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Default Hunger Games Simulator but FFR

please play the game in the link first

check this thread multiple times a day too after the game has started


Ok so basically the hunger games simulator site came to my head all of a sudden and I decided why not make one with different members of FFR?

So, this simulator can fit up to 48 of you (Probably only 6 will sign up anyway lmao), so it's a nice, big party.

How to sign-up:

Just send me a PM saying that you'd like to join.

I'll use your FFR name and FFR profile pic by default to make it easier. PM me if you want to use something different. Your pfp and name can always be changed if you PM me as well, at least before the game starts.

How will the various days be posted?

Well, i'll just edit the thread each day. I will post one in-game day & one in game night every real life day & night. I will also include events that happen in between, do not worry.

How long do I have to sign up?

Until the slots are full or until nobody joins for like 3 days straight lmao

PM me if you have questions.

This really isn't anything serious, just some random fun.

Current Users that are in: (Just to keep track, and so you maybe could wish them good luck)


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