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Default New Tournament Format - Blitz Tourney

Introducing a new Blitz tournament format that I hope will allow for some more frequent but fairly substantial and challenging competitive tournaments.


How does it work?

In a Blitz tournament, we follow the same scoring system as other non-elimination tournaments: There are 6 rounds, the scoring is cumulative, there are no eliminations, but there are two key differences:

1. The whole tournament is 2 weeks long

2. All six songs are playable, from day 1 to day 14

How do I enter?

You can enter the tournament via the Official Signup Link Here:

What will the rounds be like?

Since all 6 rounds are open at once, and it is a cumulative event, my goal in song selection will be to basically pick 6 songs that would all have been of 'final round' difficulty in a normal tournament. Ideally nobody should be getting a AAA on more than 1 or 2 rounds that happen to dovetail with their particular skills, unless they put in a lot of work on improvement.

Why run this as a Blitz event?

I don't like how most tournaments involve a lot of getting 4 rounds in and deciding you can't catch somebody and quit, having put a month into the event. Since the whole thing is 2 weeks, it's a short enough time to keep attention and focus for the whole duration, and since all songs are playable at all times, I hope it will create more competition as somebody passing you in the standings will cause you to go back to other songs you 'finished' already to try and improve scores.

When will the tourney run?

The tournament starts at 7:00am Server Time Sunday January 20th, and runs until 7:00am Sunday, February 3rd

Other Stuff / FAQ

Things that should go without saying, really.

Don't cheat. Scores will submit automatically. If they don't, let me know and we'll look into it. By default you'll be placed into your division based on your skill rating. I will get somebody smarter than me to look over the list and make sure nobody is sneaking in with a sandbag. Etc etc. We've all done this lots of times.

Q: Can I enter with my lower division alt that plays index/one-hand/whatever?

A: Absolutely just PM me from your main account with the name, what division you want, and that you understand that account won't be eligible for prizes

A Reiteration

The songs are going to be really hard. I don't want anybody to AAA, Heck, I want people to struggle to FC. The goal of this structure is to keep people actively competing and trying for the whole two weeks, to eke out a few more points, not AAA/SDG the first 4 rounds and have the winner be determined in round 5 and 6.

What do I mean? I mean each division is likely looking at nothing but songs at the high end of the division ABOVE them.
D1	 0 - 25 Songs 37-48
D2	26 - 49 Songs 55-62
D3	50 - 58 Songs 64-70
D4	59 - 68 Songs 75-80
D5	69 - 82 Songs 86-92
D6	83 - 95 Songs 96-100
D7	96+	Songs 103-110

Credits: 2,027,500
Tokens: Event Tokens for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each division

Eligible Tokens:
You can pick amongst the following tokens. Only 1st place winners may select the bolded tokens.
-The Wises Were Wrong

-Dendrite v2
-Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]
-Tell v3 (Extended Mix)
-Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year
-The Bridgeport Run
-Bedtime Story

Devonin - 2,000,000 credits
1Kick234 - 2,000 credits
Antori - 25,000 credits
SuperBoi88 - 500 credits

Ghosting/Prize Ineligible Participants

Devonin - Hosting
beealttack - Opting to Ghost due to D2 Rust

icyworld1hand - One-hand style alt

qrrbrbirbel - Opting to Ghost

Hakue - Speedmod 1.0 alt

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