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Default The Lord of the Dark Soul

This is a written odyssey piece of "fan fic" you could say about the story line of Dark Souls. The original game, with the tale of the Age of Fire and the Lord of Souls, from the perspective of the player. Read if you enjoy the game, or if you simply want to know what the story is about. I kind of wanted to put this out there as a mythos and just a personal writing exercise, because I find the lore of this game to be really deep and open to a lot of interesting back story ideas....so I'll post my work here in chapters as they come along for anyone who is willing to read them.

The Lord
of the
Dark Soul

Chapter 1: Asylum

“One more sip of this wine, and I’ll be ready” he thought. His hands were gripped around a glass bottle, and he swung back his head and lifted the bottle, feeling the warm deep taste of the red wine flowing down the back of his throat, and with a gulp he opened his eyes and set down the bottle.

The other six men in the room sat and spoke amongst themselves, as they strapped on armor and passed around bottles of wine. He looked at hands, callused and swollen from carrying the claymore all morning up the hill to the fort with the rest of the men in his company. The battle had been going on across two fields from the fort for nearly four days already, but the tide was finally turning with the promise of these new reinforcements from the south.

He stood up and grabbed his steel gauntlets from off the wooden table where the empty bottle sit. A long steel claymore rested along the wall next to where he stood, as he strapped his gauntlets on and grabbed his helm. A strong wind was blowing outside, and he could hear the hollowing against the stone bricks; a harsh, but low hum.

Then the wooden door across the room swung open, and in came two knights clad in steel, with claymores, and leading them was a taller knight with a captain’s helm of steel.
“The time to march draws neigh, lads. Take up your arms and assemble with the rest of the company out fr-“

There was a loud CRASH, as my eyes darted open. “Agh!” I winced, realizing I had been asleep. There was never light in here before, it had been nothing but a dark and damp cell since…well…my eyes finally adjusted and I saw for once what this prison cell looked like when lit up. I looked up to the ceiling, and saw someone in a knight’s armor staring down into my cell.

They didn’t speak, and their helm covered their face entirely, but the stare I was given seemed to speak some sort of intent. The knight looked down at the floor, and I saw across the room that the loud crash that must have awoken me was actually a body being dumped into my cell. I looked back up to the knight, but he was gone from the opening in the ceiling.

I stood up and walked on over to the body, lying face down on the ground. It was as bare clothed as I was, spare a cloth around its waist. It appeared to be motionless, but was it dead? I knelt down and flipped it over on its back, and as I did so I heard the sound of a “clink” against the ground next to me. I looked down to see that a little grey key had fallen out of the person’s waistband, so I grabbed it and quickly tucked it into my waist band. This person didn’t seem like a prisoner, though, because prisoners don’t usually carry keys around with them. Is this what the knight was staring me down for?

Suddenly the eyes of the person opened, and there was a deathly groan that uttered immense pain. It grabbed me suddenly by the throat, and I felt its wretched thumbs trying to pierce into my neck. My immediate reaction was to fight off his hands, but I couldn’t pull them away, as we began to wrestle and tumble across the ground of the cell –my arms flailing and grasping outward for anything.

I was on my back now, and the grip of his hands closed in as hard as he could. I couldn’t move my body, but I felt something bulging against my neck, something rough, in the chaos of struggling for breath, so I reached for it with my right arm and felt the end of a hilt.

“The hilt of a sword?” was the last thought I remember. The rest was like a fading scene that I saw from afar. The person slammed harder against my neck, and there was a crack. Suddenly my arm flung free and swept as hard as it could from off the ground, as I plunged the broken shard of the sword into the person’s neck. Its eyes opened wide at the instant of impact, as blood shot out the side of the wound and from the mouth of his face….and it was not a pretty sight for me on the ground either, as I bathed in blood for the first time in….I don’t know how long.

After several moments of this intensity, the strength of his arms failed around my neck, and I rolled him off of my body. I laid there for a moment, staring up at the opening in the ceiling. It was day out. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt the thin ray of light peering through the opening upon my face, and I opened my eyes with a grin.

When I was brought here, I had given up on seeing the daylight ever again. It didn’t matter to me anymore whether it were night or day. If I were alive or dead. If there were a time for anything at all. My existence dreaded on in this cell for countless ages, and I did not care. Yet now, I want to know. I want to know what who that knight was upon the roof. Why did he let me out, and where the Hell am I?

Those were the imperatives that drove me to open my cell with that little grey key. I made sure to keep the broken sword hilt within my waistband, as I slowly crept out from the steel caged door from my cell, into the dark hallway of the prison. I moved as silent as possible, meshing my movements with the sounds of water droplets hitting the floor. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, as I slowly crept on.

There was moss hanging from the archways above. The hallway was long and barely lit by torch. I came upon another cell, but there was no one inside, and so I scaled the wall down the hall way a little further until I reached the next locked cell door. There was someone inside this one. I peered in, seeing a sullen figure sitting hopelessly against a corner in the dark.

“Do I help the others escape?” I pondered this for a quick moment, but the answer seemed clear that it was too risky. I nearly lost my life to one person already, how can I trust the others. So I made a quick and rash decision to sneak past the cell door fast as I could. I don’t think they saw anything more than a shadow.

I crept on further in the dark, past several more cells, when suddenly I heard a CLANK.
I turned around to see a prison guard dive on top of me. I didn’t have time to reach for my broken sword hilt before I was already tumbling on the ground. He bellowed and called out to another guard, who came running down the hallway to help.

They were not wearing any armor though, merely clothes at their waists like the person that was dropped into my cell. So I smashed my head against the guard that was on top of me, knocking him backwards enough for me to grab my broken sword hilt and puncture his neck, straight at the gout. He squealed and his eyes rolled back, as blood poured out onto me, and by this time the other guard was on top of me, grabbing me by the neck and dragging me backwards across the floor of the prison hallway.

The blood from the first guard trailed along the floor as my body was dragged backward by this yelling guard, who was shouting to signal the others. His shouts awoke something terrible that shook the entire prison from beneath us, and the guard lost his grip around my neck and fell onto his back. I immediately rose to my feet and plunged my broken sword hilt into his chest. Then again, and again, until he stopped fighting back. Whatever he awoke with his shouts must have scared off the other guards, because nothing else came running down the hallway. I stood up from the bloody scene and continued onward, this time running.

I ran down the hallway and came upon a flight of stairs that went upward, and that brought me into a room with another guard who had been sitting against the wall. I couldn’t go back on my escape at this point, with two guards and another dead person already behind me. So I lunged myself as quick as I could at the guard and drove my broken sword hilt down the back side of his neck behind his skull.

He never had a chance to stand up. His draw dropped, as the blood spilled out of his mouth onto the floor. I looked around the room and found a ladder against the far wall, and so I climbed it. When I reached the top, I found the room had a corridor that lead out into a courtyard at the center of the prison. In the center of the courtyard I saw something most strange.

It was an old pile of ash, with a blade sticking out from its center, and with embers glowing at the base of the mound. I had never seen this before when I was…well…ever. Something about this mound seemed otherworldly, yet familiar. The more I looked at the mound as I approached, the deeper the detail seemed. Finally I walked up to it, and peered around the courtyard, looking out high into the balconies to see if I were being watched, or if it were a trap.

I decided to take the sword from the mount of ash, and so I reached for it with my right arm, when suddenly the pile of ash lit up vigorously aflame before me! I was not burned, but I jolted back. The mound was now lit and burning around the sword, like a flame coiling around a snake standing upright. It was brilliant, and the deeper I stared into the bonfire, the deeper the flames seemed to stare into my mind. Like we were reading each other.

I was not afraid. I approached the bonfire once again, and sat down in front of it and closed my eyes to meditate. Time seemed to disappear, and I saw the world around me fade back into the distance, as though there were a non-traversable abyss between the world and the bonfire where I sat, and I was in peace.

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