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Default doesn't work

i d'ont understand the multiplayer doesn't work? why?
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Default Re: doesn't work

Omfg !!!

Why multiplayer doesn't work ?!!
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Default Re: doesn't work

you mean d'oesnt

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Default Re: doesn't work

Theres no ETA Currently but it will be back up eventually! Propably not today.
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Default Re: doesn't work

Please try again in about three-five days and it'll probably work.
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can y'all take a break and kiss
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Default Re: doesn't work

Originally Posted by drizzleRomanceGirl View Post
Please try again in about three-five days and it'll probably work.
Guaranteeing a time-frame is typically a very bad idea. Even as a staff member, I cannot personally guarantee when SmartFoxServer will be restarted (note: SmartFoxServer is what controls Multiplayer/Profile Chat).

See this announcement for more details: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/....php?f=17&a=61
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