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Birthdays Wish ALL the happy birthdays!

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Default Re: Happy birthday, I like it!

Happy Birthday Ian :') I ♥ you

Originally Posted by Staiain View Post
I'm sorry but... *flicks hair* I don't DO 0.x rates 8)
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Default Re: Happy birthday, I like it!

happy b day
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I like it
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Default Re: Happy birthday, I like it!

copying what luis did here xd

@jesse ty for making this thread omg :'), loved the op <3 (still waiting for 50pc nugget date)
@jarrod omg ty bby :')
@asher xd thx man :')
@rob emma stone is fuccen hot u have the best avvy xd (also thx for the scope idea, i love it xd)
@maggie thx omg :')~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
@shirokiri thx a bunch
@matt check ur pm's soon bvy
@gd thx 4 da shoutouts
@cbr thanks yo 8)
@jae ty fellow giant <3
@eva thx a bunch man/chick 8)
@eze!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
@luis thx man xd, loved the vid you posted
@welsh ty xd !!
@lexy hbd to you as well !! xd
@terry thank ye mang :')
@ddr_f4n another bday hbd to you as well xd :')
@ffrgreen im old yo xd
@icy ily bb :3
@poison thx man
@danceguy thx also lol at the joke xd
@doss thanks d00d !!
@k sl33 zyy ty :')
@andrew ty bby <3
@kommi had a great buttday thx man :')
@sam <3 thx bb :')
@martin t.hanks fellow giant as well :')
@arbliterator thanks mr. mlp :')
@chris ty omg :') <3
@sc-coolguy thx bro xd :')
@becky thank ye :3
@raph im so happy you think of me as one of the coolest people you know on ffr, means a lot man <3
@raged thanks fellow d5er :')
@kayla thanks a bunch :')
@andy <3 iluvu man :')
@o-mix thx yo 8)

<333333333 thanks for all the bday wishes guys, means a lot :') oh yeah one more thing

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