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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

Originally Posted by gold stinger View Post
would have made a thread for this but decided that I would make it way too damn memey for anyone's liking, only looking to buy AAA titles that no one wants to pay attention to like Undertale

picked up Rivals of Aether because someone told me to, and if I didn't already have Terraria yet I would have picked that up too.
I'm enjoying RoA simply because it is what Smash Bros would've been like had it been created for the SNES instead of N64
Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
and then you realize retaining skill is like 95% of the game after d7
Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Getting Charu upset is like having Gandhi punching his children.

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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

Bought The Swapper just because of how good the writing on The Talos Principle was

Also bought Spore l o l

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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

spore gets a lot of shit for some reason but i think its a great game until space age
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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

Originally Posted by _Zenith_
Let me know how you like N++; played the shit out of N+ and even played the original N for a couple of hours here and there!
Originally Posted by TheRapingDragon View Post
I've already played it for an hour or two and I'm enjoying it. I never played N+ but I loved the original N enough to beat every level (88-4 haunted my dreams for the few days it took me to beat it).
So, update on this. Played it for 20-25 hours. Had about 5 X Legacy levels left and Co-Op legacy. Had multiple 0 Global Rank scores and a hell of a lot in the top 10/100, around half the levels with all gold collected.

Then it crashed. When I reloaded the game it had corrupted my save. So I've lost everything. What bullshit.
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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

Bought way to many games. I'm a sucker for roguelikes so most of the games I picked up are from that genre.

There were a lot of games I was torn between and a lot still on my wishlist. Some of them being Undertale, Rocket League, The Long Dark and Cities Skylines. If anyone has these, feel free to let me know what you think of them.

- Crypt of the NecroDancer
Crazy fun game so far. Slightly difficult learning curve but one of my favourite purchases from the sale this year.

- Diehard Dungeon
Haven't actually played this one yet.

- Downwell
Again, tough learning curve but a nice game to play when you have 10-15 mins spare time. Really fast paced.

- Just Get Through
More of a puzzle/roguelike game but isn't too bad so far. Dunno what to write about this game but I do enjoy it.

- Ori and the Blind Forest
Can't believe I haven't played this one yet but I'm waiting til I have a whole night just to play for a few hours straight. The hype is real for this one.

- Pixel Piracy
Lol at this one, I bought this one based on the sole fact that it was like 49c. Terrible choice because 4/5 first helpful reviews tell me that it has memory leaks so yeah... Dunno if I'll ever play this one.

- Squishy the Suicidal Pig
Small puzzle game with a few extra minigames. Has the greatest intro ever. The game is based on killing yourself because you want to be with your pig parents in piggy heaven.

- Tales of the Maj'Eyal + DLC
Watched a Let's Play of this on youtube and looked kinda interesting. I love achievement hunting and this has just under 1400 of them. Haven't got around to playing this one though.

- A Wizards Lizard
Basically summed up as a lesser Binding of Isaac. Fun in it's own aspects but BoI shits all over it.
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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

tales of maj'eyal is one of the best modern roguelikes I've played, fantastic game imo. it's actually quite tough, but balanced. I'd recommend playing an archer first
but then again, tales of maj'eyal has been out for years now.
I haven't beaten it yet lol

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Default Re: Steam Winter Sale 2015

Just thought that I'd say, I finally got around to playing Ori and the Blind Forest. Holy crap. It is freaking amazing. Best soundtrack I've heard in any game. It actually had me tearing up in the prologue. In the freaking PROLOGUE. I'm about 3/4 done with the game now. Gameplay is really fun and extremely fluid with some interesting mechanics. Fun as a platformer, absolutely stunning as a work of art. I would be willing to pay the full $20 for it as well as $10 for the soundtrack, it was nice to get it on sale.
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