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Default FFTrainer?

it is true that there's this program call fftrainer that lets you hack on ffr? cuz if it's true, i think i got hacked. this guy killed me on a guru rank song with a aaa... he told me he used it, but i thought he was bs'ing
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Default Re: FFTrainer?

Who killed you?
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Default Re: FFTrainer?

Hm, yeah there is a program called FFRtrainer (But do not use it) It's a hack program I guess you could say and I've seen a person used it before myself in Multiplayer .. He hacked Crowdpleaser with like 100000 perfects.

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Default Re: FFTrainer?

People with so little lives that they decide that the little self-worth they can have is say "look at me I can beat j00"

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Default Re: FFTrainer?

damn, hackers.
FFR should encrypt everything.

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Default Re: FFTrainer?

What was the point in even asking the question?
If you're interested then you're obviously wanting
the trainer.
Best Forum Thread!

Originally Posted by Tasselfoot View Post
[1:39:07 PM] synthlight says: The answer is.. because version .786 has a sun in it.
[1:39:23 PM] Tasselfoot says: i don't get it.
[1:39:37 PM] synthlight says: you are not supposed to.
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Default Re: FFTrainer?

I don't think this is the place for it.

Anyways yes there is a trainer, no don't use it because Tass knows.

He knows all.
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Default Re: FFTrainer?

Yet he still can't figure out when people use it conspicuously.
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Default Re: FFTrainer?

trust me when i tell you.... if someone uses this, they will get caught. and the consequences are far worse than the potential benefit.
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