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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, November 8th, 2020 8:52 PM EST

With respect to frame fixes, the rest of the August 23rd requests were finished that were not the color note issue files.

If you want to get more updates from the judges, they also post their updates in the FFR Discord. You can join via the invite link

I'll post the updates by judge that was in the #batch channel below. Click the spoiler tags to see their updates by date.


Hey guys; I'm still working on my part of the May/June batch, but the section of files I've run into are quite long and also relatively difficult, so it's definitely taking me some time to put things together. I'll put up the notes for the files that I've finished in this session when the judgment session is completed, but so far the progress appears minimal (in actuality, it's multiple 3.5+ minute songs, haha)

Reparatus Paradisus (bmah)
[x] Langside (ositzxz369)
Whiplashed (ositzxz369)
Timer (Matthia)
Shotgun Senorita (Zardonic Remix)
Spitfire (qrrbrbirbel)
YInMn Blue (Ghost_Medley)
[x] Nhelv (Deamerai)
[x] Korzenie (M0nkeyz)
Whitey's Ice (Deamerai)
[x] LOLiCORE ELiTe! (hi19hi19)
Village Beautification in 5-4 (qrrbrbirbel)
[x] Magical 8bit Tour (hi19hi19)

[x] = judged
Notes have been posted for the following files:

Korzenie - @M0nkeyz
Langside - @ositz (play my🆚files)
LOLiCORE ELiTe! - @hi19hi19 [me cornman]
Magical 8bit Tour - @hi19hi19 [me cornman]
Nhelv - @Deamerai


Notes posted for:
Blanket (gatemaster1)
Chinaski (ositzxz369)
C204 (Shadow_God_10)
Ant Land (HammyMcSquirrel)

Still working on the other 6 files in my set (posted above by psychoangel)
Will probably do them tomorrow, since the write-ups for these caught me off-guard compared to the previous 30-ish judgments.
Might find some spare time tonight to pick them back up but no promises
Finished judging the rest of the files in my set.

Harborside (T-Force)
Fresh (Charmoeleon)
Crystallized Silver (FFR Pro 21)
Sandman's Vision (qrrbrbirbel)
Curry da yo! (Charu)
super sour (Gradiant)
Currently judging this set:

3 (Storn42)
Adrenalina (WirryWoo)
Banban Cooking (Short Cut) (Ghost_Medley)
Bibbidi Poopidi Scoop (Pizza69)
Birhtright - Blue Stahli Remix (trumaestro)
Bobo (ositzxz369)
Bowzilla (qrrbrbirbel)
Charlie Brown Medley (WirryWoo)
Curry Dayo! (Ghost_Medley)
Data & Picard (qrrbrbirbel)
So apparently VisD somehow ended up with Data & Picard (qrrbrbirbel) so they will be judging that file. Hiccup on the batch end (since this batch is technically still open [!])
I'm judging Dummy (Ultimate Mike7) instead.


My current set from Sept/Oct:

Rapta - Forever
storn42 - Prayer of the Refugee
T-Force - Lost Forever (both flavors)
Charmoeleon - Your Best Friend
mi40 - Mario-chi Survivor [Medium]
qrrbrbirbel - Data & Picard
M0nkeyz - Wooden Sword
Gradiant - Angelic Jelly
WirryWoo - Jackknife


Notes posted for:
No Fear Anymore - @T-Force
CCUK - @ositz (play my🆚files)
Notes have been posted for Mario-chi Survivor [Hard], finishing my set.
Now working on the set from Sept/Oct:

storn42 - 3 [3 version]
Psychotik - Live at the Sandopolis
Rapta - Hero
Nomstien - unknown
gold stinger - What I Want
VisD - E Jumpstyle
jh05013 - Materialize Anything
VisD - All Hands
kadef - Nica's Dream - The Game
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file
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