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Default Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

helo and welcome to mmm6. if u are here and u do not know what to expect then by any definition or interpretation of the phrase u are in the wrong place and you should probably go download otaku dream 45 korean manhwa theme song edition

if you are here because it is the year 2032, stepmania (etterna) is the global sport and beloved pasttime of all of the united global earth prime directorative protectorate, my files have become the great metric against which all other files are compared to and are used in every major tournament and played endlessly by every greatest player in existence past and future, and you are seeking some insight into the keen and infinitely creative mind that produced them, then i offer you nothing. literally nothing get rekt nerd.

if u are here because u are one of the six to eight people who play my files then you should expect pretty much the same shit as mmm 1 2 3 4 and 5.

difficulties are approximations for how much you will suck at the file (bigger numbers means more suck)

gfx were shamelessly ripped from deviantart and google image searches deal w/ it i dont play with bgs on

and now for equal parts my amusement your information and my procrastination i will write a short description/history for each of my files.

A Tribute to a Tribute to Midare- it’s like a tribute to midare from mmm4 except harder because its also a tribute to mina now. some interesting bursty 32nds and a runningmen-heavy outro reminscent of Mina's undying love and gratitude.
Baby I'm Yours- whats that dance where you bring your pointer finger to your hip and diagonally point it into the air like youre at the disco? i wanted to use that as the gfx so have that in your head the entire time you are playing this file btw the REAL aim of baby i'm yours was to make a bursty thing like dat stick or here lol
Crafted in Ice- the one glimmer of light in this whole forsaken project
Dead People's OP- really easy mine dodge file until it fucking isn't lmao get rekt boners.
Desert Rose- technical-leaning dump with OH trilly flavor until the mirage clears and you notice holy shit wait...those static 32nds that burst in at the end...the barren and seemingly endless orange and yellow notes without variation...the sunny and tiresome monotony of...MAKIBA PATTERNS noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Screen fades to black)
Distant Folklore Song- a great example of how to use spikes in a fun and memorable way. spikes arent always bad stop playing this game just for points you guys are fucking losers sorrynotmad
El Tango De Roxanne- a technical/dump fusion with a fast, bombastic climax testing the player's stamina and reading ability
Faster- faster except every time she says faster it gets faster also youre not fast enough
Hard Times- obligatory paramore file--tricky 48th bursts (hard times bruh)
I'm in Love with Myself-Rebound's OP- everything in this except for the polys is complete uninspired garbage **hint hint** the point of the file
In Your Eyes: There's no such thing as a deadline!
It's Raining Men- 330 bpm streams with quirky patterning and 24ths that arent necessarily easy either
Laughter- pony file theres a hodgepodge of difficult shit in this long jacks minijacks tough JS and stream patterns but bro theres like a 5 measure long 24th jack at 127 bpm theres 2 diffs so you guys dont have to deal with that
Littlest Things- rainbow streams and mines
Lockene 2- where would stepmania (etterna) be without isaac's guitar hero (clone hero) inspired dump files?
Lofty Plays Accordion- exactly what it sounds like but worse
Maria Maria- twitch jacks and long jacks cause this song got me tweekin'!!!!!!!! also dont bitch at me because you suck at jacks i PFCd 1.0 and AAd 1.4
Micro Cuts- color-streams that follow the intensity of the incredibly varied vocal performance
Moi Lolita- collab file most notably there are trills and bursty polys in this file
Mono- a file centered around bouncy jack patterning with a short 32nd stream interlude
More Than a Feeling- that u copy pasted gaussian mist and then added even harder runningmen and long jacks throughout the file really dumb but really fun if you can do jacks
Mulatto Butts V2- 16th jumpstream w/ weird polys everywhere and 24th streams its got some weird ass holds too
My World (Demo Version)- technical dump with bursty 32nds rainbow streams polys you name it
New Steppers Inner Monologue OP- I BELIEVE IN U!!! DONT LET ME DOWN!!! b urself (:
P.I.M.P- bitch i dont have tell you what this file is about who the fuck do you think youre talking to right now dawg? YOU WANT SMOKE YOU WANT SMOKE!?
Paint it Black- instead of doing a left hand bias file, i did a right hand bias file virtually all the trills and jacks are on 3 or 4
Paparazzi- long but friendly 230 bpm runningmen and creative guitar solos
Peut-Etre Toi- my lean farmer get it? lmao starvation lol mao tse dong also this file (drumroll) its too hard for you
Raw Hide- I smoked a blunt then drank brandy for an extended period of time then I woke up from my stupor and felt worse than etienne’s ex gf did when she received her 65 on that essay she spent all night on wow even worse she had to find her grade out from Etienne, who was handed her paper by mistake, because they look the same :grimace:
Rose for Epona- freeform stuff and fun trill-heavy streams
Run Away with Me- methodic broken streams
Secret Zombie Room- ffr file except every time you play it it's a relentless 31
Separate Ways- colorful streams and silly things
Spente Le Stelle- a modern dump approach to a Mina1 classic some long and short 336 bpm 32nd streams and more dense 24th sections in the chorus
Stockholm Syndrome- incredibly difficult polys that just seem to get worse and worse
The a la Menthe- the file you wish your file could be sorry not sorry, toph
XaaaCi.- Play this file before 10 PM
Zovi Policiju- HAPPY BITHRDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DotA- jumptrilly 140 BPM long jac-- okay wait why am i taking this seriously this file is a fucking joke everything about it is dumb i have no shame
Bermuda Triangle- JACKS EVERYWHERE a file that forces you to pay attention try not to CRASH hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

thx to (insert your name here) for helping me with (insert whatever you are good at here) your help is (insert how appreciated you wish to be here)

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

Finally a reason to play sm for ~2 weeks again
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

i didn't even know there was a 5th one
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

i didnt even kno there was still a mina
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

uploaded somewhere else because it either capped or some other shit happened
dl should work now
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

Originally Posted by lofty rhino View Post
uploaded somewhere else because it either capped or some other shit happened
dl should work now
ill bust a cap in yo ass
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

Aw i was excited to see a new mina post but tizzonly loftu hi
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

aight i’ma fuck witcha
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good hot
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

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Hey Vsnares, Aaron here.
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Default Re: Mina Minimegapack 6 [RELEASE]

great paq
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