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Default Chromebooks? Yes or No?

So Im looking at a chromebook to buy for my mom because I love her :3

I was wondering what your guy's opinions are on the Acer Chromebook C710.

She just wants to browse the internet and do a little bit of listening to music.

I havn't heard much about them and they are pretty new, the reviews are pretty mixed anywhere from super negative to really good.

thanks :D
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Default Re: Chromebooks? Yes or No?

They lose their novelty really quickly, I think you'd be better off buying a cheap laptop and putting a lightweight linux flavor on it.
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Default Re: Chromebooks? Yes or No?

I own the Samsung 3 Series and the Pixel. I love them both equally. I use them as support computers as I have an iMac at home that I use for design, photography and heavy duty work. But I live mostly on the cloud so my chromebooks work for everything else on the go. Anyone who is comfortable relying on google's services should be able to live off of a chromebook without any issues.

The main issue with chromebooks is price vs flexibility, not their usability.
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