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Default Re: FFR Perfect Project: Revival

Appreciate it! Although it wouldn't be the highest if SFG or Myuka submitted some of their liveplays, it's nice while it lasts lol
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Default Re: FFR Perfect Project: Revival

Two (I guess three) REALLY big milestones just got hit y'all!!! For those that don't know, Justin made a website for the project where you can see stats and search up which songs have/haven't been done yet. The stats in particular are where we want to look at for today. :)

I've been keeping a close eye on it as I've been uploading songs, making sure to not go over it until it's ready, and the day's finally come!!!

The project has officially hit 1 billion grandtotal across all the songs submitted so far!!! We also happened to hit 20K credits which is also pretty cool. :)

On top of that, the song to put us over the 1b GT mark ALSO happens to be the new highest AAA on the project. It was Yyorshire's submission of Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT-, and it's a 102 difficulty, which beats Dossar's submission of System Doctor at 101. It's also SUPER exciting to see songs on the higher end of the difficulty scale get covered too, and hopefully a lot more will come from there, potentially even another new highest AAA.

Aside from that, hope y'all have a nice day, and hopefully we'll hit 2 billion sometime soon, if possible. ^-^


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Default Re: FFR Perfect Project: Revival

Gotchu fam

[youtube]symjolZzod4[/youtube] for future reference (can do [noparse][/noparse] tags for not parsing the markdown too)
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