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Default Where is FF7 Boss Theme Level???

This was my absolute favorite round to play about 8 years ago, I recently started playing again and noticed its gone!

I see the Aeris Theme up, so why no Boss??

Please bring it back! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVBM3bX7xdw

I may have the original on an old hard drive if need be.

Thanks for your time.
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Default Re: Where is FF7 Boss Theme Level???

I assume it was wiped either due to permissions or 0-framers, if it was that old. (I am/was stepping TWFF though, :P)
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Default Re: Where is FF7 Boss Theme Level???

Found this thread from ~2007 which mentions the file you're ostensibly talking about - looks like there was an issue with song permissions.
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