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Default Expanding the difficulty spectrum

I have been thinking about the 1-99 scale recently (yes, I am a loser, I get it).

I feel like we aren't using the upper section of the scale (80+) effectively. We have the hardest "real" files sitting in around 92-93. Then we have DP and RATO at 95 and 96. I think we can all agree these two are complete dump files. The only other files above 92 are:
Metro (93, easily the most "legit" file in this section)
Revolutionary Etude: (93, piece of crap file)
Party 4u (94, another piece of crap joke file)

So, other than 2 dumps, 2 joke files, and one "real" file, 93-99 is uncharted territory. (unless VROFL is a 99, which I assume it is)

My proposition, then, is this: DP and RATO are 98 and 99 (or both 99s, they play the same to me). Anything worse than those two files honestly shouldn't be in the game, but if it is, just make it a 99 or ??.

Then, we can slide up other files to smooth things out. I feel like a ton of files in the 80s are crammed into difficulties because there isn't enough space. Think about [Rain]. The file is incredibly difficult, yet we couldn't pull the trigger on making it an 87 because all the 87s are so complex/awkward. That seems silly, because to me it is WAY harder than every other 86.

Here are some other examples:

12 Bar Bloops 82 --> 83
Integraation 81 -->82
Molto and GGC 83 -->84
Hardkore Atomic 84 --> 85 (maybe... not sure how other people feel about this file)
Move the hardest 85s up to 86 (Rage Template, Xantha, RAN?)
Most of the 86s up to 87 except Music (For Kirby), RWOB (maybe?), and probably Kirlian Shores. I would argue RAIN should go up to 88.

Now we can start sliding the remaining 87s way up. FREEDOM Dive should stay 87 probably. Grind an Grist 88s for sure. La Camp 89, maybe 90. Scrap and Schmollbluk 88s, maybe 89s. Devour probably 88.

Then we can slide 88s up: Eclipse up to 89, Jai Envie 90, Slashmaid 90, CCCP 90. Something like that, obviously some people will feel differently about which of these is hardest.

89s need to move quite a bit. AT up to 92. M8Bit up to 91. AQD feels like a 90, maybe 91. Vortex 90.

90s: Extratone 93. WWE 92. System Doctor 91. Husigi 93 or 94.

91s: TWWW and Crowdpleaser should be ??. Can't quite decide about Crowdpleaser whether to go the ?? route. It would work at 93-94 as well. Jamais Vu 94.

92s: Do I smile up to 95, Rave7 up to 96 (maybe flip these)

The rest: Put Metro at 96. Revo either ?? or 97.

We could move a lot more of the lower 80s around as well, but I didn't want to go through all of them and interject too much subjectivity.

Thoughts? Don't get bogged down too much on the individual difficulties, as I realize I am but one opinion. Instead, focus on the overarching theme of expanding the upper tier.
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