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Default DnD Map Designer (V 1.2.0)

So a while back I made a simple DnD Map Designer. Before this, I made a screenshot program. I borrowed the code and implemented it into this as well. (to screen capture the window to save as a file) Anyway, I thought I'd share it on here as well. I dunno how many of you would even use this but, it's something to try out. I will admit, I am not that great when it comes to graphics. I just did a simple texture randomization. Anyhow, let me post the screenshots/download link.

Note: Made with Visual Studios (Basic) 2012.


DnD Map Designer 1.2.0

On start up, it will show a quick dialog on explaining how it works. Read over it a bit if you want but not really needed. After clicking ok, the program will need access to write to your C:\ drive. (so it can output the files to save) It will be C:\DNDMD\render\<files> Once this is complete, it will need to create the main map. (Which is done via adding controls though code. It's 32x32 so, it might take a minute or two to start up.) Once done creating the map, you should see the UI. (see screenshot.) As stated in the dialog box, left click tiles at the bottom and left click them on the main map on top. You have plenty of room to mess around with. Once you are done editing the area, click render map. (Note, it is implimented but, it does not work like I want it to. It only saves the map windows size. You will have to use the scroll bars to render the full 32x32 grid in seperate files... I don't know any other way of doing it sorry. :\ )

edit: If you give it a try, thanks. If not, please recommend it to others. (If you think they would use/like it.) Also, if you find any bugs, please let me know.
edit: If your wondering, there is a total of 81 different tile types.

~ SpoOkyMagician

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Default Re: DnD Map Designer (V 1.2.0)

That looks really cool, but not something I would use. Nice work.

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Default Re: DnD Map Designer (V 1.2.0)

Looks good, but I never played a dnd campaign that had a grid layout. Probably better off making patterns for ps and gimp imo.

Now released!

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