as 10.487.
- The same rhythm repeats itself a few more times every two measures with little variance. While you shouldn't necessarily copy & paste the exact same thing, the positioning of the jumps should stay uniform.
14.366: An one-handed anchor like this is pretty rude. That’s not to say you should never step an anchor like this, but it did feel out of place in this particular file.
24.250, 27.073, etc.: Break up the 8th jack here to accent the guitar riff. This would also be good to not have so many 4-note 8th jacks in a row.
33.604: These 8th jumps seem like they're just thrown in because the music changed a bit, but it doesn't actually go to anything.
44.368: A jump on every 4th note instead of every 8th note (only accenting the snare with jumps) would work better here.
47.189: Jump usage during the chorus doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sometimes it's very clearly going to the vocals (which is a little unusual considering you haven't been stepping the vocals at all up to this point, although I personally don't mind the switch), and then other times it kinda just does its own thing, whether it's spamming jumps or that jump-jump-single-single pattern you do a bit later.
69.778: Missing jump going to the snare.
71.190: Repeat of the intro. Same notes apply. There’s some extra jumps here that don’t go to anything.
83.013: Same issue as 33.604, although this time it bothers me even more since musically it's the same thing as 21.777, not 33.604.
93.778: Repeat of 33.604, so why the sudden switch up in layering? Instead of the jumps landing on the snare, they land on the bass kick.
104.808: Ghost 16th note.
106.484: PR is completely backwards. Similar to 44.368, there should only be jumps to accent the bass kick and the snare.
156.603: This quad doesn't fit at all.
164.721 & 166.132: Missing notes going to the vocals.
184.839: Things got strangely empty here. You should have continued stepping the guitar too instead of suddenly only stepping the vocals.
190.486: The ending could be more expressive if you only stepped jumps where the guitar and drum played at the same time, instead of making every guitar note a jump.
201.515: Missed some 16ths at the very end of the song. The last triple should only be a jump at most and might even work as a single.
At least two people on the public thread described this file as being "anchor after anchor after anchor". That's a pretty accurate description of this file. The repetitiveness of the file makes playing it a chore. It needs more variety in order to stand out. It may also help to cut the song to a more manageable length. Three and a half minutes is an awfully long time to be hitting nonstop anchors. Cutting the second verse out entirely would probably be the best way to cut the song; you really don't gain anything new from stepping it.

[4/10] {The Traveller} {Cornandbeans} (HeZe)
3.076: Pitch relevancy is pretty much absent during the intro... and pretty much everywhere else in the file, too.
13.917: Starting here, the synth is playing 16ths that you could have stepped to add some much needed variety into this file.
24.758-46.441: On a technical level, there's not necessarily anything wrong with what you stepped. The 16ths in the background could have been included, the loud handclap could have been stepped as triples, but technically what you did isn't wrong. Unfortunately, it's downright boring. It's just an 8th jumpstream that goes on for what feels like an eternity.
47.796-69.478: Same sort of issue here; these alternating jumps get old VERY fast, and it goes on for over 20 seconds. Again, it feels like an eternity.
69.478: Missing jump.
91.160: Lack of layering during the slowdown feels pretty weird after coming out of a 16th jumpstream.
98.872 & 102.020: Missing 16th.
139.004: Random mini-jack doesn't really make sense.
165.691: Missing jump.
177.757: Oh dear, it's those neverending jumpgluts again.
Ultimately I think the biggest problem here is the song itself. It's just way too repetitive and doesn't offer much for unique steps. No disrespect meant to cornandbeans, it's just not a very steppable song and you’re going to have a very difficult time coming up with something fun and engaging.

Results for January 2015 Set 5:

[8/10] Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) - Excision & Pegboard Nerds (gameboy42690)
[7.5/10] Blue (Ashix Remix) {Eiffel 65} (wv)

[5/10] Mirror World {Exias} (Silvuh)
[4/10] Darkroot Forest {Tom Miller} (PrawnSkunk)
[4/10] Cirno's Perfect Math Class {IOSYS OS} (takumi000)

DarkZtar was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 5. The notes are shown below.

[7.5/10] Blue (Ashix Remix) {Eiffel 65} (wv)
Really not a lot to comment on, chart structure is very simple and deliberate. Pr could be better in places and i would have liked to see more usage of 8th jacks and common note columns to indicate vocal pr better in the choruses. Otherwise chart is fine.

[8/10] Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) - Excision & Pegboard Nerds (gameboy42690)
-46.960 don’t hear anything that would make this 16th a jump
-50.581 missing 8th
-61.960 the anchor here should only be the last 3 notes, the previous 8ths all change pitch.
-63.857 remove this 8th
-64.891 another anchor that is longer than it should be
-68.684 interesting that you chose to completely ignore the vocals here since they’ve been the clear focus throughout the rest of the file.
-72.995 same thing as 61.960
-74.891 remove this 8th
-80.409 ghost 8th
-84.547 kinda the same thing as the other long anchors, but this one kinda seems more like the same pitch? Still would recommend changing it to something like 4443322 since the long anchor feels kind of out of place.
-103.340 really should include the grace notes to the background synth in this section since you included them in the outro section after.
Overall well done, solid thumbs up, please break up the long anchors though.

[4/10] Cirno's Perfect Math Class {IOSYS OS} (takumi000)
-9.947 this 3 note anchor should be on 4, same pitch as the last note of the previous ascending sequence.
-14.747 4 notes of backwards pr is super awkward
-16.804 pr here in general needs improvement
-24.347 there are a lot of dropped 16ths here, which is problematic considering they are the same synth that you are acknowledging with the 16ths at 24.947.
^This happens many many many times and is the most glaring issue so far
-25.632 more missing 16ths.
^also happens many times
-at this point gonna say that amount of dropped/inconsistent 16ths warrants a no-pass, I’ll finish reviewing the file though.
-56.404 missing jump
-56.575 16ths here actually start earlier (as early as the 8th of the previous measure if you want to acknowledge all of them. I’d actually recommend you just drop the acknowledgement of the 16th here though since you’ve taken a very simplistic/light approach towards the song.
-57.947 should be a single note
-61.375, 61.718 what are these jumps here for?
-62.061, 62.232 missing jumps
-noticing more sections where pr isn’t that great, should probably look over the pr throughout the whole file and touch up the spots where there are noticeably long instances of awkward/backwards pr
-66.689 missing jump
-72.861 not a ghost note, but this 4th shouldn’t be here since it’s not part of your layering scheme
-74.918, 75.261 missing jumps ← without these your layering scheme is essentially two split half measures and feels really really weird.
-76.975 generalization here is fine but these 16th patterns should be going in the same direction.
-78.347 this 16th run should end here.
-86.404 break up this anchor, the vocals are different pitches
-88.804, 89.147 these 8ths only go to the background hihats which you weren’t acknowledging before, even if you were to keep them and fill the rest of the hihats in these shouldn’t be the same as the previous note to distinguish the 8th jacks from when you deliberately use them for pr purposes.
-91.204 3 note 8th jack to 3 different pitches
-98.232 fill the 16ths in here since you generalized the sweeps as 16ths previously
-outro has same errors as the intro
Lots of missing notes and pr is pretty questionable throughout the file. This is suitable as an easier v2 if it gets fixed up though.

[4/10] Darkroot Forest {Tom Miller} (PrawnSkunk)
-13.708 missing jump
-16.388 missing jump
-19.069 missing jump
-21.750 missing jump
-24.430 missing jump
-27.111 missing jump
-29.791 missing jump
-32.474 i think you get the idea
-49.225 this 8th should be on the 12th before it
-59.724 ok so I played through this whole section with the active drums, and I get what you’re trying to do with the drops in layering to focus on the melody when it’s there, but the lack of acknowledgement for the drums when they are so prominent just feels very off.
^lack of layering in this section is also kinda weird since this is the most active part of the song
-115.271 missing jump
-133.138 missing jump
-137.605 the 2 12ths here and the 4th after it should be jumps
-147.611 syncing here is way off
-153.371 missing notes to the synth in here, they’re pretty quiet though
-the ending of the song being offsync really kills the file unfortunately. The focus on individual elements throughout the song is good, but the layering errors also drags the file down a lot. Some of the focus choices aren’t particularly great, even if they are aimed at producing an easier file.

[5/10] Mirror World {Exias} (Silvuh)
Had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate, my timings might differ from yours
-5.373 the first pattern of consecutive 4th notes is kinda ambiguous, but these 3 4ths are definitely the same pitch.
-29.040 missing jump
-28.207 highlighting only the last hihat in each drum phrase is clearly deliberate, but I feel like highlighting such a small snippet of a musical element is confusing at best, this only gets worse as other elements are tacked on later in the file.
-33.373 missing jump - at this point this seems deliberate too but these really should be jumps, they go to the same percussions as the previous jumps
-49.540 alright i’m just gonna put this out here, additive layering to subtle 16th overlaps is just… ugh it’s just so not necessary in a file of this difficulty and just makes understanding the file complicated even from a stepartist point of view.
-46.207 filling in the 16ths gradually as the file progresses honestly isn’t really working for me, the layering ends up feeling incomplete/unfocused. Either acknowledge them all or drop the 16ths you currently have.
-58.873 ghost 16th
-60.207 same comment as 49.540
-96.207 ghost 16th
-72.040 there are many harp sounds that you omitted in this section which again seems deliberate, but why would you highlight them for the 16th run at 68.707 (at the highest density part relative to the rest of the music) and then ignore them everywhere else when the density matches the music well. The 16ths feel out of place just as much as the lack of the rest of the harp notes makes the section feel empty.
-92.707 same comments from the prev section since this section repeats
Alright, pretty much everything in this file is done very deliberately, my problem with the file is that there are a lot of obscure layering interactions/omissions that are needlessly confusing, especially considering this is an easy file. Ultimately I feel like the approach to this file isn’t great considering the audience the file is geared for: the omitted notes to the hihats just make the file feel unfocused/empty, and many of the quieter sections just feel completely bare, especially when are active elements that were previously acknowledged are omitted.
Feel free to appeal this rating though, other judges are likely to have a different opinion.

Results for January 2015 Set 6:

Conditional Queue
[9*/10] Concussive {Bassnectar} (M0nkeyz)
[9*/10] Aragami {xi} (bmah)

[6/10] Freedom Dive V2 {Xi} (XelNya)
[5/10] Don't Think Feel {LeaF} (Destroy2777)

Gradiant was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 6. The notes are shown below.

[9*/10] Aragami {xi} (bmah)
Should’ve been in the hard songs batch but let’s see...
39.913 - 43.587: Think layering would work better if jumps/hands were put to the heavy drums rather than the faint synth. Really feels like there needs to be jumps in spots like 41.903 and 42.209
45.117s: 32nd burst coming out of the (14)(23) trill is really awkward
47.566 - 50.934: Can’t tell if the jumps are layered to the bass drum or synth as it’s not consistent
53.612: Sound doesn’t warrant a minijack, the jump shouldn’t have any of the notes as that 16th
74.046: burst forces awkward minijack on 3
81.852: white note could be a hand, pretty impactful sound
94.174: I can hear where the minijack at 90.806 is from, but I can’t tell why this one is here
Last half is extremely tough, but the file as a whole is really well done

[9*/10] Concussive {Bassnectar} (M0nkeyz)
68.993: Single instead of jump
79.994: At this section there’s heavy descending synth which you have as jacks which probably should be descending along with the pitch of the synth.
131.994 and 135.194 are the same pitch, so same note
138.394: to follow pitches, this would be better as a 4, and then 141.194 would be a 3
Pretty straightforward file with smooth jumpstream, only gripe I had was that the hands in the file seemed random to me because the heavy synth covered up whether there was percussion or not on that note as well until I listened to it repeatedly

[5/10] Don't Think Feel {LeaF} (Destroy2777)
Slightly offsync, not a whole lot but it’s noticeable
5.241s: Awkward transition going from this trill into the burst. Changing the burst into a 21432143 would smoother to hit.
6.285s: Every burst in this intro is right to left, maybe instead of starting on 3 for this right to left pattern, you could switch it to left to right for variation?
8.502s: Why do the 8th notes start here rather than at 7.459?
21.415 : Shifting the roll down to color them as green rather than using sub-beats might lead to bad frame conversion along with the last green note being spaced close to the jump and forcing a weird minijack on 2 with the 16th right after the jump
23.241: forced left-hand minitrill is awkward, changing the 24ths to go right to left instead would be smoother
23.491: colored notes to descending notes in this empty part would be cool
36.534: think the sounds other than what you’ve been layering before are more prominent, and stepping the bursts here like how you’ve been before would make this section less empty.
38.621 - 40.186: jumps on the reds?
40.251: missing note
40.447: If you do jumps in 38.621 - 40.186, put a jump here as well
40.708: jump or hand here based off of previous layering
40.708 - 5.447: Check note placement here to make sure you don’t have long chains of reds on the same note like the chain on 1 happening at 48.534s or making sure that any jacks are followed like that three same-pitch pattern at 47.230s not being a jack.
53.230: Sections similar to this point in the rest of the file are jumpstream while this is not
54.795: Same as 21.415s
56.621: Note here along with next two jumps could be hands due to cymbal crashes
57.404 - 58.708s: Doesn’t need to be empty with just jumps, there’s sounds happening between what you’ve stepped
59.490 - 59.621: these are also jumps like what you’ve done right after
61.577: Coming out of 32nd left to right roll with a 432 pattern is slightly awkward to hit since at this speed players are most likely going to be jumptrilling and this pattern forces a minijack
61.577 - 787.273: This section also feels empty. It switches between the part with the jack which could have jumps layered like you’ve previously done, parts like 63.143 - 63.664 with no notes but there’s a sound in there that you’ve previously had as jumps, and the stream section like at 63.664, where you have a nasty anchor on 3 and then on 2 which at this speed is nasty. Also 2 parts where I hear the same sounds you put the 32nd rolls to but they’re ignored with no notes there at all like 77.751 - 78.273
86.099 - 89.751: Why is there a quad? And then even though the hands are going to sounds, it doesn’t feel like I’m playing exactly with the song due to the other sounds happening inbetween your hands. Makes it messy.
91.838 - 108.534s: How do you differentiate between what’s a jump or hand in this section? They both go the sounds of the same intensity. Since the notes are also mostly hands with nothing else, have greater attention to pitch changes and what notes are in your hands.
108.534: I see where your red jumps are coming from but what you layer the blue jumps to is inconsistent. Patterning is fine though, just check what you have as jumps or not.
The jumpstream section is patterned fine for this speed, but it’s difficulty is super spikey compared to how empty the rest of the file is. There’s also a ton of inconsistencies between what’s layered as jumps and which burst sounds are stepped or completely ignored, as well as transitions out of the walls.

[6/10] Freedom Dive V2 {Xi} (XelNya)
A note replying to Rushy that this isn’t a remix, it’s the full version of the song, hi19 cut his file. Is ‘v2’ correct though even if 2nd version isn’t a cut?
Have to agree with MN that the hand usage is iffy. I don’t think there’s enough of an impact with the sounds at 25.946s to warrant hands over the section before-hand. Only hands here also ignores any sounds in-between which you were previously stepping. At 98.306s, there’s hands again to the chimes which feels weird when there’s a driving bass percussion throughout this build-up, and then at 103.706s, there’s only hands again, same issue as 25.946s.
41.066, 43.226s: When this section repeats with the same sounds throughout the rest of the song, the sounds are stepped with a 3 note roll, but here it’s a harder to hit regular stream
81.026s: At this speed, the left hand trill because of the anchored jack on 2 and 16ths on 1 is awkward to play compared to the rest of the file, a bit of a difficulty spike.
82.106s: There’s a prominent piano melody going on here with nothing else until 90.746s, so pitch relevancy would be cool. 83.726 to 83.861 and 87.776 to 87.911 for example: it’s the top of an ascending note pattern but your steps are descending
145.556s: Left to right roll would be nicer if it started at 145.826s, ending roll section is 8 bars so the split roll would be 4 bars and then the left to right roll would be the last 4 bars.
I’m not sure about overall layering of the file. As the community reviews pointed out, the difficulty of the file comes from little bursts of jumpstream, and then the actual ‘meat’ is fairly simple, which really skews difficulty. I understand the layering choice for the simpler sections as going further would be similar to what hi19 did with his version, but with the little bursts of 222bpm jumpstream being harder than the actual main sections of the file, it doesn’t really feel right

Results for January 2015 Set 7:

[8/10] DJ Vasil - Drunk Optimus

Conditional Queue
[7.5*/10] Rivotril Isn't Working - The Ghost Of 3.13
[7/10] I Like Trains (Remix) - Lil Deuce Deuce
[6.5/10] Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix) - Bassnectar

gameboy42690 was the primary judge for January 2015 Set 7. The notes are shown below.

[8/10] DJ Vasil - Drunk Optimus
5.372, 5.818, 6.147, etc.: Missing notes for whatever the heck that lead instrument is.
9.787, 15.291.: Ghost 4th notes.
20.546: There's a 16th triplet playing here. It's difficult to hear so it's up to you whether or not you want to step it.
25.421: Missing 16th (same triplet as before, but a lot louder this time so it's worth stepping).
25.571: Ghost 16th note.
46.721 & 47.021: There's a couple of 16ths that could be stepped here. It's hard to hear over the drums though, so again it's up to you.
93.596: Pitch relevancy is backwards. A more correct pattern would be 1, 1, 2-3, 2-4, 4.
131.396: Quote from rushyrulz on the public thread: "The first beat in the series of each jumpglut is stepped as a hand because of the clap and the bass beat, which is fine.. but the 4th beat has the same thing going on and it is always stepped as a normal jump. I don't think turning these jumps into hands will mess with the flow if executed properly." Personally I don't think the hands really fit, but if you're going to use them, Rushy's suggestion makes more sense than what you have now.
151.196: Dummy note at the very end of the file isn't really needed.
Not much to complain about. Good file overall.

[7/10] I Like Trains (Remix) - Lil Deuce Deuce
- There's about 30 seconds of unused music following the end of the file. It'd be nice if you cut it since you're not using it anyway.
7.064: 4th note should be a jump.
10.793: 8th note should be a jump.
11.118 & 11.766: Not sure what these two 8th jumps are going to.
11.929: 4th note should be a jump.
13.226: Make this 4th note a jump too.
20.847: Missing 8th note.
22.469: Missing 8th note.
27.739, 27.901, 28.064: Ghost 16th notes.
33.983-43.064: Not sure what it is you're trying to layer here. 16th jumps going to the bass makes sense, but then you have the bass on an 8th note that isn't stepped with a jump. There's also 8th jumps that aren't going to the bass at all.
48.658 & 48.821: Ghost 16th notes.
75.496-85.875: Layering got weird again.
I enjoyed this file, but some of the layering makes no sense to me whatsoever.

[7.5*/10] Rivotril Isn't Working - The Ghost Of 3.13
19.582: The vocal samples during the intro aren't synced very well. These two 16ths both come earlier than the words you're stepping them to. They're actually much closer to being 32nds than 16ths. This is a consistent issue throughout the intro and needs to be fixed.
32.515: Similarly, the words "into a werewolf" are also a bit off. Not as much as "myself" but still a bit off and should be looked at.
34.115: Personally I would have preferred the BPM to double here but whatever.
39.145: Missing 32nd.
43.545: Missing 32nd.
49.612: Ideally there shouldn't be a 16th jack here. The 16th note at 49.745 is distorted to a lower pitch than the 4th note.
59.012: 32nd note should be a jump.
63.390: 48th staircase was kind of rude. It's doable and it fits the song, but...
68.915: Missing 16th.
69.715: Missing 16th.
70.982: Missing 32nd.
72.449: Ghost 16th.
73.671: I can let the previous 48th staircase slide since it actually fits the distortion of the drums. Here, the pitch only slides up so there should just be a 1-2-3-4 roll here.
75.449: 8th note should be a jump.
77.182: 16th should be a jump.
80.249, 80.515, 80.649: Not sure why these weren't jumps too.
- Layering in this file is admittedly a bit shaky at times. It kinda likes to hop back and forth between making the bass a jump or making the snare a drum, but it doesn't ever settle on one scheme. The file is still a lot of fun so I can't complain too much about it, but there's a few times where I really wish the layering was improved.
84.738: Missing 48th. Granted this staircase pattern would really suck but you could always play around with the patterns and find another way to step it.
85.249: 32nd note should actually be a 48th note.
99.671: Missing 48th.
109.715: Missing 16th.
112.715: Missing 32nd.
This is a pretty fun file, but the sync issues in the intro and some of those missing notes need to be taken care of.

[6.5/10] Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix) - Bassnectar
9.913: Heh. The color purple. :P
10.996: Sync goes a little out of whack here. Most of your notes come just a little before the lyrics do.
12.905: 8th note is late.
13.178: Again, sync gets wacky again. There's a lot of off-sync notes during the intro.
13.996: Ghost 8th note - doesn't go to the lyrics.
16.587: Lots of really off-sync notes here.
65.912: Starting here, hands tend to be very exaggerated. Some of the hands work, particularly when the synth growling gets really intense, but there's a lot of hands that just don't feel like they're intense enough to warrant hands.
82.540: Misinterpreted rhythm. It's the same "backwards and forwards" rhythm you've been stepping, so it goes 4th-16th-8th, not 4th-8th-16th.
89.740: This jump should actually be one 16th later.
90.254: Missing jump.
91.797: 8th jumps don't make much sense. There should be a 4th jump at 91.969 and at 92.654, but no 8th jumps.
92.312: Missing 4th note.
95.740: Should be a jump.
The file's okay but there's a bunch of sloppy misrhythms, particularly during the intro. As pointed out a couple of times on the public thread, the second half is pretty underwhelming, but on the other hand the song doesn't offer a lot to work with anyway.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: 2015 Regular Batch Results

March/April 2015

Links to the posts with reviews will be provided from this point on instead of being posted in two places.

Results for March/April 2015 Set 1:

[7.5/10] Time Bomb {Feint & Boyinaband feat. Veela} (DarkZtar)

Conditional Queue
[8*/10] Creamy Sky {BTB} (DarkZtar)
[7/10] WonderWing {Sakuzyo} (DarkZtar)
[7/10] Agartha {Xi} (DarkZtar)

[4/10] Maybe {Aqua Nintendo} (kacper_w)

bmah was the primary judge for March/April 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for March/April 2015 Set 2:

[8/10] SpaceLand TOYBOX {OSTER project} (bmah)

Conditional Queue
[7/10] Progressive jikuu shoujo! Urashima Taroko-chan! {ARM feat. Momiji Yamamoto} (bmah)

[6/10] A. Q. Children {t+pazolite} (mi40)
[5.5/10] Her Signals {UNKNOWN} (M0nkeyz)
[0/10] Glass Lattice {UNKNOWN} (M0nkeyz)

gameboy42690 was the primary judge for March/April 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for March/April 2015 Set 3:

Conditional Queue
[6.5/10] welc.moe {potato-tan} (PrawnSkunk)

[5.5/10] Leningrad Vodka Rush {Zabutom} (PrawnSkunk)
[4/10] i fucking hate mussels {goreshit} (HeZe)
[4/10] $ M O L O C H $ {keffie} (PrawnSkunk)
[3/10] is it {goreshit} (HeZe)

DarkZtar was the primary judge for March/April 2015 Set 3. The notes can be seen in this post.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: 2015 Regular Batch Results

May/June 2015

Results for May/June 2015 Set 1:

[9/10] Valkyrie {Varien feat. Laura Brehm} (hi19hi19)
[9/10] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (hi19hi19)
[8.5/10] Head Banger {AKIMO} (hi19hi19)

Conditional Queue
[8*/10] Welcome to Planet Urf {Riot Games} (hi19hi19)
[7*/10] Oprah Shmup {The J. Arthur Keenes Band} (hi19hi19)

[3.5/10] New Orleans {J-Den underground} (Jayden1234)

Gradiant was the primary judge for May/June 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for May/June 2015 Set 2:

[8.5/10] Koi no Sakisaki Revolution desu yo {OSTER Project feat. hana-tan} (Silvuh)

[6/10] {Motion} {Cornandbeans} (HeZe)
[5/10] To The Stars {Braken} (benny58624)
[4.5/10] Straight to Video v2 {Mindless Self Indulgence} (Xtreme2252)
[4/10] Rocket {Gabbangelion} (Xtreme2252)
[4/10] Pizza Rolls {Shawn Wasabi} (A Cheap Lemon)

Gradiant was the primary judge for May/June 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen in this post.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: 2015 Regular Batch Results

July/August 2015

Results for July/August 2015 Set 1:

[8.5/10] Salieri's Laughter {Leaf XCeed} (DarkZtar)

Conditional Queue
[7.5*/10] Crystalline White {IX} (DarkZtar)

[1/10] Seven {DJ Sharpnel} (DarkZtar)
[0.5/10] my addiction {goreshit} (HeZe)

bmah was the primary judge for July/August 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for July/August 2015 Set 2:

[8/10] d e a t h p i a n o 'for four pianos' v2 {Xi} (hi19hi19)
[7.5/10] Dragonsbane {Lorenguard} (hi19hi19)

[1/10] Pinkie Pie Loves Sugar {Foozogz} (manicpies898)
[0/10] Ashes to Ashes {UNKNOWN} (M0nkeyz)

TC_Halogen was the primary judge for July/August 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for July/August 2015 Set 3:

[7.5/10] Eternal Excavation {jmr} (Silvuh)

Conditional Queue
[7/10] Time to Sleep {Yamajet} (trumaestro)
[7/10] i wanna fuck the moon {keffie} (PrawnSkunk)

[3/10] Appleshake {General Mumble} (Mourningfall)

gameboy42690 was the primary judge for July/August 2015 Set 3. The notes can be seen in this post.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: 2015 Regular Batch Results

September/October 2015

Results for September/October 2015 Set 1:

[9/10] Jews 1, Oppressors 0 (Avinu Malkein0wned) {Jake Kaufman} (hi19hi19)
[9/10] Ereshkigal {ABE3} (hi19hi19)
[8.5/10] Bohemian Chic {Chelp} (hi19hi19)

Conditional Queue
[8*/10] Machines {Crown the Empire} (DarkZtar)

Gradiant was the primary judge for September/October 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for September/October 2015 Set 2:

[9/10] Spear of Justice {Toby Fox} (Silvuh)

Conditional Queue
[8*/10] Spider Dance {Toby Fox} (Silvuh)

[3/10] Fifty FPS Forest {Lifeformed} (ShurykaN)
[3/10] 9-bit Expedition {Lifeformed} (ShurykaN)

DarkZtar was the primary judge for September/October 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for September/October 2015 Set 3:

Conditional Queue
[7/10] The Basement Community {The Flashbulb} (Pizza69)

[6/10] Shanghai Teahouse {S.S.H.} (FFR Pro 21 & Silvuh)
[4.5/10] Paralysis {Terminal 11} (Mourningfall)
[1.5/10] Live Forever {Farewell Disaster} (Nitrologyy)

Gradiant was the primary judge for September/October 2015 Set 3. The notes can be seen in this post.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: 2015 Regular Batch Results

November/December 2015

Results for November/December 2015 Set 1:

[9/10] Anima {Xi} (DarkZtar)
[7.5/10] Chaotic WHITE {DM Ashura} (DarkZtar)

Conditional Queue
[8.5*/10] Starbound {Shnabubula} (DarkZtar)
[6.5/10] Glitchcraft {Orange Dust} (DarkZtar)

Gradiant was the primary judge for November/December 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen in this post.

Results for November/December 2015 Set 2:

[8/10] System Doctor v2 {RoughSketch} (hi19hi19)
[8/10] Shades of Green {Nemesis Theory} (DarkZtar)
[7.5/10] Into a Dawn {Feridea} (hi19hi19)

Conditional Queue
[6.5/10] My Catchy Lil Bassline {Father-of-Death} (M0nkeyz)

gameboy42690 was the primary judge for November/December 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen in this post.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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