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Default wow im upset

a few months ago i found a giant millipede, i took some instagram pics of it, bonded with it, and let it go. tonight i just accidentally stepped on one of its babies (which was also considerable size) ;-; im so upset
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Note the left hand pinky. It stretches out into attack mode to make etienne's hand appear larger, an intimidation technique for the arrows.
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[3:51 PM] Mourningfall: i spent the second half of that song getting face fucked by a fly
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Hi I see rapta come play TWG next game
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Rapta thinks alot about memes and fonts. I'd be inclined to think he's town because wolves wouldn't have time to meme would they ?
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if we keep releasing engines that work on 1/4 of people's computers, we'll get there
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do u even agrabah
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I have no fucking idea how you were able to identify that specific line from meme show so you are basically an elder god of memes
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When I think Motherís Day, I think Venetian Snares.

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have you heard someone mention eating pancakes to negate friday 13th?

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OMFG VC! I want your programming fingers in or around my mouth OnO
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Default Re: wow im upset

yah man i was at work one day taking some painters down from a building and they were talking to themselves about a caterpillar on the walk way and all the sudden were like dam marshall you savage and im like huh wot?? there like you just stepped on that pillar I was like aww man I didn't see it :c
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Thank you kindly
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Default Re: wow im upset

it is one thing if you meant it....but you can feel sorry for the accident, then continue your righteous ways. gggjnprob
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