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Post Beginner's Guide to Etterna

Section 1 - Installation
The first thing you want to do is install the game. The best place to download the game is the github (https://github.com/etternagame/etterna/releases). If you have a 32bit version of Windows get the i386 version and if you have a 64 bit version of windows get the x64 version. If you don’t know which one you’re running you can check by pressing Windows Key + Pause Break. If you use mac download the Darwin.dmg one.

After you’ve done that you can just go through the installation with the default options and you’ll be done.

Section 1B - MSVCR120.dll was not found
Sometimes when trying to run the game you will get that error message.
To fix it all you have to do is install this. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down....aspx?id=40784

Section 2 - Adding Songs
So the first thing we’re going to go over in this section is adding songs. If you’re completely new I would start with the Novice collection of files the game offers to you right away. Once you get a little more experienced you should refer to this thread and get the packs listed here https://forums.etternaonline.com/t/p...players/860/15
If you're already pretty good at the game you should refer to this thread https://forums.etternaonline.com/t/s...ck-list/916/13

There is an In-game song downloader but there are a lot of good packs that aren't listed on there as of now so I think it’s still important to learn how to do it manually. First you want to download either 7zip or winrar, download a pack (good place to get packs https://drive.google.com/open?id=12y...riRJ_X8_uCUNSf), open the file, and drag the pack into the songs folder ( C:\Games\Etterna\Songs ). (Video Tutorial - https://youtu.be/9aSycpeHY2o)

Section 3 - Settings and Customizations
There are many different ways that you can customize the game to your liking but right now we’ll just be looking at the basic features.

Scroll Speed: At first starting out you want to put your scroll speed (cmod) to at least 600 (find what’s most comfortable for you to read). You can get into the menu to change your scroll speed by double tapping enter when entering a song.

Noteskins: There are a lot of noteskins that you can choose from at https://www.etternaonline.com/noteskins. Just find the one that you like the most and add it in!
To add a noteskin you download the noteskin, open it with 7zip/winrar, open the Etterna folder and go to Noteskins/Dance, drag the folder in 7zip/winrar into the dance folder.

Player Options: This is where you will change the scroll speed and noteskin. Etienne made a good tutorial explaining most of the player options. It’s a little old but it should hold up just fine. https://youtu.be/uaBJEBcmyDU

Shortcuts: You can press F12 in-game and it will tell you all of the shortcuts.
Keybinds: To change your keybinds you want to go to Options on the main menu and then go to Config Key/Joy Mappings. Change these (left, right, up, down)

Section 4: Logging in Online
This section is very simple. All you have to do it make an account at https://www.etternaonline.com and log into your account in-game! Also to play multiplayer you select multiplayer, and log in with your info. (If it asks for an address put in multi.etternaonline.com

_________________________________________________________________If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me on discord at FirstMaple8#7381 or PM me on FFR http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/profile/FirstMaple8
Or alternatively ask the Etterna Online discord https://discord.gg/ysXnBfJ

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Default Re: Beginner's Guide to Etterna

theres an etterna wiki fam but at least this will get the info to ppl who might not kno about the etterna site/dont kno about etterna so nice


edit: i think the wiki is open for ppl to edit tho so u can probably add info to pages n stuff and write new ones

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