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Default The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Brought to you by ~Zeta~, kjwkjw, YOSHl, and Elite Ninja

Version: 1.9

ver 1.4.5 (5 August 2012) - 1) Automation nearing completion!
2) Sign-up process has been simplified; check post #2 for details.
3) (5 August 2012 v. 1.5.4) Automation completely finished! OUTDATED. REFER TO 5.

4) (6 August 2012 v. 1.5.5) You can obtain your badges from this link in this post now!
5) (6 August 2012 v. 1.5.5b)Rosters updated and fixed to change in format of how data is gathered.
6) (7 August 2012 v. 1.6) [EDIT: rosters > high scores] Bonus exps are working and are automatic as well! See the high scores for your total bonus exp!
7) (14 August 2012 v. 1.7) Daily mobs have been released; be sure to check it out!

8) (31 August 2012 v. 1.8) Story mode takes flight! Jump in on the prologue quest!
9.) (1 January 2013 v 1.8.0) The RPG has been revived!
10) (11 January 2013 v 1.9) Mystery Mob Mode is now live!

Table Of Contents by Post Number:

--I. Introduction
----a. Introducing the hosts
----b. Overview of the game
-II. Game Features
----a. Information
----b. Signing up
----c. Playing
----d. Leveling
----e. Leader board
-III. Rewards
----a. Badges
-IV. The Future
----a. Projects in-the-Works
----b. Updates
----c. Feedback
----d. Modifications
--V. FAQ

I. Introduction

---a. Introduction of Admins---

Hey-o. ~Zeta~, kjwkjw, YOSHl and Elite Ninja here and we thought of something that FFR is missing. An element that could spark some competition, activity in the game and community, and just for fun. The general concept is a level system with rewards, fun, teamwork, and interactivity. We both tinkered with this idea before, and have plenty of experience playing Role Playing Games (RPG's), but now I'm convinced that this would be a great idea (kjwkjw, too!). With out powers combined, minds boggled, and wits tested, we think we have brought a balance to the fun and effort required. We both also hope our efforts pay off in great return and feedback that there may be a future for this project.

The Overview:

~Zeta~: The admin that makes things work. This includes all the spreadsheets, ideas, solutions, design, and execution.
kjwkjw: The co-admin of creativity. The creator and master of anything creative. and mobs. and bosses.
YOSHl: The pretty admin. He makes us look pretty.
Elite Ninja: The co-admin of creativity. Works with kjwkjw. Helps manage events and things.

The Underview:

He has helped us dramatically make this thing simple and work efficiently. As someone put it, "He provides snacks. Kinda like how mothers always bring a bag of Goldfish and a box of Capri-Sun after soccer games."

---b. Overview of the Game---

A role-playing game utilising the mechanics of FFR. This is not a Dungeons and Dragons, adventure, or a fantasy requiring acting. It's using the qualities and ideas from RPG's. This is all about playing FFR: The Game and only this game. The best idea from RPG's has always been one thing that people strive for and grind:


Indeed. Leveling is what makes RPG's very enjoyable and rewarding. With levels come rewards. These levels would be based on your grand total score AND your levelranks. So mashers and skillers alike be aware of level differences. I will not reveal the formula for the experience calculations so that it doesn't force people to play a certain way or reason, but I will say that each Grand Total point is 1 experience so that this is applicable to every person that can mash (spread) or poke (index) some keys.

There will be 100 levels (for the time being) ranging from level 1 to Level 100. Each experience required per level will get larger exponentially between each level. So don't expect to reach high levels with such haste. Levels and such content past level 100 will be determined if a soul reaches this unbelievable feat.

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

II. Game Features

---a. Information---

This section goes deeper into the mechanics and what you can do in this game. This includes things like combat, bosses, events, leveling, playing with friends, and such. You are not required to do these. They are merely extras for those ambitious ones. Most of these features are for fun rather than benefit.

---b. Signing Up---

All you need to do to sign up is post that you want to play! It's that simple.
Shortly after you post, we will show you your level, give you your level badge and put you on the roster/leader board.

---c. Playing---

You can participate via the following:

1. Playing FFR casually: You can gain levels and exp simply by playing FFR. You don't need to be able to AAA files or FC files. Just play the game for Grand Total. Certainly AAA's, Skill Tokens and FC's add as a bonus to your exp but it is only a supplement, not a requirement.

2. Defeating daily mobs: This requires you to achieve over a certain score on given songs, within a set timeframe (usually around 24 hours). Check out this post for details.

These are currently the only ways to prevent mass issues at launch. As soon as we feel this game is well supported and stable, we will add more ways to gain experience and be involved.

---d. Leveling---

Leveling is the center of this entire thing as almost everyone enjoys achieving. Experience is based entirely on FFR. You do not get experience for posting in this thread or other threads. You only get experience from playing FFR, defeating monsters, participating in events, AAA'ing and FC'ing songs, unlocking Skill Tokens, and defeating bosses. These are all factored to be nearly balanced so you are not forced to do one or the other to achieve levels.

---e. Leaderboard---

Where are the gloating rights or expressive accomplishments without a listing object there to show all stats of the members? That's right, a leaderboard!

There will be several leaderboards for all of those interested in the different parts of the game in the future. For now, will we have one leaderboard:

1. Highest level (including exp displayed)

More leaderboards will be added in the future with statistical updates (see Projects in-the-Works).

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

III. Rewards

---a. Badges---

Should you complete a worthy feat in our little game, you will be rewarded with a cosmetic symbol personally made by us or another creditor. These will stack up for your long journey. They may possibly hold an advantage in the future to come. The badges will encompass more achievements but for now, they will be handed out for levels obtained. These badges will be announced in a post by any of us and be added to your Spoiler Case listed under our roster. You are allowed to carry these in your signature, random thought, or anywhere that pleases you.

Get your level badge here!

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

IV. The Future

---a. Projects in-the-Works---

i. Parties:

As with most RPG's, you are not alone with your struggles and campaigns. Those to help you are your trusty companions! Sadly, you cannot have an NPC named Bitch. You may call your real-life companions Bitch, though! Yes, you may form groups with friends or new people to go on quests and adventures.

Parties are there to put a group effort towards a goal. The goal can vary for it's requirements to complete (details in the next section). The idea is that everyone posts a score on the song(s) required to fight the monster. Each monster will be scaled or have multiple foes depending on the group's skill level. This is to allow EVERY person to help out and go on quests with anyone of any level.

You are not required to use a party to go on quests. You can be solo. Having companions is to increase the fun and most likely the difficulty as you cannot rely on just yourself. Completing quests with a group will not give more exp than solo or lesser groups. More exp will be given out to the people who participated but you will not gain a multiple or bonus exp for being in a group. This is to give people equal opportunity if they want to play with a group or not.

Quest deadlines and the number of battles before the bosses can be arranged by the party or by the hosts if the party does not care. Our deadlines will be generous to allow ample time for people to play their songs. The number of battles before you journey to the boss must have a minimum of 2 up to however many you may want. The most we will give is 7 before the boss fight. If the party sets the deadlines, it is up to them to complete them, regardless. If an act of god happens (site crash, downtime, global disaster, giga puddi invasion, or real-life disaster per case), an extension or postponement will be given. If you do not inform us of a conflict or fail to post a score within the deadline, the group will fail the quest. If your group all posts a score but does not complete the battle or requirement, they will be given a different battle but still be on the same number of event. Example: if group A of 3 all submits scores for battle 2 of 4 but fails to defeat a goblin, they will have to repeat battle 2 but against a different enemy.

ii. Quests

Quests are an optional feature in The Unofficial FFR RPG. Quests can be formed by us or by the group requesting a quest. There will be no quest fee. Currently, we do not have an infinite source of credits (sadly) so I cannot distribute credits as we would like. All you must do is ask for a quest or sign-up for the one we have posted.

If you are doing a quest, please inform us by including the following in your post:

1. Questers With you:[list of people in your party, minimum of 1, maximum of none]
2. Type of Quest: [Anti-PA, PA, Mod-frenzy, Do not care]
3. Length of Quest: [minimum 3 battles and 1 boss, maximum of none. You can have multiple stage quests that include multiple bosses and sets of battles varying. If you do not want to know the length, we can keep the boss arrival a surprise.]
4. Special Quest Features: [Omega-mode, Competition, Survival, spontaneous, Bossmania, more to come]


1. There is no limit to the amount of people on the quest.

2. Anti-PA: Anti-Perfect Attack. This means going against the common goal of trying to AAA a file. Examples are getting the most goods, get a particular score, most averages, certain combo, etc.
PA: Perfect Attack. Attempting to get a AAA (All perfects hit) or as close as possible.
Mod-Frenzy: Specific modifications to gameplay are chosen willingly or at random at the group's discretion. this mods include increased or decerased speed mod, dark, tornado, dizzy, blinking, mini, stealth, hidden, sudden, or a scroll mod.
Do not care: We choose the type. If the party does not agree, we can adjust them to more agreeable terms.

3. Multiple stages mean multiple sets of bosses in one quest.

4. Omega-mode: Enemies and bosses are much harder. It will require multiple score submissions of a file or multiple files.
Competition: Group's fight for a quest but with a spike to see who is better at the quest type. The competition can be based on the percentage of the performance (for those with a wide margin of skill in their group) or score (for the group with a very similar skill). It can be thought of a mini-tournament between those involved.
Survival: Elimination based on the quest type. Thsoe who do not keep up with the rest will fall done in defeat. Each round will get progressively harder depending on quest length. The ones eliminated will either be determined by how many people there are or the ones that did not complete the requirements to move on to the next round. Boss occurances will randomly appear and be much harder than your standard monster.
Spontaneous: This is for a extremely short quest. One that can be completed in a few hours or 2 days. Battles will start and end fairly quick. So, for those who cannot keep up with the paste, this option may not be for you.
Bossmania: Every battle will be a boss. The length will be infinite. The goal is to go as high as possible. Bosses will be scaled per group with different requirements for each person or different bosses per case.

iii. Bosses

Bosses are the pinnacle of game features (other than leveling). These will test your might and stature for this game. The will require more than just "play this file for a score and you win!" You will have to venture further and test yourself to defeat these foes. Most bosses will require more than one playthrough or files as they have massive HP. The amount of time for you to kill these is longer than mob fights, but much harder.

You will encounter bosses at the end of your quests (or stages). Each boss will be different. His HP will be scaled to the group's skill and how many people are in the group. You damage the boss like the mobs; with your scores! You are required to post the score you want to hurt the boss. Your score type will depend on the type of quest you're on. If you're doing an Anti-PA quest, the boss will have HP based on the amount of goods, averages, boos, or misses. Omega-Bosses will require you to generate a massive Grand Total score among your party members. Grand total bosses will be over several days to allow you time to do damage. You can take several screenshots over the days and those totals will be added up or you can do it all in one day.

iv. Events

Events will be the most fun thing for this game. The events are all about having ridiculous fun for no apparent reason! You will be awarded for participating with greater rewards for more participation. These events can be for the entire roster signed-up or the entire site in an arrow-smashing extravagenza. Most of the events will be based around an insane boss with a ridiculous amount of HP. There are no penalties for not killing or completing the event. It's just for fun. Other events would be based around certain aspects like completed gameplays, perfect arrows, arrows hit site-wide, etc. Expect to be mashing quite a few arrows!

Events will last anywhere from 24 hours to a week. It depends on how ambitious we feel the community is. Rewards will include bonus experience, badges and achievements, and possible future unlocks.

---b. Updates---

New content for all areas of this game will be added at any time or a planned time. It all depends on how much free time we have on our hands. This project has token over a month to figure it out, balance, brainstorm ideas, and have long-lasting content so people don't get so bored with it quickly. This will not stop us from generating more things to do. The general minimum of updates will be a month at a time. It will all depend on what we have to give or the size of the update.

---c. Feedback---

Feedback is greatly appreciated. What you say in a post or private message will have an effect on how this game will shape and continue. If you think the leveling is too hard for lower levels, we will find a way to make it scale better (but this only makes higher levels harder to achieve). If you feel a quest, event, or challenge is too ridiculous or needs to be broaden, we can do so.

One of the few things we ask from you is that you be polite with your feedback. If you come off swearing, rude, or any other rampant attitude, you will be ignored and possibly eternally removed. List your complaints in an orderly or nice manner and you may offer suggestions what may fix this. Your suggestions will be credited to you or multiple people as we will take everyone's feedback in consideration for changes.

---d. Modifications---

We, as hosts, can change anything in this game. If we feel that AAA's, FC's, bosses, or quests give too much exp compared to normal playing, we are likely to reduce those features. If modifications do not work out that well, we will modify the modifications back to normal or a better state.

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

V. Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is this game?
Answer: This is an outside feature of FFR. It's all for fun and optional. It's based entirely on the FFR engine and files. Special occasions are on the Unofficial FFR RPG engine (Velo and Legacy).

Question: How do I sign-up?

Answer: Just post that you are interested in playing. We will take it from there to post your stats, levels, and badges. You will be added to the player list and scoreboards by us which is handled by us.

Question: Why did you create this?

Answer: The main reason is to make FFR fun again. Most of the people here go day in and out going for AAA's or FC's. That kind of gets boring after a year (or 7 for some). So this is to radically change and spark a whole new gameplay and effort for the game.

Question: Why did you choose a RPG theme?
Answer: It's a system which I'm most familiar with (along with other people helping out). I've played a lot of RPG's on game consoles, Kongregate, sites, and PC games. So it's much easier for me to make a better system based on something I know the inner workings then to create a whole new dynamic system. If I didn't have experience (hah!), a lot of things would not work real well. Especially the leveling layout. Most RPG's make the first 10, 20, or 30 levels a breeze. But after that, they torture to nonstop grinding. While 100 billion exp may seem a lot, it's for those who already have a ridiculous amount of experience to begin with. It gives them end game content so to speak. NOTE: We are inclined to change how the system works based on your feedback.

Question: Skill tokens are useless and dumb to obtain. Remove them.
Answer: While you may not like skill tokens, there are quite a few people that have went through the fun (or struggle) to obtain the tokens. Why wouldn't they be rewarded for a system involved in FFR? The only use in this system is that they give experience. I will tell you that they give no more than 3 billion experience for ALL tokens at it's current state. This doesn't even touch FC's or AAA's or the UNLIMITED Grand Total.

Question: Can I help you guys?
Answer: This is a very situational question. Depending on the load of work or the type of work needed, we will most likely not need help. We also don't want to give free access to people we do not know or trust. We have a team of ample suppliers for almost anything that we need. Should we need more help, we will ask some people. Asking us will result in an automatic no. Do not feel repulsed with this. This is only to prevent spam and future disaster if we trust someone that isn't so trustworthy.

Question: Will this be implemented into FFR?
Answer: At this moment, it won't. I have not contacted the staff in any way. This is all done by the people in the community and will be hosted by the community. If people want it to be implemented into FFR officially, contact or show your support in some manner to let them know. We are all for it to be implemented into FFR but that is not our choice. This can be considered a test, hence, Beta. We are inclined to listen to the community, unlike most RPG's.

Question: Why is this game so elitist?
Answer: It isn't. It's meant for everyone. We are prepared for all skill levels with quests. Events are a group effort so it won't matter what your skill level is. If you play, you can enjoy this game. If you feel it doesn't cater to lower divisions or lower skill levels, please let us know. We will resolve this issue promptly if not swiftly. We are active and there will always be someone around.

Question: I have 26 billion EXP! Can you tell me my level?
Answer: The required EXP for each level is as follows:

Level Requirements:
Level 1 : 0 Exp
Level 2 : 40,000,000
Level 3 : 90,000,000
Level 4 : 160,000,000
Level 5 : 250,000,000
Level 6 : 360,000,000
Level 7 : 490,000,000
Level 8 : 640,000,000
Level 9 : 810,000,000
Level 10 : 1,000,000,000
Level 11 : 1,210,000,000
Level 12 : 1,440,000,000
Level 13 : 1,690,000,000
Level 14 : 1,960,000,000
Level 15 : 2,250,000,000
Level 16 : 2,560,000,000
Level 17 : 2,890,000,000
Level 18 : 3,240,000,000
Level 19 : 3,610,000,000
Level 20 : 4,000,000,000
Level 21 : 4,410,000,000
Level 22 : 4,840,000,000
Level 23 : 5,290,000,000
Level 24 : 5,760,000,000
Level 25 : 6,250,000,000
Level 26 : 6,760,000,000
Level 27 : 7,290,000,000
Level 28 : 7,840,000,000
Level 29 : 8,410,000,000
Level 30 : 9,000,000,000
Level 31 : 9,610,000,000
Level 32 : 10,240,000,000
Level 33 : 10,890,000,000
Level 34 : 11,560,000,000
Level 35 : 12,250,000,000
Level 36 : 12,960,000,000
Level 37 : 13,690,000,000
Level 38 : 14,440,000,000
Level 39 : 15,210,000,000
Level 40 : 16,000,000,000
Level 41 : 16,810,000,000
Level 42 : 17,640,000,000
Level 43 : 18,490,000,000
Level 44 : 19,360,000,000
Level 45 : 20,250,000,000
Level 46 : 21,160,000,000
Level 47 : 22,090,000,000
Level 48 : 23,040,000,000
Level 49 : 24,010,000,000
Level 50 : 25,000,000,000
Level 51 : 26,010,000,000
Level 52 : 27,040,000,000
Level 53 : 28,090,000,000
Level 54 : 29,160,000,000
Level 55 : 30,250,000,000
Level 56 : 31,360,000,000
Level 57 : 32,490,000,000
Level 58 : 33,640,000,000
Level 59 : 34,810,000,000
Level 60 : 36,000,000,000
Level 61 : 37,210,000,000
Level 62 : 38,440,000,000
Level 63 : 39,690,000,000
Level 64 : 40,960,000,000
Level 65 : 42,250,000,000
Level 66 : 43,560,000,000
Level 67 : 44,890,000,000
Level 68 : 46,240,000,000
Level 69 : 47,610,000,000
Level 70 : 49,000,000,000
Level 71 : 50,410,000,000
Level 72 : 51,840,000,000
Level 73 : 53,290,000,000
Level 74 : 54,760,000,000
Level 75 : 56,250,000,000
Level 76 : 57,760,000,000
Level 77 : 59,290,000,000
Level 78 : 60,840,000,000
Level 79 : 62,410,000,000
Level 80 : 64,000,000,000
Level 81 : 65,610,000,000
Level 82 : 67,240,000,000
Level 83 : 68,890,000,000
Level 84 : 70,560,000,000
Level 85 : 72,250,000,000
Level 86 : 73,960,000,000
Level 87 : 75,690,000,000
Level 88 : 77,440,000,000
Level 89 : 79,210,000,000
Level 90 : 81,000,000,000
Level 91 : 82,810,000,000
Level 92 : 84,640,000,000
Level 93 : 86,490,000,000
Level 94 : 88,360,000,000
Level 95 : 90,250,000,000
Level 96 : 92,160,000,000
Level 97 : 94,090,000,000
Level 98 : 96,040,000,000
Level 99 : 98,010,000,000
Level 100: 100,000,000,000

DISCLAIMER: This is not associated with FFR Staff in any way. This is community driven using public information and the game from FFR.

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Sign-up List:
*Updated to post #poo! Note: Please check the following spreadsheets for Level/Experience High Scores:
Player IDs 1-50 / Player IDs 51-100 / Player IDs 101-150.
Levels are updated whenever google decides.
ID    Username
1    ~Zeta~
2    kjwkjw
3    YOSHl
4    omega_grunt666
5    Zakvvv666
6    wildfireskunk
7    Charu
8    awein999
9    alloyus
10    T-Force
11    TC_Halogen
12    TheSaxRunner05
13    yo man im awesome
14    Guest15937
15    Reshiram
16    Herogashix
17    Frank Munoz
18    iDaeDae
19    One Winged Angel
20    Infinity.
21    megamon88
22    MikeShinoda12345
23    justin_ator
24    thesunfan
25    sanzath
26    chocobothief12
27    Trogdor!!!!
28    NeoMasterPie
29    EzExZeRo7497
30    VisD
31    Hakulyte
32    pmonibuv1
33    gold stinger
34    Coolboyrulez0
35    xXOpKillerXx
36    Fluvs
37    DissonantMuse
38    .Gazelle.
39    d4u7211
40    iironiic
41    Zekramcross
42    Jake Ferguson
43    ReikonKeiri
44    SlayerApocalypse666
45    krunkykai22
46    noname219
47    nois-or-e
48    icontrolyourworld
49    ohsosilly
50    blindreper1179
51    dragonmegaxx
52    Xiz
53    cedolad
54    00Razor00
55    foxfire667
56    FrozenAngel91
57    j-rodd123
58    bob bob
59    psychoangel691
60    Zyphoror
61    DarknessXoXLight
62    chez-the-guy
63    Darkomni
64    AlexDest
65    runescapedude1126
66    shonen7
67    MrPreggers
68    ice_lazer3
69    prefx
70    WSCB
71    reuben_tate
72    The_Toymaker
73    i will pwn u
74    XxMidigamixX
75    Gilly G
76    Rebirth0
77    SC_coolguy44
78    Elite Ninja
79    Velocity
80    Kirbyman1990
81    marioGP87
82    popsicle_3000
83    princess luna
84    RagedBerserker
85    RadiantVibe
86    I like it
87    Stage:
88    shadow 1800
89    Evascythe
90    Codbeast23
91    Bobogoobo
92    HellsRequiem
93    DanMeister1234
94    Sidek
95    ce1545
96    ryuyasha
97    Valrog
98    FFR Pro 21
99    MracY
100    slipknot_6969
101    NocturneAunamic
102    Silvuh
103    Winrar
104    Dorby
105    Norsk
106    PrawnSkunk
107    jprox445
108    jductape
109    powerfull
110    A2P
111    rushyrulz
112    Xx{Midnight}xX
113    kmay
114    {Zero}
115    TheDVDMan
116    25thhour
117    FangedSerenity
118    top
119    JenovaSephiroth
120    U.N. Owen
121    CammyGoesRawr
122    rebelrunner26
123    Dainesl
124    stavie33
125    Netjet!
126    chez-the-guy
127    ddrguy007
128    zegsigma
129    NoPrivacy
130    Jerry DB
131    Spoiled_Milk
132    Xenorosth
133    MuffinGamer
134    Sweet Angel
135    sweet2kill210
136    sayuncle990
137    Micah_
138    _Fluttershy_
139    PriestREA

Leader Boards!

Please use this spreadsheet. It will update automatically every once in a while. This is google's way to prevent massive server flooding (thanks, Velo)

High Scores for Levels and Experience

Bonus Experience Breakdown

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]


Mystery Mobs:
*users colored orange have one-hit KO'd the Mystery Mob and have been awarded extra EXP.

Requirements: Defeat Haunter of the Shadows. Mystery Mob post
Unlocked players: 11

1. Jake Ferguson
2. thesunfan
3. FFR Pro 21
4. alloyus
5. popsicle_3000
6. TC_Halogen
7. foxfire667

8. Zakvvv666
9. U.N. Owen
10. TheSaxRunner05
11. sayuncle990


Requirements: Participate in a Giga Puddi Invasion Event
Unlocked players: 17

1. Elite Ninja
2. foxfire667
3. FFR Pro 21
4. ReikonKeiri
5. Fluvs
6. ryuyasha
7. Jake Ferguson
8. ~Zeta~
9. TheSaxRunner05
10. Guest15937
11. ohsosilly
12. awein999
13. U.N. Owen
14. gold stinger
15. kjwkjw
16. justin_ator
17. MracY

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Recent Events:

None at this moment.

Completed Events:

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]


Ongoing Daily Mobs:

None at the moment.

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Single-Player Story Mode:

Quest Listing:

Requirements: none

1. chez-the-guy (2)
2. popsicle_3000 (2)
3. U.N. Owen (2)
4. Jake Ferguson (2)
5. foxfire667 (2)
6. Guest15937 (2)
7. Hakulyte (2)
8. FFR Pro 21 (2)
9. zegsigma (2)
10. awein999 (2)
11. top (2)
12. Elite Ninja (2)
13. xXOpkillerXx (2)
14. XxMidigamixX (2)
15. justin_ator (2)
16. TC_Halogen (2)
17. Zakvvv666 (2)
18. noname219 (2)
19. rushyrulz (2)
20. ryuyasha (2)
21. krunkykai22 (1)
22. RadiantVibe (1)
23. thesunfan (1)
24. Charu (1)

Prologue, Chapter 1
Awards: 10,000,000 EXP

Crash! Driven by the search for the ultimate rollcake, the keyboard archers slashed away fearlessly at the evil flashbulbs (that had somehow turned alive). These tiny mobs were no match for the archers' four different kinds of arrows - each with their own strengths.

When one of the archers took care of the remaining flashbulb that was hanging around, he noticed that it had been carrying something. It looked pink, with a hint of white here and there... it looked tasty.

But it didn't look like the ultimate rollcake.

So he turned back to catch up to the other archers who were already ready to head back home. But then a thought suddenly hit him...

“Aha!” he realized, “this is the strawberry shortcake that Kirby must've been searching so dearly for!”
The archer told his companions of his discovery, and they soon agreed that they’d take the cake back to the pink hero together.

With a bit of magic (one of the archers, Ribbon Hood*, had experience with teleportation, specifically via the silly waving of his pink ribbon that he always carried around with him), they found themselves in Dream Land - right in front of Kirby and his friends, whose eyes were shining in happiness at the sight of the scrumptious strawberry shortcake.
“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!” our pink hero squealed in joy, as he waddled towards the cake and reached up to the archers to take it.

After Kirby and his friends feasted on the cake, they soon lead our archers to a hidden path in a forest nearby. To their surprise, there was a little gate leading towards what looked like a portal. Through the portal they could faintly see a stash of rollcakes.

Mounds and mounds of rollcakes.

“Haaaaaai, hai hai hai” Kirby let out, as he tried to escort the archers in.
“This is it! He’s trying to guide us to his secret storage room - with the ultimate rollcake!” Ribbon Hood told the others. It’s certainly lucky that they had him - since he’d majored in Kirby language (or was it also magic? we'll never know). “Hurray!” the other archers shouted, as they tried to push each other aside and stampede towards the portal. It wasn’t a fight for fame, nor a fight for fortune. The ultimate rollcake was at stake! But just before the leader of the bunch tried to step into the portal...!


Several figures emerged from behind - stepping into the portal as fast as the eye can see, taking all the rollcakes, knocking down all the archers, then rushing back out, escaping to the deep forest nearby.
All the archers groaned, struggling to get up. When they had, the noticed the rollcake they saw through the portal was nowhere to be seen. They looked around for a while, first at each other, then at Kirby (who was, by this point, shedding tears - devastated at the thought of his stolen rollcake). They didn't know what to do at first, until they heard maniacal laughter from deep inside the forest. It was drawing away.

Ribbon Hood was the first to realize that, whatever was giving out that distasteful laughter, they had to catch it fast.

“For the rollcakes!” he shouted, as he charged in the other direction, waving his pink ribbon. Before the other archers knew it, he had disappeared deep into the forest himself.

The other archers were taken aback, but they soon knew what they had to do as well.

“For the rollcakes!” they followed, into the deep forest themselves, for a quest to get to the bottom of this madness, and to take down their obstacle to Kirby's, and to their rollcakes, once and for all.


"Where do you think you're going?!" a voice boomed out. The other archers had caught up to Ribbon Hood, who was staring high up in the sky.

"Look!" he shouted, pointing at the sky with his ribbon.

The archers had no idea what these two... monstrous figures were, but they were descending fast, blocking the road before them.

"We rule the day AND the night around these parts - intruders will face the wrath of Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright!" the moonlike beast boomed.

There was an awkward silence. That is, until one of the archers from behind shouted out:

"Ha! You guys? Really now? We'll make you face the wrath of our fiery arrows - and I'm sure we can even waste up to FIFTY arrows doing so!"
The other archers looked back at him. Seeing as he pretty much had "confidence" written across his face, they also chimed in.
"Yeah! Fifty arrows! Hahahahaha!"

All the while, the two beasts' faces were turning red. Well... one was turning redder.

"We dare you!" they boomed out - and charged directly towards the archers, who were taken aback by such an agressive attack.

"Ready your arrows!" Ribbon Hood panicked as the archers scrambled back to make space to shoot. Soon, a myriad of arrows were pointed directly at the two beasts, still charging towards the archers.

vs. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
Clear requirement: FC the following songs with 50 or fewer combined boos.
Sun and Stars (3)
Lunar Landing (12)

*Credit goes to Silvuh for the name.

Prologue, Chapter 2
Awards: 20,000,000 EXP

"FIRE!" Ribbon Hood ordered and at once, the arrows were in the air, blocking the dark sky above.

A purple arrow fell first, landing right between Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, who were still charging at the archers.


"HAH! Is that all you got?!" The two beasts scoffed. But something wasn't right.

The sky was getting dark.

VERY dark.

Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright stopped in their tracks to see if Kracko was playing a joke on them - casting a shadow on the faint sunlight coming through the woods.

Yeah. It was a cloud. A cloud of arrows.

"Aha! You didn't think we'd shoot just ONE arrow at a time, did you! We've far beyond mastered the skill of shooting two at the same time - we like to call it...


As all the archers looked above at the many arrows falling straight towards their targets, they heard the beasts scream:

"Grahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Retreat! RETREAT!!"

And in a flash (lol no pun intended), they escaped far into the woods, retreating back to the sky once the arrows were out of reach.


"Uggggghhhhh... roll... cake." An archer moaned.
"Roll... cake..." everyone repeated like zombies.
"Oh come on, guys, we've only been running for an hour! Where's your energy?" Ribbon Hood said enthusiastically.
"It's... in my rollcake," they replied with a groan.

Actually, Ribbon Hood's pink ribbon let him cast a spell on himself, allowing him a 30 boost in dexterity and 50 boost in stamina for 6 hours

"Come on guys! We're almost halfway there, I think!" Ribbon Hood said cheerfully, waving his ribbon.

Or at least he *was* waving the hand where he'd held his ribbon just now.

His smile suddenly faded when he saw his hand, realizing that it was gone.

"My ribbon! MY BON-CHAN! SHE'S GONE!"

All the archers gasped in distress - without Ribbon Hood's ribbon, their arrows couldn't possibly be strong enough to defeat whatever may be behind this madness. As murmurs were going back and forth the troubled archers, one shouted,


They saw a long pink ribbon hanging on the branch of some suspicious-looking tree nearby. Ribbon Hood's eyes shone. Like this: *_*

"BON-CHAN!" he squealed, as he reached up to retrieve his dear ribbon.

All of a sudden, the tree bellowed:

"This ribbon is mine now! How dare you try to take it back!"

To the archers' surprise, it hid its short branch that was carrying the ribbon, and started shaking itself so that the fruits started falling at the archers standing right under.

"Quick, everyone! We've taken down the sun and the moon - this guy won't be a problem! For the rollcake!" Ribbon Hood shouted, directing the archers away from the tree first while taking out his bow.

"FOR THE ROLLCAKE!" everyone else followed, nocking their colorful arrows.
But in reality, no one was sure that they could take down this mysterious tree which was now carrying Ribbon Hood's powerful ribbon.

vs. Whispy Woods
Clear requirement: Get a raw score of 20,000 or higher on Techno Green Greens (46).

*User completion list guide: numbers in parentheses indicate the number of parts completed.
Players who are currently doing the quest are in orange; those who have completed the quest are in green.
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

I'm totally in for this, RPG + Rhythm games are always an instant win in my book. Do we have to use the old profile layout to display our tokens? or will it register with the newer one too?
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Seems weird as ****, but sure, this sounds interesting, maybe it can spark my slowly dying interest in FFR.

Originally Posted by reuben_tate View Post
I'll bid a single erotic yet safe-for-work photo of me posing while wearing my Piplup hat while sucking on a blueberry lollipop with my mouth partially open so you can see the lollipop color to verify it's blueberryness.

Disclaimer: This photo is not guaranteed to cause pleasure.

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Originally Posted by omega_grunt666 View Post
I'm totally in for this, RPG + Rhythm games are always an instant win in my book. Do we have to use the old profile layout to display our tokens? or will it register with the newer one too?
Yes, the new layout will work perfectly fine.
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

In as fuc.
ITG guru, FFR noob, wants to hug every cat.

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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

I guess I'll try this.

Originally Posted by JohnRedWolf87 View Post
Charu the red-nosed Snivy
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You could even say it glows

All of the other Snivies
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Charu
Join in any Snivy games

(Click the arrow to see the rest)

Originally Posted by Vendetta21 View Post
All in all I would say that Charu not only won this game, his play made me reconsider how I play it.
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

holy balls i read it all mind=blown in as **** my lord have mercy on my soul my anus has been penetrated
Originally Posted by Staiain View Post
i am super purple hippo
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

You already know I'm in~

^FFP_D0pey btw
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Meh, I asked about it before. Might as well add me in.
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Amazing idea.
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Default Re: The Unofficial FFR RPG [Beta]

Total Experience: 9556219010
Level: 30. 91% to 32.

Total Experience: 26580241207
Level: 45. 83% to 46

Toal Experience: 3739999470
Level: 19. 34% to 20.

Total Experience: 16528683489
Level: 40. 66% to 41.

Total Experience: 52504811488
Level: 72. 46% to 73.

Total Experience: 56286693151
Level: 75. 2% to 76.

Total Experience: 10170927183
Level: 31. 89% to 32.

Total Experience: 49067827520
Level: 70. 0% to 71.

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