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Default Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta [31 -> 35]

It is quite surprising to see this file rated so incredibly low, especially with the fact that it boasts some statistics very worthy of some ex-Very Difficult level files. It runs at a minimum of 114 BPM, and a maximum of 130; I feel like the stream areas are on the higher end of the spectrum here too.

The toughest parts of the song feature straight 16th stream, with occasional four note 24th bursts and a few sprints of 24ths from 8 to 12 notes, which are very rarely seen at this difficulty, and they span for a respectable period of the song. In addition to this, the chart utilizes some poly-rhythmic entries/exits, leading off some of these 24th sprints with a single 16th note. There's also a strange looking colored trill in the chart as well.

I feel like this chart could be closer to some of the ex-8s than where it is now; what about you guys?
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Default Re: Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta [31 -> 35]

thread approved
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Default Re: Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta [31 -> 35]

Any chart at that speed with that many 24th/16ths transitions has to be at least a 34, 31 feels way too low compared to charts of similar difficulty.

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Default Re: Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta [31 -> 35]

The only file that I can think of that switches between 16ths and 24ths in a similar manner as Kyomu in lower dificulties is Thinking Differently (39). There's no way I'd consider Kyomu as difficult as that though. So I would like to see Kyomu's difficulty increased. The Pylons Are TRAP BALLS (33) contains a liberal doses of 24ths but they're all placed together and don't get crammed within a 16th stream, so I think that Kyomu is probably a bit more difficult than Pylons. I don't think it should go as far as 35 though as Bit Blue V2 (35), at 230ish BPM has streams of 12ths which look pretty dense and would be roughly equivalent to the 24ths at the 115ish BPM of Kyomu. I don't feel like the transitions in Kyomu are all that difficult to read, it's just really easy to not pay attention for a moment and get goods so I'd place Kyomu at a 34.
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Default Re: Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta [31 -> 35]

slow-down ending, 24ths thrown in 16th stream, a few 48ths added, an odd 13 trill, minijacks, plus note pauses in the end that take a lot of control.
much too hard for an old 7.
at least a 35

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Default Re: Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta [31 -> 35]

Bumping to 35, agreed with everything that's been said

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