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Default Is anyone familiar with the .SSQ file format? (DDR iPhone)

I've gone digging through the files on my iPhone, and came across something pretty interesting - the raw files used by the DDR app.
The music? mp3.
The chart? ssq.

As someone who's made charts for many, many years now, seeing the .ssq file was like a golden nugget. I always knew Konami had their own stepchart-making tool, totally different from StepMania, and I wanted to know how it was made.

So I open this little sucker in Notepad, AND!... it's in binary.
For the computer illiterate, this means it was just a bunch of random garble (Whereas opening a .sm file in Notepad gives you actual text and numbers).

Is anyone familiar with how to deal with the .ssq file format? I'm interested in reading what's there, as well as writing my own (Even if I have to type 0s and 1s - this is mostly experimental)

Edit: The above was referring to DDR S+
I looked into DDR Freedom, which seems to use .gen files to bundle both the chart and the music (As there are no mp3s here, and the .gens are 3-5MB). I'd also be interested in how to deal with these.
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Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the .SSQ file format? (DDR iPhone)

Have you tried converting the binary?
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Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the .SSQ file format? (DDR iPhone)

I googled it and it says it is a type of "ODBC" script. http://filext.com/file-extension/SSQ

Googled ODBC found the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ODBC

I am sure this will not help too much but at least its some type of step in some direction

http://ttm.net76.net/ I do not trust this for some reason(.msi files not from M$). If you have a virtual environment test that out. Says its for Tap Tap Revolution. I do not know if they are compatible.

EDIT # 42 http://www.ifans.com/goto/http://cod...om/p/tapmania/ Saw this, you might like

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