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Default A Really Dumb Idea...

...That I wish we could have implemented.

This is obscure and probably no one but me would use the feature but I wish there was a way to flag old scores. What's the point of the flag? So that those of us coming out of a long retirement can better track our progress and not see higher difficulty AAA's than we can currently accomplish.

Flagging would be optional and could be unflagged at will or the flag would be auto-removed if the song is re-AAA'd. Flagging a score would adversely affect your ranking and tier points.

Basically I'd like to flag scores that I can't possibly accomplish right now so that I have a better idea of progress AND it gives me another goal to achieve. Getting to the point I was back in 2007-2009 would be a huge goal for me and having those flags would give me more reasons to grind those AAA's again.
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Default Re: A Really Dumb Idea...

Crossposted from discord:

idgi. If some discussion could happen in the thread that would be appreciated.
For example if people could specify the metrics the filtering would use, and how...

I am sure that someone could probably create a heuristic for like "the last 50 full play-through" and create a more "current" level for the player that you could use to determine what the closest AAA equivalent you should be targeting would be.
But just filtering songs based on how long you've been gone doesn't seem like it would be accurate.
The filter seems like it would require a training period, and could just always use your most recent ~some number of~ play-throughs to create that filter for you.
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Default Re: A Really Dumb Idea...

Someone had this suggestion recently:

Maybe a good alternative?

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