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Default Laptop problem

Ok, so figured I'd ask here real quick to see if anyone may know what the issue is before dropping money to have it checked out.

Here is what happened, my laptop had been running fine as far as I could tell. I had Stepmania opened and forgot I left it up when I went out for about an hour. I come home and my laptop is shut down. My first thougt was my adapter cord fell out and it died on battery which I know I need a new one since my current can only last 10 to 30 secs not plugged in before it dies. So I turn on my laptop and continue to use it fine for quite awhile. All of a sudden when browsing around online it freezes up and goes into a restart on its own. It started to load up windows again then went right into another restart. I think I saw an error message before it went into a shut down again saying something was up with windows, but not sure. After a couple times the laptop finally came to the point which it is at now where when you start it up it stays at a black screen.

Some things I have noticed about its current state: when the battery is in the screen stays at solid black, when only the adapter is plugged in the screen is still black but the backlight to the screen is still on. I have tried plugging back in the external monitor I use to see if it was the screen but nothing happened so that's not that case as far as I know. None of the keyboard functions like cap locks, f keys, fn keys, etc dont respond when I load up the laptop.

If there is any other info you might need to help me figure out what's up let me know. Basically just want to know if I'm screwed or not and lost everything and it can't be recovered. Was planning on getting a new comp anyway so the laptop dying in general isnt an issue, just hoping I didnt lose anything haha.

Thanks ahead of time for those who try to help. I will try and post/respond as best as I can as I am on my phone and hate posting from here. I will be viewing the thread though whenever it gets a new response.
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Default Re: Laptop problem

A freind of mine had a similar problem months ago, and I seem to recall it was due to windows getting shut down during an automatic update.

You'll probably want to include operating system and type of computer for the real tech savvy people out there.
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Default Re: Laptop problem

Sounds like it might be overheating or some piece of hardware is going bad. Maybe the battery is loose?
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Default Re: Laptop problem

Clean your vents if they are dusty. That's all I can say to help you.
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Default Re: Laptop problem

Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
Maybe the battery is loose?
It's not the battery because he gets the same error when plugged in.

It sounds like a severe overheating issue, a piece of hardware may have gotten nuked. Blow out the fans, leave it off for a day or so unplugged with the battery unattached.
If you still get the same issues, bring it to a local pc repair shop and just have them diagnose it. If they deem it irreparable, you can move data from your hard drive to your new computer with a powered sata to usb cable.
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Default Re: Laptop problem

I was thinking more along the lines of it being partially undetectable or going from being attached to unattached. Like 1 out of 4 ram sticks being slightly lopsided could cause a bluescreen.

I'd still vote for overheating. Could check the temps in the bios or something something like CPUID HWmonitor.
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