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Default Add a "Favorites" Category To R1

This is just a small feature that I think could be interesting and useful, as it would help people locate their most played songs even more efficiently than the current search system allows. Basically, it would work like this.

-Just like the other genres of music, add a new genre tab called "Favorites".

-At the end of a song, on the score board, add a button with "Add To Favorites".

-When someone clicks that button, the song which was just played is added to the "Favorites" genre tab, allowing players to easily collect and access their most played songs.

-The "Add To Favorites" button at the score board changes to "Remove From Favorites" if the song is already a favorite.
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Default Re: Add a "Favorites" Category To R1

Idea has been around forever, the skeleton for it in the game was partially set up at one point. Just didnt work everything out. Hopefully it will be implemented in the [near] future...
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Default Re: Add a "Favorites" Category To R1

Hmm..Could take a bit of work for an idea I just came up with...maybe have a "Playlist" Where you can store songs you might wanna work on (BF's etc) Then again, you could just use the Favorites section for that if ever implemented.... /facepalm

Oh well I tried.
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Default Re: Add a "Favorites" Category To R1

last i heard
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Default Re: Add a "Favorites" Category To R1

This idea has been suggested many times before. They actually put a favorites button into the game, but the idea failed. Here's a screenshot of mine from when they had the favorites button in:


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