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Default Lagging arrows.

For some reason I cant really play, when I chose a song to play the arrow lag really bad a parts of the song and then I think it miss-aligns where the arrows should be at when pressed. If that made any sense. Like I have to press the arrow key a half a second earlier than I should have to.. like when the arrows are in the middle of the screen instead of the top.

My computer shouldn't be the issue.

Processor: i7 4790k overclocked to 4.5ghz
Graphics: Two R9 290x's crossfired
Memory: 16gigs DDR3
Storage: 1Tb SSD
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Default Re: Lagging arrows.

Are you using a standalone version of flash to play? if not check out the wiki on how/where to get it:


That might help a bit. Also near the bottom of THIS post there is some suggestions on reducing the lag. Might help as well.

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Default Re: Lagging arrows.

I've had these issues when I use r3 in browser alot.
I haven't really looked into it much cause I switched to standalone long ago. But even then, when I first started using the r3 engine it would seem to be misplacing the arrows frequently. I believe it has to do with what version of flash I was using as well, since running r3 in fp9/10 seems to be on point, but anything higher than would require me to change the global offset to compensate for the displacement of arrows.
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Default Re: Lagging arrows.

Also, make sure your judge offset and global offset are tweaked to your liking. Each computer I play on requires different judge and global offsets.


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Default Re: Lagging arrows.

This may sound dumb, but what helped me was right-clicking the flash window and making sure the memory being stored onto my computer was at max.

I went through a few months where the game was unplayable even with the standalone.
It wasn't my computer either, but I think the way it was processing the data. Internet connection was solid.

Another thing to try is making your internet browser higher priority on your task list.
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