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Default Re: why do people hate on osu!mania??

Originally Posted by Mahou View Post
So you have never played the game before?
yup, never played the game before.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: why do people hate on osu!mania??

people hate on o!m because its riddled with poor design decisions.
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Default Re: why do people hate on osu!mania??

Originally Posted by Mahou View Post
I don't necessarily think o!m is really that bad of a game - especially when it brought some players over to etterna as well. If anything, that's a blessing in disguise.
functionally, the game itself is mostly fine. there are some design choices I disagree w/ and I think the interface is bloated but that's basically it. most of my issues come with the content and the people playing it
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Default Re: why do people hate on osu!mania??

As someone who comes from o!m:

No snap colors.
No rates (besides 1.5 and .75)
No chart previews.
Deviance graph is weird.

Quality of life issues that just seem silly for a game that's generally got so much prestiege.

The ranking system is terrible.

Vibro/speed is pretty much the only thing that's even remotely valuable in terms of skillset for rank (at a higher level. It's not so bad when you're making pre 400-500 pp plays.)

Map variety is really bad. There's like, what, 1 ranked jack map at a high level? AiAe? No dumps? And I swear, there's like maybe 100 maps at the 6 star level. Maybe. You're better off importing from other games or browsing unranked. This would not be nearly as big of an issue if you could rate things because it would allow you to adjust maps to your skill level, but that doesn't exist in o!m.

My biggest gripe by far is the ranking system. It's just bad. It's really bad. The only reason it works is because generally as you improve your speed also will improve relative to other players. It feels very "subjective", which every ranking system will have to a degree; but in o!m it's like... on the far spectrum of subjective. I much prefer objectivity.

I'm also not sure why a maps difficulty isn't judged by the amount of PP it gives. Star rating not being tied into the ranked system or vice versa is just bizarre.
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