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Default What is this "Invalid"-thing I'm getting?

I think StepMania is goofing me here... instead of getting "Cleared" or "Single Digit Greats" with a grade, I'm getting "Invalid". At first I thought hitting mines caused it, but there's "Invalid" on mineless files now too. I found nothing on the forums on this topic, so I decided to make a thread myself.

Oh, I almost forgot: I'm using the "spawncamping wallhack master"-theme if it helps to know.

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Default Re: What is this "Invalid"-thing I'm getting?

That usually happens if you've changed the stepchart after getting scores on it. I have a lot of invalid scores when I test out charts I'm working on and keep changing them. Other than that I dunno what it might be.
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Default Re: What is this "Invalid"-thing I'm getting?

It'll label the clear as invalid if:

It's a passing score and
- If the number of tap judgments doesn't equal the number of taps (e.g. from clearing early by holding start, changes in the simfile itself after playing) or
- If the number of hold judgments doesn't equal the number of holds in a full combo score
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