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Default Anti covid nasal sprays

Hi everyone, I was thinking that when anti covid nasal sprays are approved for public use, the infection rates will rapidly drop to new lows never seen before during the whole pandemic. I was wondering if anyone else agrees with me.

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Default Re: Anti covid nasal sprays

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Default Re: Anti covid nasal sprays

I can't see them being used to a capacity we would see a massive drop off if people can't go out and get vaccinated at a reasonable rate. Like how often would you have to take it - my understanding with other nasal sprays (not nasal vaccines) is that their effectiveness lasts for about 8 hours. The ongoing clinical trial at https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04858620 says they are applying every six hours, and I can't imagine the population doing that.
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Default Re: Anti covid nasal sprays

Just subscribe to a healthcare subscription service and get a machine that pumps vaccines into you constantly, that will probably work great
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Default Re: Anti covid nasal sprays

There is currently a neti pot in development that incorporates a highly concentrated bleach solution which studies have shown eliminates 100% of COVID-19 virions in the nasal cavity.
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Default Re: Anti covid nasal sprays

It's more of a preventative measure, similar to masks, rather than a cure-all that will actually curb the infection/spread trends of the virus.

Get vaccinated.

edit: Might I also say that just from the idea of 'anti-covid nasal sprays', it sounds like some business is trying to profiteer off of people that don't want to wear masks? Like sure, don't wear a mask and instead take this nasal spray every 8 hours. Now what? You're still not vaccinated from the virus and you're inclined to keep purchasing nasal spray so long as there aren't 'other preventative measures' on the table and you don't get vaccinated.
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- Tosh 2014

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