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Default The City of Oppression

It was 6:30 p.m. when I had just gotten out of work for the day. The sun was still setting on the horizon. I walked from y job at the restaurant and down the back streets.
It was smarter to take the back streets rather than the main streets, for Nemon City was a very populated city, one of the only four metrapolises on the planet, which was no more than a massive rock covered in sand and pits of tar. Infact, the tar pits made the rest of the planet seem heavenly, aside from the exhausting heat.

The cities, however, were a different story. Not a better environment, necessarily. For some people chose to abandon the great metrapolises and chose to make small settlements out in the barren wastelands of dunes and red chasms in order to escape the filth and crime that over-populated the cities. The four metrapolises, Darik, Xenik, Jaffir, and Nemon, were notorious for being a haven for scum and corruption. The streets always leaked with sewage, the crime was everywhere that there wasn't a street light dimming into site.

The only non-infected part of the city was Politorium, the central for all politicians in the metrapolis, which was split into four sectors, with each a mayor to govern. The high chancellor, Sir Vlardifas, was the city's keeper and leader. While the politicians would meet in the Nemokia, a large tower for political sessions at the center of Politorium, and pretend as if their decisions had any real effect, the corruption of the city would spread and would be greatened by every night.

For this night, however, I knew the streets all to well to wander into any danger. Not many ever traveled these streets, and those who did were never to be found by nightfall, for the streets were too dangerous. I knew enough ways to avoid any real danger, as it was.

My house was on the end of Kral street, a street that branched off of one of the back streets, in the Keko sector, in the northwest corner of the city. My walk there was never very long, as I worked in the same sector and rarely ever left it. Keko may have had the most crime, but it certainly was not the poorest, nor dirtiest.

When I arrived at the apartment building(my home)'s doorsteps, I opened the door and climbed the six flights to my home. I was on the top floor of this dark lime green. molded building. My home was merely a room and a bathroom, with my bed, a t.v. set, and a desk with some old paper and pencils. It was a small, but quaint home, so I never complained. The striped wall paper was beginning to peel, and a dim light shined in the window onto the wood paneled floor. I walked to the window and looked out over the buildings of the Keko sector to the west at the setting sun in the horizon, turning the dunes and chasms a spectacular bright red. I stared down at the streets, where the sunlight was blotted out by the cluster of buildings, and was dimmed by the street lights. A thick fog began to pass through the gloomy and dark streets.

I turned from the window still and walked to my bed, thinking of the current events in my life. Earlier that night, I thought, I had been confronted by a man in the restaurant who looked very angry. He had apparently a mishap with his order, and received another's order. When we refused to refund him, after giving him the correct order with no charge, he rose up and broke his wine bottle against the table and held it to my throat, saying "Do so help me God, if I ever cross paths with you again." and stormed out of the restaurant. This didn't really put much fear into me, nor any fear at all. This was the eleventh person this week to have made a death threat, and this man only looked half as sincere as the rest. Another event at work was when I had stepped on the waitress' feet, and she tripped and lost grip of the plates of food that she carried. That's when my boss came out to me, and looked at me in the eyes with a sigh, and the responded with "You're fired, Brian." That's when I decided to leave at 6:30 rather than stick around to 7:30.

Laying on my bed, reminiscing these events, I felt myself lose interest and hope in this world. More than I had ever in the past. I decided to get up and walk over to my desk, it was dark outside now, and I switched on the light in the room. I picked up a pencil and sat at my desk staring at a blank sheet of paper. The t.v. had been on in the background since I came in. I began to write a letter to my brother, Frank, who lived in the Jaffir sector, informing him of my being fired and very soon needing a place to stay. Jaffir was a nicer sector anyways, the sector of the middle class, one could say.

It was 9:55p.m. when I finished writing the letter, I began to mark up the address on the envelope, when I heard a faint sound coming from outside. It, at first, sounded like a scream and then the shut of one hundred doors, simultaneously. Then this faint scream turned into a thud, as if a drum were being banged from far down the street. This thud grew more intense and accelerated to the sounds of hundreds of footsteps.

I stood up from the desk and walked to my window. I looked down and saw the street. Marching in rows that extended across the entire street, came the footsteps of what appeared to be hundreds of soldiers coming from far out of site to the east border with the Politorium sector. The soldiers were dressed in a black and red armor, and marched endlessly through the streets. I watched in awe as legions upon legions walked with rifles up the streets, and could hear the same thing happening all throughout Keko. I stepped back from the window, and locked my door. By the time I got halfway back to the window from the door, I heard the sound of all of these footsteps be silenced. I rushed to the window to see that there were now groups of three soldiers, standing together on the street. At once, all of them turned towards the houses on each side of the street, and marched to the doors in threes.

I heard the door to my building get kicked in, I gasped in horror. "What is this?" I muttered in awe. I could hear the sounds of footsteps climbing up the stairs, and I heard the gunshots and kicking in of doors in the rooms below. My floor was next, I knew I had no way to escape for my room had only one entrance. I turned to the window, and looked at the street, men continued to march far below through the streets.

I put my hand out and climbed out to the ledge of my window, turned, and jumped up, grabbing the stone structure that was the roof. I pulled me self up and sat down. I looked down at the streets again, and knew that this was an extermination, on large scale. I heard the door of my room just inside below get kicked in, and the thuds of men rushing in. I popped up and dashed across the roof at full speed. I had to find a way across the roofs and out of the city, to somewhere safe. You could not pass into the other sectors without going through a toll booth, and when I came upon them by rooftop, I saw that they had been blocked off by far more legions of soldiers; no one was to get out.

I turned towards the west and rushed across rooftops, jumping and hoping to make the next one, luckily the buildings were so abundant, it was never a big leap to the next roof. I finally came to the end of the metrapolis, which overlooked the dune sea upon a cliff. I knew I had no way of getting down and surviving if I jumped, as the fall appeared as hundreds of feet. I ran to the edge of the roof and looked down, there was a window on the floor right below me. I looked at the streets and saw the men starting to clear out and move up the street. I turned and ran towards the other ledge and climbed down next to the window, which was closed and locked. I leaned back, holding the roof's edge, and threw my fist foward as fast and I could, shattering the class and sending my body tumbling inside and rolling across the floor.

I stood up, partly cut and bloody from the glass, and dirty from the dust on the floor. I saw in the middle of the room sprawled out, the body of a woman, who was holding a pistol. It had appeared as though she killed herself before the soldiers could get to her. I looked about her room for food and things I could bring with me, but could only find some bread, a knife, and that pistol. No water. I ran out of room and into the hallway, which was dusty will the smell of gunpowder and dirt in the air. I managed to find the stairwell and ran down the rooms, as well as acquiring some more food from various rooms. I came down the stairs to the bottom floor, and climbed out the back window of the landlord's kitchen, which faced the dunes. I jumped out the window and fell onto the sand, tumbling and sliding down the hot, scratchy, dune. Standing up and brushing my self off, I ran to the edge of the cliff and began to climb down. When I finally reached the bottom, I began to walk westward towards the chasms far out in the distance, knowing settlements were often found there.

I looked back at some time later, when walking across the dunes, and looked at the colossal metropolis at night, all bright with lights, excluding Keko, turned around continuing my journey.

To be continued...
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