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Default Random Achievements

To celebrate the new difficulty system I decided to post some of my achievements using the more granular scale.

Hardest AAA: Balloon Fever (63)
Hardest SDG:Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival (72) 7-0-0-2
Hardest SDG (alternate): Dead and Direct (74) 7-3-0-3
Hardest DDG Crowdpleaser (91) 40-6-0-28
Hardest FC: Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion (96)

Easiest NonAAA: Lethal Injection (38) 4-0-0-0
Easiest NonSDG (difficulty 63 songs) party 4u -holy nite mix- v2, Piano X Forte, etc.
Easiest NonDDG Pokamen Party (70)
Easiest NonFC (ignoreing formerly FC'd songs that were beaten by a nonFC score) Death Piano (95)

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